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  1. bctrackboi11, I have been gone for a while but i'm back now, so how far have you made it to in your work. With me being gone I have not heard much so can you fill me in on the progress I can see what is posted and it looks awesome

    so when are you going to post for everyone.

    Kc I like this frontend and no doubt you always do great work I have been following your work for years like MVPmods and what I see is always expected of your work good job and thanks.
  2. You guys are awesome Thanks. ( OOOOOOOOOh Marry Christmas to us all and to all a goodnight.
  3. Where do you go to re-buy now that it is hard to catch up with Vlad.
    Aw-Some work guys I wish I can be an all around player for this game you guys are not leaving anything to imagine for this game. GREAT WORK GUYS
  4. I had downloaded Dosbox and it works perfect I had all ready played 1 game and soon as I get off from work I will go at it again. Thanks
  5. Is Dosbox is where i need to go to on my computer or is it a software to use I had looked it up on google but thanks for the suggestion
  6. I had just found my Front Page Sports Baseball 94 - 98 Do Anyone Know How To Get A Dos Base Games To Run On PC.
  7. So with all that is being said how do we correct this because i'm having the same problem REDitor II
  8. I need to know what I'm doing wrong all my trim colors are working in the game but my uniforms team name logo, my hats and the shoulder logo are still it's same colors i used ty's editor program and the REDitor programs and i get the same problem from each programs so do any one know what i'm doing wrong.
  9. I'm on my way to work and as soon as I get home I will give you all the info to you at that email you gave above and thanks for getting in contact.
  10. but I still need help my register keys are not working
  11. I found out what I did wrong, I just did a complete uninstall and then reinstall and it works.
  12. No, but I'm sure someone is working on it. The guys are awesome on this site.
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