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  1. I realized that after I sent the post. I'm messed up this week as I have off tomorrow from work and thinking today is Friday.
  2. "What the heck are you talking about? Every time Sanchez puts on the catching gear he scares me. He's going to pull something this weekend I can feel it." I was being sarcastic about John's calling on Sanchez HR last night listening to the game on radio. I know how much you have no love for him. at least he will not be catching tonight, if the rain holds.
  3. Hey John Sterling, is Gary really scary?? Well, we shall see this weekend.
  4. Ok, good comeback win last night. I thought bats were dead after scoring big the previous game. Now the real test comes in these last 9 games to see what this team is all about. Will they do or die??
  5. Well, it took my post to get them to score runs. Was worried at the time.
  6. Getting closer to end of season and they're not helping themselves in tonight's game. Can't this team score big in back to back games vs losing teams??
  7. @Yankee4Life and @Jim825 I became a Vikings (the Purple Gang) fan early 70s and remember well the playoff game vs Falcons and the Anderson missed FG but was at work at the time so I did not see it and that hurt for sometime as well as the 4 SB losses. Also when Bud Grant did the coin toss. I, also, would trade a WS victory for any of those SB losses. PS. before a Vikings fan, I was a Jets fan in the 60s.
  8. here he is, the $324 million man who is suppose to save the Yankees, but flopped today.. "oh my gosh, what have I done? they are counting on me."
  9. now I can root for my Vikings. May not go anywhere, either, but at least when they lose I am not down.
  10. And Cole got booooooed off the mound as he left. And Ma Sterling said what's wrong with them? Well, he $ucked today, Ma Sterling!!! $324 million worth. And now they are 2 1/2 games out of 2nd WC spot with Oakland on their tails.
  11. Well, Cole, you $ucked today. Guess you're NOT the Yankees $$$$$$$$ savior after all!!!
  12. Cole doesn't seem to have it today and so far, neither do the Yankees hitters. What else is new? This baseball season can't seem to get over quickly enough. Now it looks like another long winter ahead. Thanks a lot New York Yankees and brass for another year without a championship. Only 1 since 2000.
  13. Good today Cole is pitching so error boy is not catching.
  14. When is Boone going to sit Sanchez? HUGE ERROR today leads to big inning for the Indians. And, as all season, after scoring big in previous game, Yanks crap out in the following. Can't wait for this ugly season to end for this crappy team.
  15. and now watch the Sox easily outman the hapless O's this weekend, something the Yankees could NOT do over the past 2 weeks.
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