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  1. It would have a Nike swoosh on it today. All kidding aside, awesome work
  2. No need to rush or explain. I'm still looking for help with uniforms if anyone is willing.
    Solid work mate!
  3. Hmmmm. I'm interested. Never done anything like that before.
  4. That would explain why when moving legends to regular teams and vice versa, there are errors with the faces. Solid work.
  5. It's not the lighting as much as it is the mapping. The face is tiled over the head and not matched up at all.
  6. Problem with Blender. I'm attempting to make a Jackie Robinson face (for the Legends team) and when I import the image, this happens. Any face makers know how to fix it?
  7. The Spartans of San Jose State.
  8. I realized after I posted that it was in the wrong forum. Apologies, didn't mean to steal the show here.
  9. I'm attempting to learn faces. I keep running into this issue in Blender. What am I doing wrong?
    Excellent work. The best there is in the uniform business.
  10. Taking a trip back out west to Stanford.
  11. Can I change the Face IDs though? What accessory settings crash it? Lastly, how is the franchise set up?
  12. Missouri Tigers. This font was quite difficult to find.
  13. Would you be interested in making a college uniform or two?

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