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  1. He did, last year. There just needs to be an update periodically by adding new players.
  2. Getting started on the Texas Rangers now. Here are WIPs of Dane Dunning and Joe Barlow:
  3. Thank you for the sentiments. Myself, I tend to shy away from giving helpful critique to others about their mods because I'm mindful that it may not be acceptable or appreciated by the modder himself. I have'nt gotten a PM from you mbowkett1978, but a public Thank you is plenty good enough.
  4. Anyways, here is a batch of Miami Marlins player faces that are also WIP:
  5. Thanks for the feedback. These are all works in progress. Almost every single one of them require work on the 3D head model by using Blender. I do not know how to use Blender and dont really have the time anymore to teach myself how to use it. I am using specific cyberfaces from other modders because they have a headshape that bears a decent resemblance to the player's face I am trying to create. I am creating the textures and placing them over that cyberface and adjusting those textures accordingly. So naturally there are flaws such as the ones you suggest. I completely agree with your assess
  6. A couple more White Sox faces WIP, then on to the next team:
  7. More White Sox players WIP:
  8. And now a few White Sox pitchers (Kopech, Graveman, Sousa) WIP:
  9. Three more Guardians WIP:
  10. A few more Guardians WIP:
  11. A couple more Guardians WIP:
  12. Here are a few Cleveland Guardians faces WIP:
  13. Here are a few more Cardinals WIP:
    These look amazing! I look forward to more of your work. The only thing I would nitpick is that the faces are too dark and dont entirely match up with the skintone number you may have chosen for each player.
  14. And a few St. Louis Cardinals WIP faces: Just a small note: I'm using headtrip's latest roster file, and for some reason Miles Mikolas has an eyeglasses glitch that needs to be removed in Reeditor.
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