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  1. will soon be uploaded, along with other cyberface
  2. @picklebrad @LetsGoFish2015 @FlowVentero Thanks friends, will soon be available in the download area, in a small pack along with other cyberface
  3. @Enryke86 Friend, Vlad Guerrero is almost finished, and Tatis Jr and Chavis are already on my list to do. Greetings
  4. @picklebrad @Karelaf friends, what do you think about this, my new version of deGrom and now also Guerrero Jr
  5. @Jed Thank you very much friends for your words, I will soon upload a new pack with new cyberface
  6. hello friends, this is a preview of Grom and Guerrero Jr, still missing small details. Greetings
    10 star for you!! my firend excellent work as usual. than you very much
    Thank you very much!! Friend excellent work
  7. Amazing, excellent work as always. brother you must teach me that new technique, which you use in blender, put the photo above the 3d model and then edit it directly, ¿What programs and scripts should I use to do this? Thank you
    Thank you very much man!! Excellent work with portrait. Congratulations
    Thank you very much man!! Excellent audio mod latin music
  8. thank you very much my friend, for devoting so much time and effort in making the best roster, many greetings
  9. Hi friend very soon I will upload those cyberface, the problem is that I have the cyberface of Guerrero Jr and deGrom, that I have not finished yet for lack of time, to upload a single pack. Greetings
  10. Awesome work!! Thank you man
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