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  1. here it is


    1. Karelaf


      Tanks, you send me roster.iff

      you can

    2. dariassodr
    3. Karelaf


      The roster is very good although it has the mistakes of players with changed faces you can make one for the end of the 2017 season, greetings and thanks.

  2. someone have the helmet of jason heyward, joc, baez, for download?
  3. which at bat you guys use for anthony rizzo and kris bryant? and what type of pitch to use for arrieta?
  4. Of course I looked in the download section, if I had found would not have posted
  5. please someone have this scoreboard to download?
  6. dariassodr


    someone please put the face of Jason hammel with the full beard, the Adisson Russell also
  7. please, I want the faces of Contreras , Otani , Benintendi , A. Russell and Melancon
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