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  1. Updated Roster for mlb2k12... as of May 2018 2018 schedule updated.... Trade between Tampa Bay Rays and Seattle Mariners included... Fixed some double cyberfaces... Put the injured players in the minors.... Home run derby playable on classic mode only.... Just control all 30 teams on franchise and it will get pass through seasons... You can download it on the download section on mlb2k12.... Thank you all....
  2. headtrip47

    MLB 2K12 Base Coaches

    One of the base coach for atlanta braves name is pendleton... but i cannot see it in the staff tab in reditor...
  3. headtrip47

    MLB 2K12 Base Coaches

    How can change the names of this base coaches...also their cyberface....?
  4. Brother, when you are going to continue with the portraits of the teams, you are doing an excellent job ....

  5. headtrip47

    Franchise stop working

    Guys my roster is working and sim through seasons if you control all 30 teams and turn off 40 man roster automation...i already tested it and it works properly without crashing.... MLB and Milb Roster 2k18 is the roster that i uploaded.. it will not crash if you control 30 teams and turn off 40man roster automation Download my roster MLB and Milb roster then control all 30 teams with 40man roster off.... it will past the june 9 draft and also sims through multiple seasons
  6. headtrip47

    2018 Memphis Redbirds Uniform

    Version 1.0.0


    Home and Away Uniform for Memphis Redbirds... numbers are incorrect... my 2nd Try on Uniform Making..... Big Credit to UMachine for the Uniform Template Enjoy!!!
  7. headtrip47

    2018 Gwinnett Stripers Uniform

    Version 1.0.0


    This is my first try on uniforms... numbers are incorrect because i dont have resources for that... home and away uniform for Gwinnett Stripers.... Big Credit to Umachine Uniform Template...
  8. headtrip47

    Cannot upload mods

    I cannot upload Uniforms for mlb2k12... i dont know why...
  9. headtrip47

    MILB Uniforms Released....

    2018 Gwinnett Stripers Uniform Released.. Numbers are incorrect... i dont have resources for the number files... I upload this in this forum because i cannot upload it on the file section.... Big Credits to UMahchine for the Uniform Template.... Enjoy.... 2018 Gwinnett Stripers Uniform.zip
  10. headtrip47

    MILB Uniforms Released....

    This is the preview of my first try on making Uniforms for Milb teams... First is Gwinnett Stripers Home and Away Uni...
  11. headtrip47

    Headtrip47 MLB and MiLB Roster Beta Release....

    In franchise try to control all 30 teams with 40man roster off...click on do nothing... and it will past through seasons...
  12. headtrip47

    Need a correct roster and schedule for 2K18

    Did you try control all 30 teams? Thats what i do and theres no crashing My roster has the updated schedule and astros on the al.. all you gonna do is control all 30 teams....
  13. headtrip47

    Need a correct roster and schedule for 2K18

    You can check my roster on the download section.. MLB and Milb roster...
  14. Version 2.0.0


    PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENT.... These Roster Completes the 25 man roster for MLB and Milb Teams.... unfortunately it crashes on the Month of June.. one thing i only do is controlled all 30 teams and t past through seasons with no crashing....you can try it.. This Roster includes Top Prospects and Rookies ang Intl.. FA.... No portraits and Cyberfaces for the Minor League Players that I Added... Also Stats and Ratings are not updated... years of experience and salary also not updated... ENJOY.....
  15. headtrip47

    Site Maintenance (updated 5/11/18)

    Mlb2k12 download files are missing.... hope it will get back.. thanks