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  1. Sabes de algún sitio donde pueda descargar los portrait actualizados para agregarlo a mi portrait

  2. Portrait MLB2k18

    @Karelaf hola! este portrait pack esta completo100%?
  3. Cyberfaces MLB-2KMOD by Bostonnico

    Soon new cyberface for mod 2k18 work in progress
  4. Cyberfaces For Beginners- MLB 2K-MOD 2017

    Here you have it friend, he is part of my cyberface package that I will release soon at the beginning of the season
  5. Overlay FOX - MLB 2K18

    amazing work bro! thank you
  6. Cyberfaces MLB-2KMOD by Bostonnico

    thank you very much friend, greetings I hope you are well.
  7. New Portraits 2018

    thank you very much excellent contribution, I want to know if this portrait pack contains all the movements of players to different teams to date
  8. New Portraits 2018

    Thank you very much this is excellent, and all the other portrait are you going to do too?
  9. Cyberfaces MLB-2KMOD by Bostonnico

    Hello friends Here is another cyberface for mod 2k18 Nomar Mazara Texas Ranger. All the credit to my friend @scottybilly I just edit the 3d model. Greetings to all
  10. Cyberfaces MLB-2KMOD by Bostonnico

    Excellent work as always, with incredible quality. too much talent friend
  11. Cyberfaces MLB-2KMOD by Bostonnico

    @Jed Thank you very much soon I come with new cyberface, greetings bro!
  12. Cyberfaces MLB-2KMOD by Bostonnico

    @raidersbball20 @Jed friends this is my final version of the cyberface Alex Cora, manager of Boston, what do you think ?. Now that more must be done to support the mod 2k18, I am ready for anything. many greetings
  13. Cyberfaces For Beginners- MLB 2K-MOD 2017

    @raidersbball20 @Jed Friends here have a preview of the work I'm doing with Alex Cora cybeface. I want to know your opinion if there is something that will improve, please let me know. Thank you
  14. Cyberfaces For Beginners- MLB 2K-MOD 2017

    @picklebrad that problem also appears when you use nba2k mod tool, instead of using 3dm mod tool, since 3dm is better for making cyberface mod.
  15. Cyberfaces For Beginners- MLB 2K-MOD 2017

    Hello That problem goes through several things: 1- You did not import the cff file in the same iff file from where you got it. 2 - it could be that you put the 3d model in another iff file that is not the same from which you took the 3d model. 3- I mainly gave that same error, when I added the long hair, from another 3d model to the cyberface model of Hanley Ramirez, altering the vertex numbers and as a result a deformed model. in conclusion you added or removed something to that model and that's why you have that problem.