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  1. friend you have some roster updated until for the spring training that includes the 2019 calendar. Greetings.


  2. headtrip47

    MLB2K19 Mod

    Wow thanks bro... i hope this mod will have a good outcome...
  3. headtrip47

    MLB2K19 Mod

    Wow thanks for your response brothers... lets make MLB2k19 Mod... right now im updating the roster with the current player ratings and real Stats.... 2019 schedule is also in my list... lets help each other bro... thanks....
  4. headtrip47

    MLB2K19 Mod

    hello there Modders,, is there somebody interested on helping me make MLB2K19 Mod?? i Will do the Roster but i Need Help on others... Modders Needed in: Cyberfaces Uniforms Stadiums Logos Portraits
  5. headtrip47

    Mlb2k18 roster

    this Mod is very good,, but only Preview,, No Release... somebody wants to help me making MLB2K19 Mod....?
  6. headtrip47

    Headtrip47 Manny Machado

    Version 1.0.0


    Manny Machado SS - LA Dodgers
  7. headtrip47

    Headtrip47 Cyberfaces for MLB2k12

    Thanks for the advice bro... still editing Tzu Wei Lin... will release it after... thanks again bro...
  8. headtrip47

    Headtrip47 Cyberfaces for MLB2k12

    Manny Machado SS - LA Dodgers
  9. headtrip47

    Headtrip47 Mookie Betts v2

    Version 1.0.0


    Mookie Betts Version 2...
  10. headtrip47

    Headtrip47 Cyberfaces for MLB2k12

    Tzu Wei-Lin preview SS Boston Red Sox
  11. headtrip47


    Im using 7zip to open iff files for nba2k18 and 2k19 files
  12. headtrip47


    What iff file you want to export or import? Is it for nba2k14?
  13. headtrip47


  14. headtrip47

    Headtrip47 Ryan Borucki

    Version 1.0.0


    Ryan Borucki SP - Toronto Blue Jays
  15. headtrip47

    Postseason logos 2018

    Just a preview...