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  1. This season has been a lot of modders contributing to mlb 2k12, multiple rosters, and some amazing amazing face's , next season should be even better. I would love to learn how to make scoreboards as well as edit stadiums, but like other poster said, it requires things most of us dont know.
  2. Do the edits transfer over, or must the franchise file also be edited for uniform colors?
  3. Oh if you download mine. It is not completely up to date. I need to update it badly, but I haven't had the time yet. Others have made some really good accurate rosters. You might have to do faces and portraits on your own though for them.
  4. I made sure to "connect" my roster to portrait packs, cyber faces. Roster = Elia's Roster Portraits = Elia's Portrait Pack Cyber Face = Elia's MVPmodded cyber face community pack
  5. Over the years, a lot of rosters have been made, so if the portraits and cyber faces to match up, its almost 100% because the roster that was edited changed global ID's and face ID's, or the cyber face and portrait files ID's have been changed to fit a unique roster. If you download a roster, download the portrait or cyber face pack that coincides with it.
  6. You are a king. Awesome job!! I cant wait to incorporate these in the game with my own roster.
  7. No problem. The name in the scoreboard area. Check below.
  8. Awesome job elfriki as always. One question I have about scoreboard. Many problems with the smaller scoreboards are that when the player comes to bat before the first pitch of the at bat, the name is too big to fit in the scoreboard and it goes over. Is this the case with your scoreboard overlay? Thanks!
    Scottbilly. Go to reditor , you can change skin tones easily over there. 1-7 are the lightness to darkness rating. Awesome work Mr E
  9. Where are you when we have hundreds of mass shootings in between the networks picking these ones up for narrative? You should be tired of the politics played on top of these children's bodies. Thats the disgrace in all of this. We have celebrities , athletes with security that will maul you like a bear, but when you bring your kids to school, nothing can stop the nut from doing as he pleases.
  10. Is their a way to edit or configure in redittor that would remove commentators from using names of players? For example, editing David Uggla to Ozzie Albies will still yield his name being called Uggla by commentator.....PA change is fairly easy, but can we somehow make the commentators basically call him 2nd basemen or something generic ? Just so the game could be that much more realistic and still maintain the great commentary?
    Amazing Effort. This looks very good. Minors addition is great. My only question is with Energy Levels. Are some players suppossed to be different? I know some pitchers may have slightly lower energy because they dont last long in games depending on closing or setting up.
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