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  1. Yeah, while scrolling. It crashes before I even can select it.
  2. EDIT: Redid roster with much less issues loading. This is the base for all future work. Roster9NCAA.ROS
  3. Madden 08 is what got me into modding! RIP Football Freaks.
  4. Rosters and faces will be generic similar to the MVP NCAA mod, but with 9 years of faces in the downloads, I'll be able to mix and match some for some variety.
  5. First new uniforms in a while. The MEAC champion Norfolk State Spartans seen here playing in my rendition of the Tides' Harbor Park.
  6. Thanks to @Umachines I've figured out how to embroider uniform logos and fonts properly. This is a game changer and will only make this all 1000x higher quality!
    Awesome stuff. Will you be releasing your retro templates?
  7. Back at this again. Redoing a few uniforms as a few have changed since I started this project. Door is still open for anyone who wants to help.
    Watched them a lot when I was stationed there in the Navy. Great work!
  8. What would it take to requests some classic faces for 2K? Faces are the one thing I'm not good at.
  9. Playing around with some artwork featuring this year's projected #1 draft pick Kumar Rocker. Shout out to @elfriki for permission to use his work as a base.
  10. Just picking this back up after a while. I'm a full time EMT and in paramedic school so I haven't had a lot of time. I do still wanna get this done, but as I said earlier, I'm gonna need some extra hands.
    Much needed update. This Kentucky Reds fan thanks you!
  11. This has been fun to watch. Looking forward to the mod release
  12. What values did you hexedit to change the stadium names?
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