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  1. @Jed, some sugestions for CFs: Jorge Polanco, Jason Heyward, Walker Buehler, Brian Anderson, Trey Mancini, Brian Reynolds, Diego Castillo and Nick Senzel.
  2. Kurt Suzuki Jeff McNeil Nick Senzel Sandy Alcantara
  3. Great job @Jed, as always! Could you create Juan Soto and Trea Turner's cyberface too?
  4. @Jed can you make Pedro Strop, Bogaerts and deGrom?
  5. @Jed can you make this players? Pivetta, Eovaldi, Kikuchi, Realmuto, Strop, Bogaerts, Doolittle, Skaggs and Oh?
  6. Awesome! You always do incredible work, my friend.
  7. @Jed, others suggestions: Lindor, Eloy Jimenez, Junis, Mccullers, Dee Gordon, Profar, Falefa, Soroka, Inciarte, José Ureña, Brian Anderson, deGrom, Kingery, Kurt Suzuki, Strop, Leclerc, Harrison Bader, Oh, Caleb Ferguson
  8. Can you make Chris Sale (with Beard), deGrom, Wendle, Leclerc and J. Soto?
  9. please made deGrom, E. Diaz, Strop, Nola and E-rod.
  10. PERFECT! Please made Price with beard, Bogaerts and Velazquez
  11. @Jed Please made Britton, Russell, Maeda and E-Rod. Great work always!
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