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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Here is a quick cyberface I did for new Oakland A's manager Mark Kotsay. He already has a 2K created cyberface, but I aged his face, gave him a salt & pepper beard, and gave him a bald head to match his current appearance. His cyberface ID is #625.
  2. Your link doesnt work properly. I am unable to download any files on this Telegram app. So supposedly your files are too big and it is too expensive for you to upload here?? Isnt there a 100MB size limit for any file we upload/post here?
  3. Not bad, but why not upload the files here instead of giving a link to a third party app in order for us to preview or download your mods?
  4. I wish each all-star player would wear their everyday home uniform, and then an NL/AL all-star cap.
  5. Did you try running the .exe file in your MLB2K folder instead of your Amazon game folder?
  6. Here are some D-Backs players...
  7. Here are some Chicago Cubs players...
  8. none of those portraits are numbered that coincide with a current roster file
  9. Here are a few 2021 Pirates players...
  10. This all must have to do with all the portrait packs being posted these last few days. The author isnt numbering the .dds files according to any visable roster nor your master sheet.
  11. dont forget i posted reference pics for all these patches in your uniform thread.
  12. Here are some 2021 SD Padres...
  13. When you download a cyberface, you will notice that each player has their own unique face ID number. Open your roster file with a roster editor to change the face ID number for that player.
  14. if you can make it work with 2K, then I would definitely be interested in using these as well.
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