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  1. It aint easy to try to create or update every player. Sticking to players on every teams current 25-man roster would require hundreds of cyberfaces. I'm slowly updating player cyberfaces on the Giants and A's 25-man rosters, which would account for almost 2 dozen players. There are still far too many requests for the same cyberfaces that have been created by modders already. Really makes me wonder how many people actually check the download section thoroughly before making a request or are "quietly" being far too critical of what a posted cyberface looks like, and therefore request a different version from somebody else.
  2. Wasn't referring to one specific person
  3. Please thoroughly check the downloads section for cyberfaces before making a request.
  4. It isn't possible. The file formats for both games are different from each other.
  5. Seriously, check the downloads section for cyberfaces. So many of these requested cyberfaces have already been made by Jed and others and are quite excellent. Use the search function at the top of the homepage and type in the player you are looking for.
  6. turn off your computer's virus protection temporarily before you download this file.
  7. Be sure to check the downloads section to see if any of these requested cyberfaces have been posted by Jed or other modders already. He cant fulfill every request folks!
  8. Go to the MLB2K12 download section. Its in the tools/editors section
  9. Guys, this isn't a support thread. Start a different thread to ask for any help on where to find specific modding tools and/or how to use them.
  10. This is a thread for Jed's MLB 2K cyberface previews and request thread only. Search the MVP Baseball forums for all mod requests for that game.
  11. The author of this thread, Jed is busy trying to fulfill many other cyberface requests. Be patient, and I'm sure he will get around to your request.
    Great job! Just make sure the skintone doesn't look too bright in-game. I have that issue all the time, when a face looks well enough in the edit screen, and then appears far too bright or dark when you play the game.
  12. Well, all these cyberfaces are for players of the 1998 season. Nobody has created a total conversion mod for a specific historical season for mlb2k. It would be a monumental task to create accurate rosters, player ratings, uniforms, stadiums for this game. Luckily, there are many to choose from that were created for mvp baseball.
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