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    Those Pilots uniforms are gorgeous
  1. PM me your files and I will take a look.
  2. bctrackboi11, I have been gone for a while but i'm back now, so how far have you made it to in your work. With me being gone I have not heard much so can you fill me in on the progress I can see what is posted and it looks awesome

    so when are you going to post for everyone.

  3. Would you be interested in helping with this mod? I still need quite a few uniforms.
  4. I assume you are using Blender? Unfortunately neither can be done right now, as vertices can only be moved, not deleted or added to. As for moving crowds/fans, that simply isn't possible at this time.
  5. I am going nuts trying to force anti-aliasing into my MVP setup. Nothing I have done seems to work.
    Bonus points for the Joe West face!
  6. Still slowly chugging along here. Working on the Florida Atlantic Owls out of Conference USA.
  7. Screenshots? Did you sort out antialiasing?
  8. Got ya. Are you using a hex editor?
  9. You are more than welcome to learn roster editing yourself instead of complaining about it.
  10. Yes, you just have to make an exception in your firewall and block online access to get it to work.
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