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    Total Classics 1948 By kyleb The 1948 baseball season saw many surprising events, new records, the death of Babe Ruth, and a few close calls. Baseball came within one game of having an all-Boston World Series in 1948, as the Braves went 91-62 to take the National League flag by 6 1/2 games over St. Louis, and the Red Sox finished the regular season tied with Cleveland at 96-58. The star of the National League was 27-year-old, second-time MVP Stan Musial, who turned in the finest all-around year of his career. "Stan the Man" led the National League in batting, runs, RBI, hits, total bases, doubles, triples, on base average and slugging. He came within one home run of leading the National League in every major offensive category. The Braves were led by Bob Elliott -- who hit 23 homers and drew 131 walks, and .300 hitters Eddie Stanky, Al Dark, Tommy Holmes, Mike McCormick, and Jeff Heath. On the pitching side, the Boston fans' cry was "Spahn and Sain and two days of rain." Johnny Sain went 24-15 to lead the National League in wins, complete games and innings. Warren Spahn, 27, went 15-12 with 16 complete games and 257 innings. No other Braves pitcher won more than 13 games. Apparently, there were enough rain-outs that Boston led the National League in team ERA, complete games, and fewest walks allowed. The American League race was still up for grabs at the All-Star break with Cleveland, Philadelphia, New York and Boston vying for the title. New York's Joe DiMaggio led the American League in home runs, and the Yanks' Tommy Henrich led in runs and triples. As the second half wore on, however, the best hitting team, Boston, and the best pitching team, Cleveland, rose to the top. The Red Sox featured batting champion Ted Williams, Dom DiMaggio and Johnny Pesky, who was tied with Williams for third in the American League in runs. Williams batted .369, but lost out in the MVP voting to Cleveland shortstop Lou Boudreau, who was runner-up in batting at .355. The Indians' main strength, like the Braves', was pitching. Unlike their National League rivals, however, the Indians staff was a deep one. The Tribe featured two 20-game winners in Gene Bearden and Bob Lemon, a 19-game winner in Bob Feller and spot starters Steve Gromek, Sam Zoldak, and Satchel Paige (who went a combined 24-10). A coin flip determined that the one-game American League pennant playoff would be played at Boston's Fenway Park, and almost 30 years to the day before Bucky Dent's famous home run over the Green Monster, shortstop Boudreau won the pennant for the Indians with two home runs. Cleveland then proceeded to make it a clean sweep of Boston, polishing off the Braves in the World Series. Cleveland's Feller went 0-2, but the Indians beat the Braves in six games on great pitching performances by Bearden (who pitched a shutout in game three), Gromek (who posted one win and a 1.00 ERA), and Lemon (who triumphed in two games). ------------------------------------------- The Total Classics 1948 mod brings you the sights and sounds of the 1948 baseball season. Besides rosters, portraits, uniforms and audios, the mod provides themed menu and loading screens, stadium select screens with actual stadium photos, 1940's jukebox music, 1940's batter walkup music, an accurate 1948 schedule and correct 1940's era stadiums for every team. ------------------------------------------- *** INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS *** - After you download the total_classics_1948.7z file, double-click to open it. - Extract the contents of the file into a folder. - Double-click the explodeme.exe file - Find the location of a CLEAN (or patched) copy of MVP Baseball 2005 and click "Extract". - Allow the program to extract all of the new content. - Play the new Total Classics 1948 mod. NOTE 1 -- You MUST use an "unlocked" profile in order to have access to the 1948 uniforms ------------------------------------------- NOTE 2 -- An accurate 154-game schedule is provided in the database directory. If you play a dynasty, you must use tywiggins' short season projector utility in order to continue onto the playoffs. The short season projector utility is included with the mod. The utility is included in the file 'mvp2005shortseasonprojector.zip' ------------------------------------------- *** VERSION HISTORY *** v1.0 Initial release
  2. I'm struggling to remember, but I feel like someone once told me that the new team audio files had to be the exact same file size as the old team audio files. Not sure if that'll help you or not.
