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  1. MLB2K12 Modders

    yes i understand,, me also, i cannot update the roster because of my job.. i am just wandering... but before the mlb season starts,, maybe i can update again the roster and the schedule...
  2. MLB2K12 Modders

    yes but nobody uploads some updates to the mlb2k12,,, only mvp baseball mods is active...
  3. MLB2K12 Modders

    hello guys,, what happen to the mlb2k12 modders? are they still active? only mvp modders is active.... just curious... thanks very much....
  4. You know how I can know the faces ids of the managers and their names on my current roster.

  5. Total Frontend 2K17

    there is an error when i extracting the file..
  6. Total Frontend 2K17

    hello friend,, i download this file but i cannot extract the files,, and it said close operation... maybe the file is corrupted... anyway thanks for this file...good work
  7. mlb2k12.exe

    ok thanks for the help bro...
  8. mlb2k12.exe

    last time somebody post this patch,, i dont know if its legal or illegal,, when i used it,, i dont need to change the date anymore...
  9. mlb2k12.exe

    anybody have the mlb2k12.exe with the date are already fix and dont need to change the date on the computer?. i just downloaded it here last time, but now i cannot find it. can somebody upload it again,, thanks
  10. 2017 MLB Opening Day Roster by headtrip47

    thank u very much bro..
  11. Version 1.0.0


    fixed the game schedule on april 21st,, where detroit has dusplicate games.. fixed some ranges and ratings. added Stefan Crichton of Baltimore Orioles
  12. Fielder's range

    i already updated a new version with all the ranges on all players,, check my post
  13. 2017 MLB Opening Day Roster

    thanks for the info bro, that roster line up is based on the website, rosterresources... you can check it. and also i didnt edit some prospects and minor leaguers yet. or maybe i forget to edit their position,, i will look again at this...
  14. 2017 MLB Opening Day Roster

    how do you say rough? the cardinals roster was based on the opening day roster,, some positions change because of injuries.. if you want to change, then change it,,can you figure me what position is out?
  15. 2017 MLB Opening Day Roster

    ues i change it to year 2017 on the date swapper,, but i cannot play any games