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  1. Preview of the New Mexico Lobos. AAAC is actually Isotopes Park where they have played many times over the years, so that is another stadium we have. Going to put a list of stadiums up shortly.
  2. I would love to use whatever you come up with in my NCAA mod. With your permission of course. Also, I've been updating stadiums with textures I pulled from RBI:
  3. Something wide and thick like the Braves or Nationals is what I use for slanted fonts like this with pretty decent results. I've got a template I'll post here when I get to my computer.
  4. No more college baseball? No problem. This project is still going on. Here's a look at one of the best looking teams in all of college baseball, SEC powerhouse Mississippi State.
  5. This taught me everything I needed to know.
  6. Finished my touches to the Tokyo Dome. May clean up the ads behind home plate a bit but otherwise I'm happy with the result given the limitations on editing shadows and such.
  7. Tokyo Dome, based off of Tropicana. Almost done, just have to edit the field, move around some of the ads and remove the catwalk hanging over the field. Not perfect but good enough to play in.
  8. @BallFour has just about every uniform already accounted for. I don't play MVP much anymore, but I'd dust it off for something like this.
  9. My version of Miami. I made accurate ads based off 2017. Ignore the college stuff.
  10. Some interesting news. Guess I'll finally get my wish of a Tim Tebow face in the game.
  11. I'd like to retouch the stadiums if you don't mind. Marlins Park has different colored walls now for instance. Also, with qualifiers coming up next month, keep in mind uniforms may need to be updated.
  12. Ohio University Bobcats. Yes, that weird striped uniform is real, photo included for reference.
  13. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17vo3PGy54fXA08asI7w1HKF7x2ETFqt8e6B4O4IdRzk/edit?usp=sharing Link fixed. Like I said, feel free to knock out whoever you want, just let me know.
  14. Hey, do you need the Tuscon Stadium? I can make that for you if you want.
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