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  1. @picklebrad amazing job, the shoes and sox looks great. thank you very much for your words friend
  2. According to KC, the roster is finished, maybe you can send him PM and tell him to send you the list of portrait IDs that he assigned to the players, so that you can work according to their roster
    5 stars for you!! Great job ️️
  3. Thank you very much bro, excellent work as usual. @Kccitystar made several changes to the roster reassigning new portrait ID and cyberface ID. I think you should wait for that roster to be released, to make the exact changes in the portrait ID, it's just my opinion. Greetings friend
  4. this looks great, thanks a lot man !! awesome work ️️
  5. finding good pic and in high resolution, you can get excellent results like this, congratulations bro @picklebrad
  6. in that version of blender it is a bit complicated to use the cloning technique to make a cyberface, because .cff file scripts are not compatible with later versions of blender 2.49. if you want to use this new method you must contact @Hanny, he has a video tutorial where he teaches how to use this method in blender 2.49 and it works very well
  7. @Guaro1379 amazing work bro, as usual will this be part of the MLB2k20 mod?? excellent logos ️️
  8. Once again thank you very much for everything you are doing for the mlb2k12 roster, it has been a very hard job for you, but whatever happens I know that your roster will be the best of all time. It does not matter much if in the end you cannot change the date to 2020, because you cannot modify the executable file of the game, however everything you have done now to the roster is much appreciated. greetings friend
  9. thank you very much man!! for that information every day we learn much more about this wonderful game
    Thank you very much bro!! I am happy that you are back here again, greetings
  10. final version cyberface Marwin Gonzales @Jed @Behindshadows @Karelaf and @picklebrad #GoFish very funny
  11. hey bro, here you have the Nomar Mazara cyberface you can't make cyberface requests without first looking at the download site, you can't be wasting your time doing cyberface that are already done. that time can be used to cyberface a new player who has never had one.
    Thank you!! Excllent Work very good ️️
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