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    Total Classics 1948 By kyleb The 1948 baseball season saw many surprising events, new records, the death of Babe Ruth, and a few close calls. Baseball came within one game of having an all-Boston World Series in 1948, as the Braves went 91-62 to take the National League flag by 6 1/2 games over St. Louis, and the Red Sox finished the regular season tied with Cleveland at 96-58. The star of the National League was 27-year-old, second-time MVP Stan Musial, who turned in the finest all-around year of his career. "Stan the Man" led the National League in batting, runs,
  2. I'm struggling to remember, but I feel like someone once told me that the new team audio files had to be the exact same file size as the old team audio files. Not sure if that'll help you or not.
    Holy cow someone actually explained how this works.
  3. Hey Kyleb how are you  doing..?? I 'm new to this modding game and I have one quick question.I just installed your MVP12 TCM and it works great thanks amazing work I see that you have 2 patches for the mod and want to know where exactly to I install these in the TIT? thanks for all the your hard  work its sick bruh..

    Hey-oh! Can't wait to give this a shot!
  4. Thanks for the kind words. I really do think this is the best mod I've put together. I took some serious time looking over stats for the 1995 season and then trying to replicate the results when simulating, even to the point of anomalies in that year - Albert Belle had a much better batting average against righties in 1995 than he did for his career, so I upped his ratings against RHP. Another thing I really wanted to emphasize is just how good the best players really are. When you play against Greg Maddux, I want you to feel like your back is against the wall. His 1995 season was incredibl
  5. Weird. You might have to do some Google-ing. MVPEdit would always act weird on me each time I'd install it on a different machine.
  6. Add this file to your Windows/System32 folder. MSCOMCTL.OCX
  7. "I'm done, this is my last roster." - Gordo every year since 2011
  8. I'd call it highly doubtful unless the MVP Caribe guys do something again this year. Daflyboys will probably do an MLB-focused roster. It's just too time consuming of a project (literally hundreds of hours) for 2-3 guys to do, which was the case when I was doing MVP 12, 13 and 15.
  9. 590 downloads

    Total Classics 1995 By kyleb The stars of Major League Baseball returned to the field in 1995 after the image-tarnishing strike that led to the cancellation of the 1994 World Series. Shortened to 144 games, the 1995 season didn’t begin until late April. Fans were still bitter after the 1994 season let the teams hear it when the season finally started. In the American League, the Cleveland Indians bludgeoned teams on the way to a 100-44 record. The Tribe cruised past Boston and Seattle to set up a matchup with the Atlanta Braves. The Braves, losers of the W
  10. Yo man, not sure how well you know datafiles, but I just posted a topic in the MVP2005 Mod Requests forum. If you could help me out, I'll gladly create anything more you might need for the 95 mod (minor league unis, etc).

    1. kyleb


      Yeah, saw that post man. A little out of my expertise. 

    2. BallFour


      Not a problem. I'll see if I can find enough stuff for a seance and bring Sean O back from the dead.

    3. kyleb


      Haha best of luck. I REALLY wish I had a good grip on editing stadiums. Really, my skillset is more based on determination to get things done than on creativity (like you and other people with solid Photoshop skills) or technical computer skills (like cyberface and stadium creators).

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