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  1. Nice work on this. I like that you seem to be getting the body sizes and stances right. Waaaay too many potbelly players in MVP by default, and many mods as well.
  2. There are PS2 MVP Mods available for use on the emulators, through texture replacement, but its a separate community from this.
  3. Hanny, KC Star is looking to make this work as we speak
  4. Doesn't really explain it. I mean 2005 is 2005. Anything prior to that is worth recreating and exploring. By that logic, why was there an MVP 06 or 07 mod, since we already had 2005. Doesn't hold up. And to the guy who said to play High Heat Baseball, why not play a baseball game from the 1980s instead of an MVP Baseball 80's roster. There are some good faces in MVP 2003 and Triple Play Baseball 2002 that could help you with this roster if you want to use them
  5. Thanks thats great! I understand if your not currently finished, but even if its slighlty improved, id like to plug it into my game and get started on a season. Im really excited about this.
  6. Thank you! Let me know if you need anything from our end
  7. Will you share what you've done with the community?
  8. Not sure why this year, and the entire early 2000's, has been so elusive. But i'm excited and hopeful youll finish this
  9. Appreciate your enthusiasm! Yes your right. it hasnt been easy. 4 years in the making.
  10. Someone help this hard working young man please
  11. Each player has an Audio ID. The text is just that, visible text.
  12. We already have the perfect game, its called All Star Baseball 2004
  13. We have a 1990s mod in the works, and we have all the portraits cut, but we cannot get them to apply to the game. We've watched every tutorial. If you are someone who knows how to mod portraits, please contact, we will do anything it takes to get your help and get these portraits into the mod. We spent 3 months just cutting portraits for 1000 players. Maybe you can tell us what are doing wrong? Portaits wont show up after the TIT install
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