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  1. Thanks so much for working on this. Just wondering how you were able to avoid getting the franchise crashes while doing this much editing? It seems any time I modded a roster, I got the spring training or draft crash. Any info on how to avoid this would be appreciated!
  2. Hey I am working on a fictional mod for MLB 2k

    1. Karelaf


      Regards, men you can pass the face of Jonathan schoop that I have is very old and looks very bad

  3. Hey Jack, we've talked a bit in the MLB 2K Retro Roster thread. I appreciate al lthe work you have done. I just wanted to know if you had any experience with making uniforms in MLB 2k? I am working on a Fictional Roster, that takes place in the 1970's.

    1. Karelaf


      Those files you uploaded for the 2k so that they are

    2. jack805td



      I do. I made some of the unis i uploaded. I'm going to update the descriptions of the files.

      I would be interested in doing that.

    3. Karelaf
  4. RedMC supports MLB 2k12? I didnt think that was true
  5. cant get ahold of vlad, its been a few months
  6. Hey Hanny, you did a great job with the Yankees. I see they are complete. Will you try another team now?

    1. Hanny


      yes i try cubs now

  7. You just wait and see mister. You just wait and see.
  8. Are any MLB 2k10 files compatibile with 2k11 or 2k12? Like jerseys, or stadiums, etc?
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