    Holy cow someone actually explained how this works.
  3. Hey Kyleb how are you  doing..?? I 'm new to this modding game and I have one quick question.I just installed your MVP12 TCM and it works great thanks amazing work I see that you have 2 patches for the mod and want to know where exactly to I install these in the TIT? thanks for all the your hard  work its sick bruh..

    Hey-oh! Can't wait to give this a shot!
  4. Is the patch really that big?
  5. Thanks for the kind words. I really do think this is the best mod I've put together. I took some serious time looking over stats for the 1995 season and then trying to replicate the results when simulating, even to the point of anomalies in that year - Albert Belle had a much better batting average against righties in 1995 than he did for his career, so I upped his ratings against RHP. Another thing I really wanted to emphasize is just how good the best players really are. When you play against Greg Maddux, I want you to feel like your back is against the wall. His 1995 season was incredible and I want it to mean something when you play a game against him. Hope everyone is enjoying the mod!
  6. Weird. You might have to do some Google-ing. MVPEdit would always act weird on me each time I'd install it on a different machine.
  7. Add this file to your Windows/System32 folder. MSCOMCTL.OCX
  8. "I'm done, this is my last roster." - Gordo every year since 2011
  9. I'd call it highly doubtful unless the MVP Caribe guys do something again this year. Daflyboys will probably do an MLB-focused roster. It's just too time consuming of a project (literally hundreds of hours) for 2-3 guys to do, which was the case when I was doing MVP 12, 13 and 15.
  10. 398 downloads

    Total Classics 1995 By kyleb The stars of Major League Baseball returned to the field in 1995 after the image-tarnishing strike that led to the cancellation of the 1994 World Series. Shortened to 144 games, the 1995 season didn’t begin until late April. Fans were still bitter after the 1994 season let the teams hear it when the season finally started. In the American League, the Cleveland Indians bludgeoned teams on the way to a 100-44 record. The Tribe cruised past Boston and Seattle to set up a matchup with the Atlanta Braves. The Braves, losers of the World Series in 1991 and 1992, were led by one of the great pitching seasons of all time by Greg Maddux. Paired with Tom Glavine and John Smoltz, the trio would not be stopped in the 1995 World Series and defeated Cleveland four games to two. Maddux won his fourth consecutive Cy Young award in ’95. Albert Belle became the first player to ever hit 50 home runs and 50 doubles in one season. Hideo Nomo and his mesmerizing delivery took home the NL Rookie of the Year award. On a personal note, 1995 was the first season I followed as a young fan. Living in a state without a team and my only exposure to baseball being through movies and Sportscenter, I took on the Cleveland Indians as my favorite team. It was definitely a special time to discover the game. I want to thank BallFour and Rising Son for their help on this mod. BallFour was game whenever I discovered a slight variation on a uniform for the mod. Rising Son took care of the overlay, so it looks much better than if I did it myself. Total Classics 1995 features more than a dozen year-specific cyberface updates, special patches specific to 1995 on several uniforms and almost an entirely new portrait set from my last mod, Total Classics 1997. I believe only one player is missing a portrait. I feel that this is the best roster set I’ve ever put together. It involved more player-specific research than I had ever done before, referencing books and magazines of the era to better reflect pitcher repertoires and attributes. I hope everyone loves this mod and much as I enjoyed making it! ------------------------------------------- *** INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS *** - After you download the total_classics_1995.7z file, double-click to open it. - Extract the contents of the file into a folder. - Double-click the explodeme.exe file - Find the location of a CLEAN (or patched) copy of MVP Baseball 2005 and click "Extract". - Allow the program to extract all of the new content. - Play the new Total Classics 1995 mod. ------------------------------------------- *** VERSION HISTORY *** v1.0 Initial release
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