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  1. hey bro, thank you very much for sharing, we know that it is a very hard work and a very long process, I have the schedule that @blindguy shared, if you don't have it I can send it to you, greetings
  2. I don't know but something must happen in your game, because it works very well for me and everyone else too, because no one apart from you has let me know that my Mod doesn't work. The most viable thing is to do an installation clean and you do not complicate too much using an installer for mod, to update MLB2k you only have to copy and replace files except for the portrait that if you have to install with the tool, and as I said in the mod that I shared, make backup of your files before to make any modifications to the game.
  3. and why doesn't it work for you? you just have to unzip the folder and copy all its contents to the main folder of your game, this will have to replace all the necessary files for your game to be updated to mlb2k 21 @LouisvilleLipp If you wish, you can better detail what your problem is in my Total Frontend MLB2K 21 thread and I can help you solve your problem
  4. Finally after a long time, I have uploaded the Total Frontend MLB2k 21 that you have been waiting for so long, now you can download it with this link. I hope you like it and enjoy it
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Hello everyone, I hope you are very well. This MOD will allow you to update all logos and title background images of your games main screen to MLB2K 2021. Contains: Logo Spring Training 2021 Logo opening day 2021 Home Run Derby Logos ASG 2021 Logos (with the new official Colarado Rockies logo) I also did the hexadecimal edit to the stadiums that have been renamed to update them with their new names, and also update the floating text on the main screen that shows "WELCOME TO MLB2K21" I made this MOD based on the Total Frontend MLB2K19 mod, I want to give credit
  6. I already imagined it, because I tried to do various things and did not succeed, so I left the name of the brewers stadium as American Family only, thanks for the information
  7. @raidersbball20 I was trying to do the method that is used in the roster when editing the background color of the teams, where at the end of editing you do a checksum and then the first 4 characters are removed and then added again and replaced by the result of the checksum. but none of this works, I know that you have more knowledge about hex editing, so I need you to help me with this. thanks in advance
  8. @raidersbball20 thank you very much again for your help I have a question for you, in the english.iff file you can add a letter or phrase without the file not crashing the game. for example when I hexadecimal edit the brewers stadium that is now called American Family Field, I couldn't complete the name because the hex software sent me an error when I add the bits to complete the name, and even though I ignore that error message, when I load the game this one did not start.
  9. I am finalizing my MOD, here are the new logos of All Star Game 2021
  10. @wuilmer26f in the first post of this thread there is the link to the KC master sheet, with the new cyberface IDs
    excellent contribution to MLB2k, 5 stars to you, thank you very much
  11. Friends @10joseandres @PapsZ @Behindshadows thank you for your comments.
  12. These are new previews of the MOD, now with the new images, which you think looks much better than before. @raidersbball20 thank you very much!!
  13. I'm waiting for headtripp and Kccitystar roster, which will be one of the most compatible and updated, to play the myplayer and franchise mode, I recommend that you have a little patience. it will be worth waiting a little longer
  14. thanks man, it will soon be available on the download site
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