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  1. Thank you very much bro, for continuing with these projects, congratulations excellent mod.
  2. Friend, thank you very much, it looks very good, excellent work
    Friend, thank you very much, it looks very good, excellent work
  3. wow, it looks amazing, great job with that cyberface. congratulations bro. ️️
  4. I have also experienced some of the things you mentioned before, I congratulate you for all the effort you are always making to improve the game. Thanks you bro
    Wow congrats, excellent job thank you for sharing
    Five stars for you man!! Thank you for sharing
  5. You yourself can copy the columns of first name and last name to Excel and then make filters to facilitate the search for the name or surname of any player you want, once the change is made, you can copy from Excel to Reditor and save the changes in your rosters
  6. Congrats awesome job!! Thank you for sharing
  7. wow looks great, excellent cyberface. greetings bro
  8. All this is well explained in the pdf tutorial, which is in the first post of this thread, you can download the file and follow the tutorial step by step.
  9. Hey friend thank you for always making cyberface for mlb 2k, I thank you for permanently supporting the mod ️️
    Thank you very much!! 5 stars for you
  10. hey bro, thank you very much for sharing, we know that it is a very hard work and a very long process, I have the schedule that @blindguy shared, if you don't have it I can send it to you, greetings
  11. I don't know but something must happen in your game, because it works very well for me and everyone else too, because no one apart from you has let me know that my Mod doesn't work. The most viable thing is to do an installation clean and you do not complicate too much using an installer for mod, to update MLB2k you only have to copy and replace files except for the portrait that if you have to install with the tool, and as I said in the mod that I shared, make backup of your files before to make any modifications to the game.
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