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  1. lack .cdf files,it need .iff and .cdf toghter good job,It looks nice
  2. hi,bro,I find the problem of your roster,it is ‘staff’,look at the screenshot,both the teams sheet and the staff sheet need to match,I try match the OAK,it is done,hope to help you!
  3. Hi,the same face is not the reason.I also meet the crash when I made the roster.I chang all of the state to '-1',it is useful,but I try it for your roster,it is not useful. I'm trying another way
  4. It's hard and Time-consuming for make the roster,I agree donation because I did the roster from two years ago.I can help for making portraits ,but I can't make faces.Then,I add many legends for my roster,if you interest,I can give you. By the way,a small suggestion ,it may be better that face number and portrait number unify
    Perfect !! thank you very much! Trout! Trout!
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