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  1. I know you will take your time, you deserve it after so much hard work, with the mlb2k12 roster. Thank you very much bro, for all your support. I hope you are well, greetings
    5 stars for you, bro thanks for all the contribution you have given to the mvpmods community
  2. Thank you very much bro, thank you for all the time and effort you spent all this time to update the mlb2k12 roster, greetings and I hope you are well.
  3. Thank you very much!! Excellent!!
    Five stars for you!! Thanks for sharing
  4. if you import the uniform colors to the roster file, and then create the franchise, I guess you don't need to import again. however, if not, you must import the colors back into the franchise file.
    Thank you very much man!! Five star for you
    Thank you very much!!
  5. of course yes, they look great and this would be an improvement for the game. something different
  6. thank you very much for sharing your work with all of us️️
    Wow thank you very much Friends five stars for you!!
  7. thank you very much, this looks spectacular, thank you for your hard work
  8. excellent news, I hope you enjoy the mod.
  9. I have the mod on my game and it works fine, but if you backed up your files you can try to go back to its previous state and check if the game no longer crashes. if it doesn't crash when you restore it let me know so i can check my mod files
  10. Guys, my mod Total Frontend MLB 2K22, is now available on the download site. Hope you like enjoy it.
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