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  1. im using the default roster,, but in think we have different roster.. i will send it to you..
  2. This is the default roster and i started from scratch.... not yet finished assigning stats for some players..
  3. update... change portrait id and cf id according to the master list by kccitystar.. updated roster up to march 10 2021... added some missing players....
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Adrian Houser - Pitcher Milwaukee Brewers 2968 change eye color to gray on reditor ---- 5
  5. updated roster as of feb 26, 2021 updated background colors and logos
  6. updated minor league team affiliates, and logos...
  7. just a preview.. a lot of work to do...
  8. i have roster for 2020 mlb season with no errors, but i think Kccitystar roster is much better than mine so we will wait for his release...
  9. Because the default eye texture is in global.iff. i also try changing the eye color but still the default eye texture will appear
  10. here is a little screenshot,.. when im finished with the roster i will send it to you so you can give it a try...
  11. i only have the 2019 season schedule... also Create A Team and Player are functioning well with no problems.. i just waiting for your udpated schedule... also the portraits need someone to help...
  12. Tried and tested my roster on all game mods with no crashing..... hope some can help with the portrait....
  13. Update.... I lowered all the ratings for all the old and non existing players.... Tested in all game mods with no crashing..... Next i will update the years of experience, staff, contracts.....
  14. Player Stat and Ratings Updated..... Next Team Stats and adding some missing players... Edit the correct skin tone.....
  15. What portrait.iff are we going to use? The default one or this current???
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