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    Thank you very much man!! Five star for you
    Thank you very much!!
  1. of course yes, they look great and this would be an improvement for the game. something different
  2. thank you very much for sharing your work with all of us️️
    Wow thank you very much Friends five stars for you!!
  3. thank you very much, this looks spectacular, thank you for your hard work
  4. excellent news, I hope you enjoy the mod.
  5. I have the mod on my game and it works fine, but if you backed up your files you can try to go back to its previous state and check if the game no longer crashes. if it doesn't crash when you restore it let me know so i can check my mod files
  6. Guys, my mod Total Frontend MLB 2K22, is now available on the download site. Hope you like enjoy it.
  7. Thank you very much man, for the update to the Boston uniform, the quality of your work is incredible, thanks for sharing.
  8. There is only one person with sufficient knowledge who can help you, and clarify many of your doubts about the schedule and that is Mr. @Kccitystar
  9. You should review the Oakland affiliates very well and of course their mlb team, check their lineups, the players one by one, their global ID and portrait. that each team has its 25-man roster
  10. when talking about the roster and its problems with the franchises, it is due to the complexity of the roster and how sensitive it is to any bad move. but it does not mean that you have never been able to play a full season or even more, with a roster that has all the lineups in milb and mlb and its 25 men on the roster, and that each player has correctly assigned his global ID, portrait and cyberface, with only that you can play the seasons you want, without any problem. I have played many complete seasons with several rosters, which at least have the aforementioned. lineups, roster 25 me
  11. @mbowkett1978 @headtrip47 If you want, I can share it with you, so you can take a look at it, maybe you can understand how it works. And there is another thing that I do not know and it is where you can download the complete schedule of the 30 mlb teams or do you have to download the schedule for each team separately?
  12. @blindguy has made the 2020 and 2021 schedules and last year he left an Excel sheet where he generated the schedules and he shared it, so that other users could generate future schedules, I have that Excel sheet, but I can't understand how it works @mbowkett1978
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