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  1. Could you turn to the Dark Side, and update mlb/milb uniforms for MLB2K? not sure if any modders will be updating them for next season or not.
  2. it must have been a java issue, because I was able to open the global file just fine after downloading and using KC's texture editor.
  3. For some reason I am unable to open the global.iff file with the nba modtool - None of the subfiles/textures will appear. Suggestions?
  4. This all looks amazing! Just an idea, but can you update the player's eyeglasses, especially the prescription ones? I've been working on a few cyberfaces for the Blue Jays and so far 3 players ( Danny Jansen, Anthony Kay, Trent Thornton) wear almost an identical pair of prescription glasses. I basically had to "paint" them on my cyberfaces.
  5. Has anybody ever actually tried to add an extra texture in a player_head_iff file though? I'm no expert, but the files for nba2k12 and mlb2k12 are quite similar.
  6. I use the old nba modtool and it shows this:
  7. I saw a 4th texture in the player_head_iff file for more than one player in 2K12 that I believe is for long hair. Cole Hamels is one of the players I noticed that has Texture 4. Maybe it can potentially be swapped for an arm texture and added to other player_head_iff files?
  8. great! Now all we need is the capability to create separate arm textures for each player in order to add tattoos.
  9. Looks great, but you need to center his nose and mouth in the 3D head model.
  10. Wouldn't be great if somehow there was a way to add an extra texture for arms in each player_head_iff file so we can give players their appropriate tattoos? I recall that there are a few players in this game that have a Texture 4 for longer hair. Maybe that could be swapped out or something.
  11. Can't all the players who have chosen not to play this abbreviated season just be placed in the Free Agent pool? Or will teams automatically sign them eventually in a franchise file?
  12. How dare you prioritize all that instead of posting your mods!!
  13. I did a lot of the manager cyberfaces a ways back btw...
  14. An admin can delete his posts from this thread and warn him though.
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