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  1. Very Good my friend!!!! keep it up!!!
  2. that will be changed after the season,, its a big job because im the only one that editing the ratings... if you want to change by yourself then you can do it..
  3. what are you talking about non selectable or editable?? can you point me with that issue???
  4. Thats not dark green bro.. its dark blue... ok i will change that
  5. Yusei Kikuchi Preview.... SP Seattle Mariners
  6. Can you send me that roster so i can see?
  7. you must edit the roster in reditor,
  8. pm me the players with no portrait id so i can update.... thanks
  9. yes because the ratings for the players is not yet 100 percent done... please be patient,,, i will release soon updated ratings,,
  10. that was the result the ratings calculator gives to me... for me its better for the stars to be 80+ ratings, 70+ and 60+ for rookies.... if the player ratings have 98 96 97.. thats too unrealistic....
  11. the Overall Ratings is a Work in Progress... base on my Ratings Calculator,, the highest rating is 90+,, the lowest is 60+.... some players with 50 ratings is not yet updated
  12. Yes this players had no portraits in game... thats why i said i need help on portraits and somebody can do it
  13. Las Vegas Aviators Logos and change the Background Color...
  14. Im Starting to Edit the Background Colors for each Team using Hex Editor... it also change the colors on the Scoreboard for each team... changing miami marlins background color from orange to blue... big Credit to Pena for some tips.... this is just a preview...Insert existing attachment......
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