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  1. Do you still need a list of player head IDs?
  2. Preview of UCLA, including the Jackie Robinson throwback from a couple years ago.
  3. Excellent. Jack, here are the additional teams. Indiana State Sycamores Central Michigan Chippewas Hardin-Simmons Cowboys Youngstown State Penguins Also. Preview of South Carolina.
  4. I'd really love to see some classic faces. Willing to teach myself if I have to.
  5. I pieced it together from umachines' Mets throwback. I can send you my modified template if you want.
  6. Quick preview of the Kansas Jayhawks. The USA jersey is what they wore in the 2018 World University Games.
  7. You know what, they are in. That gives us one more spot to fill.
  8. Here you go. The 3 logo files are essentially copies of each other. There is room for 3 more teams in the mod, as 3 IDs are unaccounted for. I say we include Indiana State Sycamores as they are the only Top 25 not in the mod yet. Also there is a logo for Youngstown State Penguins (AbbrID: RIB). The 3 available IDs are ALG, CSR, and NLG). Assuming we add Indiana State, that gives us 2 more teams. Here is a list of suggestions, based on teams that were in the 2019 top 64 that aren't in the mod yet. I think there is a way to add a poll to get community input, gonna figure that out. Central Michigan Chippewas Jacksonville State Gamecocks UNC-Wilmington Seahawks McNeese State Cowboys Illinois-Chicago Flames Quinnipiac Bobcats Mercer Bears Illinois State Redbirds Liberty Flames Logos.zip
  9. I'll take whatever artwork you still have. Every bit helps.
  10. I'd prefer to keep them all on the same level, in alphabetical order like the College version. Two other things. Would you like the logo file I've created? Also I'm still working on that list of generic face ids and skin tones and will post that shortly.
  11. Sent you a PM. Glad to have you onboard.
  12. Yeah, there has been a lot of detective work behind the scenes for what I do have done. I've had to pull directly from photos, old media guides, even redraw a few things in illustrator. Not hard work, just time consuming.
  13. We'll just go in and tweak what generic faces are assigned there. Not something I'm worried about too much yet, the biggest bear is these uniforms.
  14. @mayoluck if you would like to, that would be great. Right now the thing I need the most of is creating the actual uniforms. Each team will have anywhere from 2-6 sets, depending on what they wear, usually home, away and a couple of alternates. Some teams like LSU have 8 different uniforms. I've got a working set of templates, specifically for Nike's jersey stitching and some of the common number fonts that are often repeated. Let me know if you want them. Here's a quick preview of Bethune-Cookman out of Daytona Beach, FL by the way.
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