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  1. none of those portraits are numbered that coincide with a current roster file
  2. Here are a few 2021 Pirates players...
  3. This all must have to do with all the portrait packs being posted these last few days. The author isnt numbering the .dds files according to any visable roster nor your master sheet.
  4. dont forget i posted reference pics for all these patches in your uniform thread.
  5. Here are some 2021 SD Padres...
  6. When you download a cyberface, you will notice that each player has their own unique face ID number. Open your roster file with a roster editor to change the face ID number for that player.
  7. if you can make it work with 2K, then I would definitely be interested in using these as well.
  8. I hear you. Maybe if/when MLB The Show finally comes to pc, its files will be able to be modded significantly without new complex tools required.
  9. sounds cool. can you try to create a cyberface for 2K yourself using the RBI textures and show us what you needed to do as far as fitting into 2K's cyberface textures layout? I am deeply curious to see how these would effect the 3D head model for a player with long hair, dreads, big beard etc. And if each RBI cyberface includes a unique arm texture, then can tattoos be added. If it works out as well as I hope it does, I would pretty much just request you to take your time and rip face textures from RBI on a team by team basis and maybe post them in the downloads section.
  10. This could be great. How are the graphics as far as cyberfaces go as well as the number of player cyberfaces created by the developers compared to 2K?
  11. something to do with your graphics card, or the settings on your monitor perhaps?
  12. Well, as far as I'm concerned, these, as well as many others, are all works in progress, constantly being updated and thus why I havent posted any for download in a very long time. I decided to post a screenshot and current reference pic for each player to show the progress. I suppose some bare a resemblance to the actual player but my OCD says that they need to be perfect. The 3D head models for each cyberface need work using Blender. I was hoping that other modders more proficient than me in using Blender would want to collaborate but so far no go.
  13. Here are some Giants players...
  14. does placing the patch lower on the sleeve improve the detail?
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