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  1. in regards to: Yes i made a custom portrait id and cf id just what i said post. I hope you read that part. Incase of the skintone i already edited some and will release a roster update soon. But if you want to edit the skin color by yourself you need to do it on reditor. Change playertype to 5. And you can edit it ingame in reditor, it does not show a 'playertype' option -- see attachment
  2. Funny thing, also installed on my gaming laptop but I had to move both portrait files to another folder as somehow TiT was installing it there. Then I moved the portraits files back to milb2k directory.
  3. sorry, typo, meant for MLB2k12

  4. I had trouble myself but got it to work. The extra step I had to do was install TiT into my MLB2K directory as the program would pause prompting it could not find the portrait folders. @LouisvilleLipp you have to install the TiT program not portrait installer program and use TiT, Search Mlb2k10 downloads tools folder for the TiT download program Use can take a screenshot via windows snapit program and save to desktop
  5. all set.  thanks a bunch for your help.  I know you put a ton of work into this already, but will there be cyberfaces added because then it would make it more realistic.


    thanks, once again!!!

  6. Headtrip:


    downloaded your portrait files. opened and extracted them as you instructed.  ran TiT program. program ran successfully but portraits are still not showing.  using your ROSTER.  even ran TiT from mlb2k folder because it could not find portrait iff and cdf files if I did not.


    see attached file -


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    2. headtrip47
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    4. headtrip47


      1. Part1.zip, extract this to desktop or other locations on your computer.

      2. After you extract you will see folders with team names chicago cubs etc.....

      3. Launch Tit and browse the folder, for ex. Chicago cubs folder, open it and you will see the portrait.zip.. click that and hit start...

  7. same here. I was able to run the TiT program but the portraits do not display to the player.
  8. Hello:


    first of all.  I appreciate all of your hard work and effort into this as everyone else should be.

    but after I downloaded your roster and portraits (installed portraits via TiT, the portraits did not display with the player names.

    did I miss a step or 2?  using MLB2K12 original MOD.





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    2. Ritchie


      tried again and was prompted portraits were not decompressed.

    3. Ritchie


      searched for the video but no longer available.  any way these can be downloaded as .cff and .iff files as I am having issues decompressing these portraits.

    4. headtrip47


      I tested again the files and it install for me properly. So ithink you have a mistake in installing the portrait. Go to youtube search for wolfof2k. There you can see his tutorial on hot to install portraits properly

  9. @Yankee4Life same here. never saw these names as an insult to the native Americans. where I live in Grafton, Mass our HS name was the Grafton Indians. changed to Grafton Gators -- there are no gators in Massachusetts. where my wife's sisters live in Dartmouth, Mass, they want to keep the school's mascot as Indian as the Supporters say the Dartmouth Indian is not a mascot but a symbol of the town’s history and pride but Opponents say Native mascots amount to stereotyping and cultural appropriation and hurt Native youth. I do not see that as hurt.
  10. Sure. And this is the 14th different lineup by Boone.
  11. another lineup change for tonight's game vs the Guardians made by Boone. for crying out loud, make a lineup and stick with it.
  12. Old friend Pineda shuts down former team. Stanton, Rizzo combined 9 LOB. 1 for 7 in RISP. Nothing knew. 2021 part deux. Teams that should have been beaten or swept, Orioles and Tigers.
  13. Funny, I'm playing mlb2k12 on my PC, Yankees at Orioles and the O's leading 1 to 0 in 6th inning. Maybe Yanks get shutout?
  14. @Yankee4Life I haven't even watched a game. Getting notifications from MLB regarding Yankees and then checking the scoreboard later but that's about it. My brother has been asking how they're doing this year and I reply same as last year, nothings changed. Judge should have signed that contract bcuz the way he's hitting, he's not going to get much. They ruined a great performance by Cortes.
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