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  1. Juiced Baseballs? Possible.

    Its so obvious the ball is juiced. Look at all the pitchers that have had chronic blister issues for trying to achieve a firmer grip on the ball and seams. The same thing happened in 1987 too. I remember Jose Uribe of the Giants hit 11 or 12 homeruns, and I doubt he hit that combined over several seasons after that. Chicks still dig the long ball, but now owners don't see a power hitter as a highly paid asset any longer.
  2. Cyberfaces For Beginners- MLB 2K-MOD 2017

    Did you use nba mod tool to install that texture? the problem could be that the size of the headshape model is incorrect for that cyberface
  3. MLB2K12 Modders

    People have lives, you know... and interest in modding for MLB2K and MVP has been waning for some time now.
  4. where can I get the license of the REDitor II

  5. Francisco Lindor

    Great job. looks just like him!
  6. Justin Turner CF

    Great work on this!
  7. Update CF Craig Kimbrel Boston

    Great job as usual!
  8. Cyberfaces For Beginners- MLB 2K-MOD 2017

    Great job. I think the key is to get the ears correct, and make his lower cheekbones and his jaw longer.
  9. Total Frontend 2K17

    Great job!. Thanks for doing this.
  10. Trout Mike CF-MOD 2017-Update

    Great job!
  11. Cespedes Y. CF-MOD 2017

    awesome work! I'm glad you followed my suggestion of keeping default eyes with proper eyecolor!
  12. Cyberfaces For Beginners- MLB 2K-MOD 2017

    Looks terrific!
  13. Cyberfaces For Beginners- MLB 2K-MOD 2017

    Perhaps creating all new eyes isn't necessary as long as you give default eyes the correct color.
  14. Cyberfaces For Beginners- MLB 2K-MOD 2017

    That was my guess too.
  15. Cyberfaces For Beginners- MLB 2K-MOD 2017

    He already has a 2K cyberface.