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  1. Is everybody here even searching the download section to see if any of these cyberfaces have already been done? I am certain the cyberface modders are tired/discouraged of reading through all these lists of requests.
  2. Why didn't you post any preview pics for this?
  3. Doesn't he have tattoos on both sides of his neck though? Still, a superb job from you yet again!
  4. Using photoshop just copy the lighter side of his face, flip it horizontally and paste it over the darkened size of his face.
  5. I seem to recall when using Ty's Roster Editor, that there is an actual limit on the amount of players that can be edited or created and added into the game before it causes roster glitches. I don't remember the exact amount, but looking at a roster file using that editor, all the extra player slots were listed under free agents.
  6. No, I don't believe I created a cyberface for him
  7. No, you cannot edit an individual player's arms. You can only edit a player's overall face/body skintone in-game or via roster editor. There really isn't a way to exactly match the color of a player's arms to the color of his face, only a close approximation.
  8. The arm textures for each skintone are there in the global.iff file. Unfortunately by putting tattoos on any of these arm textures will also give players assigned that particular skintone the same identical arm tattoos. For NBA2K, the arm textures are included in the player head.iff file. If it was even possible, the game code for MLB2K would need to be altered to take the arm textures out of the global.iff file and add them to the player head.iff file instead.
  9. there are no hidden players or teams to unlock in MLB2K12
  10. didn't think you were a rookie. sometimes I forget to change face IDs to the correct one for each player. The only thing I can think of is that something is faulty with one or more roster files that causes this issue.
  11. I'm assuming you are giving each player their correct face ID number?
  12. cant remember which thread, but I'm sure this has been discussed before. Perhaps it has something to do with creating/editing said player with one roster editor instead of another?
  13. It aint easy to try to create or update every player. Sticking to players on every teams current 25-man roster would require hundreds of cyberfaces. I'm slowly updating player cyberfaces on the Giants and A's 25-man rosters, which would account for almost 2 dozen players. There are still far too many requests for the same cyberfaces that have been created by modders already. Really makes me wonder how many people actually check the download section thoroughly before making a request or are "quietly" being far too critical of what a posted cyberface looks like, and therefore request a different version from somebody else.
  14. Wasn't referring to one specific person
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