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  1. I'd actually already pulled music for the jukebox. You wouldn't happen to have any era-specific pictures, would you?
  2. Thanks so much for the offers, guys. I'll get what I've got zipped up. I'll send you Dropbox credentials.
  3. Hey all, I've pretty much finished up a Total Classics 1948 mod but need some help with the finishing touches. I could use some help doing the frontend artwork - backgrounds, loading screens and an overlay. I'm just not artistic enough to do much with these. If anyone was able to put together a template in Photoshop, I could do the grunt work to bash out a bunch of screens. Anyone available to help?
  4. kyleb


    Any idea where I can get a flying car when it becomes available?
  5. kyleb

    BallFour's MVP Baseball 1998

    I'm struggling to remember, but I feel like someone once told me that the new team audio files had to be the exact same file size as the old team audio files. Not sure if that'll help you or not.
  6. kyleb

    Team Audio Editing Tutorial for MVP05

    Holy cow someone actually explained how this works.
  7. That's going to be a negative on that one. I had to arrange them in the order that they are in order to have the uniforms show up correctly in the game. If the new uniforms were placed in the default spot, the Miami jerseys would have numbers on the front of the jersey, which would be inaccurate.
  8. kyleb

    MVP Modding Showcase

    Is it just me or does it look like there is more definition to the arms of the players? Have you changed something to player models/skins or am I imagining things?
  9. kyleb

    Question About Replacing Walk-Up Music

    I mean, if there is only one batter you're wanting to have a specific song, you could make all of the "pop" slots the same song and edit the walkup assignments in MVPEdit so that is the only player that has "pop" music. This doesn't work if you're wanting to make a bunch of assignments, but it would be a workaround if you're just wanting it for your favorite player.
  10. Hey Kyleb how are you  doing..?? I 'm new to this modding game and I have one quick question.I just installed your MVP12 TCM and it works great thanks amazing work I see that you have 2 patches for the mod and want to know where exactly to I install these in the TIT? thanks for all the your hard  work its sick bruh..

  11. kyleb

    2017 World Series

    Dude, your first post immediately injected politics into a conversation about who you want to win the World Series (but didn't ask why), then you stated "there is one political party putting politics into everything," on a obviously non-political website dedicated to a computer video game that was released over a decade ago. You brought politics into a non-political discussion, then when people asked why you're bringing politics into it, you go on about other forces that are always bringing politics into things. Do you understand how ridiculous this all is?
  12. kyleb

    2017 World Series

    Venturing is putting it lightly.