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    nice. I downloaded team pack and started playing a season.. tks. but I did update teams to all male.
    was having trouble trading players, it would error. and I found out why. I did not let the program run to completion. ran program, it took around 20 seconds or so and then noticed team updated with traded player. also ran it copying a player. cool! very nice program. the only problem I have now is that my anti-virus program is AVAST and it flags as a threat and deletes it - so I have to disable the anti-virus, download it and then run the program.
  1. I Have installed patch 3 and installed MVP 15 mod conversion.
  2. tks, Gordo. I'll give this a try at some point and let you know.
  3. I just bought this game from yard sale cheap and installed on my windows 7 machine - can run the game without a problem. I would like to update the rosters to this year. how many mods are there for me to download to get to the '19 rosters and such. appreciate it.
    hey guys: does this game work on windows 7?
    Hey Traphauss: downloaded these teams. chose Boise Bandits as my team. found SS Powerslide throws left-handed - even when I edit him as a right hander, he stills throws as a lefty. Ritchie
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