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  1. so i have a problem i think i know what the problem is but no solution i load the game it freezes right off the rip sometimes kicks me right to desktop i thinking its a video card driver because i uninstall my nvidia drivers and the games runs fine for about 2 mins till windows 10 trys to install the driver again .
  2. hey are you going to release  that mlb network overlay ?

    1. raidersbball20


      I can at some point.  Several of the textures are in the english.iff which I also need to hex edit for text changes so until that's finished I won't be able too.

  3. i figured why the portraits are not showing up all your portraits ids show 0 and the faceid has numbers
  4. is there a portrait pack with this
  5. You have to do compabilty mode to after installing OCx
  6. does anyone know when and if these are coming out
  7. was the one from 2016 was on korean site 61008.ros
  8. the iff and cdf when you use this roster it doesnt work with them i get all generic portraits portraits.iff and portraits.cdf
  9. tried to use my my portrait file and none of the portraits work there generic
  10. question where was the most updated portrait pack that u have gotten? and where?

  11. its down but the one drive is still up but the latest roster they have it the end of last seasons
  12. there use to be a site that i got the preseason rosters it no longer up so im hoping the same as you that i can find a roster with portraits updated
  13. is there away to install a single portrait when i try to do it the portrait installs but then there generic faces on other players.
  14. ya i use mlb 2k12 roster editor and they dont seem to lineup at all the portrait and faces are the same number
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