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  1. "An 8-0 win with 14 hits. They seemed to be hitting today. " not today 1 run, 4 hits, 0 for 7 RISP. this team is unable to hit consistently. Post season will be doomsday for this crappy team.
  2. Going to be tough for Judge to win triple crown. Not pitching to him and will have to get multiple hit games rest of season to overtake Arraez. If Boone doesn't have Cortes open the ALDS, he is a BONEHEAD.
  3. Holmes shut down, at least until playoffs. What else??
  4. Well, another loss due to this weak hitting lineup. Division champs won't make it far in the PS.
  5. Article in nj.com has Yankees concerned with Stanton slump. REALLY!? NOW??? Should have been concerned all season.
  6. Great news for Mike King. UCL is intact. Won't need TJ surgery.
  7. congratulations to the Yankees on winning the division but they are not built for the post season. certain players, 'strike-out King Stanton', Donaldson, etc NEED to start hitting, USS Cole, Schmidt, Holmes needs to start pitching.
  8. Didn't see game but Booney must have gotten orders from front office before any game play moves.
  9. Lost another game due to 0 for 8 with RISP. Team hitting $uck$.
  10. Without a doubt, Cortes should be game 1 starter instead of 'USS' Cole who should be moved to the 3 spot.
  11. Talk of DFA Chapman BEFORE end of season.
  12. Man this so called 'ACE' Cole had a 3 run lead and gave it back with a 3 run HR. Way to go. And he's supposed to open the PS. LOL
  13. Holmes said he did that to have Stanton clout the game winning grand slam. No, just kidding. Yankees have a closer problem and Holmes is not the answer. So far the only good thing about this season IS Judge. And almost another loss to a "weak NL central team" as Boone had called them.
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