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  1. He's right. I have completed 90% of it, but it has some errors im cleaning up. End of month i will release a "test" version
  2. The roster has been completed. Portraits being updated. Faces are next to be added (from the community) Never stopped, but nobody really gave input or anything so I stopped giving updates here.
  3. Houston Astros added - From now on though im not going to update ratings or tendencies much yet. Going to wait until half the teams or full league is implemented.
  4. Player_head_9205 is giving be big issues with big name players What do I do when i have issues. Can I change the face to a random number? I will def come in conflict with another if i do ..... What is a very good slick solution to this issue. So far 4 teams I have come across 4 "9205" faces.
  5. Exactly! That's What I think I will do. I just didn't want to screw up anything if somehow the game aknowledged the birth dates in game mode. Best way is the way you just said. Ill probably make two versions.
  6. Astros, Kansas City, and Mets, next update. Anyone want to tell me if its worth it for DOB to be updated? Since the patch for MLB fix brings the system date to 2012, the ages for these players are screwed up. So you got 14 year olds etc. So what should be done?
  7. Thanks! Note taken. I wonder why that is. I found that of the 3 teams Im using that 2 of the players use the same ID for the face. So I kept on overwriting by mistake for the cyber face. Then I wondered, If in the game if they faced eachother since one was a pitcher and the other a batter , that a crash might occur. Maybe it doesnt even need to go that far. Maybe sharing ID's can do it? hmm.
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