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    SMB2 Team Transfer Tool

    Version 0.3.3


    A tool to transfer teams between saves in Super Mega Baseball 2. The tool uses various file extensions to denote different files. They are fairly self-explanatory, but here is more detail: .team - Files containing team data .teampack - Files containing the data from multiple .team files .logo - Files containing logo data We already have a roster vault going, available here. Various teams are already available for download. Before using this tool, you should close Super Mega Baseball 2. You could potentially corrupt your save file if you use this tool while Super Mega Baseball 2 is running. The tool will automatically find your save file, although if for whatever reason you have multiple save files inside the save game location, the tool will refuse to continue. It is also recommended that you create a folder to store the tool and the .team files in. This allows you to organize them any way you wish. The tool will search for .team files in the folder it is located and any folders inside the same folder. Please see the wiki for the github project associated with this tool to understand its functions and what it can do: https://github.com/JudgeZarbi/smb2-team-transfer-tool/wiki