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  1. High Heat Baseball 2002 Stadiums

    These High Heat mods that I have uploaded came from the collection of Playball335. He saved these mods during the time that they were first made and due to the recent interest of the High Heat series in here he has made them available to everyone.
    The files provided in this set have been compiled from various sources and modders. Each enclose archive has a document/readme file from the original modder if available.
    I must point out to everyone that full credit and thanks go to Playball335 here. All I did was help him make them available on the website. He was the guy who saved these mods for all these years from this very popular PC baseball game.
    What's in here:
    There is a grand total of 152 mods in this zip file. These stadiums were made by many different modders and there are subtle changes in each version. With this many choices you are bound to find one that works well for you.


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