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  1. Hey bro, I have already seen your tutorial video very short and not very explanatory, however I thank you very much for that video, teach me that there is another better way to make cyberface. If you can help me I can send you some screenshots of the problem I have with this method, what do you say? Greetings and thanks in advance.
  2. Excellent work, good quality in your cyberface. Bro I have had problems with this cloning method, to make cyberface when I use the brush tool in textured paint mode, I don't get a good result with the final texture, help bro. Greetings
  3. omg thank you very much master, I really didn't know what function this does within the schedule. thanks again for everything you're doing for mlb2k
  4. There is a way to add long hair to any head, without having to shape it from the same model, as we have done all this time. And it's with REditor II, when selects the long hair option for a head shape, the game automatically adds a layer of vertices, which you can move or adjust freely from blender. But I don't think the results are any better than the method we're currently using. However, I'm going to try make Reddick cyberface to see what result I get. I will be informing
  5. That is not possible in mlb2k, I tried many times and in different ways, and I was unsuccessful, the problem with 3d models of mlb2k, is that you can not add or remove even a vertex, because when you export the model in blender it is unusable. In NBA2k there is no problem you can edit models freely
  6. Thank you very much, for so much work and effort, this will undoubtedly be the best roster. Greetings
  7. @Kccitystar This is great, that level of depth and knowledge you have reached, about the roster that has long been very complex and difficult to understand. I have nothing more to thank for all your time and effort
  8. @Kccitystar is true There are many rosters made by different users here, and they randomly assigned ID, but also in most cases, what they did was replace the name and other personal data of a current player, on a retired player. example in the last roster that I have, Bregman of Houston has all David Ortíz audios, the commentators at every moment named Bregman as Ortiz. and there are many more like that
  9. What do you mean by that retroactive list, how can I help you with that.
  10. @Kccitystar Thank you very much, this ID list will be very helpful.
  11. great news!! Thank you very much man, you can send that list to me too?when we make new cyberface, we must agree not to assign the same ID to different players
  12. @Kccitystar @picklebrad @headtrip47 Remember @blindguy, this guy has been the one who has made the schedule in these last two seasons, I think he can also be very helpful. @blindguy please appear soon
  13. @Jed I know, but we must contribute to Mod 2k20 with what we know how to do, cyberface for all new players, and those who do not yet have one. That will be our contribution, I know little about the roster edition only the basics, but if I can help with something. I do it without any problem
    very good!! five stars for you
    This is a good job, much better every day. Congratulations
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