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  1. @headtrip47 @Kccitystar Friends, thank you very much again, for all the hard work you are doing to create the best roster ever seen on this website. Greetings ️️
    Five stars for you! Excellent work
  2. bro, where can I download those images to do the portrait for MLB2K20, I would really appreciate if you can help me with that. You can send me the link of the website where you downloaded them, greetings and thanks in advance ️️
  3. That is what I wonder, because I want to work on the new portrait but I don't know if new portrait ID numbers will be assigned, or it will stay the same with the current portrait IDs we have. I would like very much, that the original method is maintained the same cyberface ID number is the same portrait ID number
  4. @Kccitystar All this is very interesting, this will undoubtedly help a lot of users who wish to learn more about the roster and the game. Thank you for everything you are doing for mlb2k. Greetings ️️
  5. @Kccitystar @headtrip47 Thanks friends for your help, little by little I will be working on the new portrait. ️️
  6. What happens is that some managers do not have the jacket in the game, they only have the normal uniform, so I want to know how to put the jacket on the managers who do not have it. I think this is done with Reditor II, but I don't know where the option is to change this. Thank
  7. Hey bro, how do I put the jacket on the managers, help me with that. Thanks in advance
  8. Where can I find good pic for the portrait? I want to work with those that are already available. in the roster, the same 2K method will be maintained. ie the same portrait ID number will be the same cyberface ID number for the player?
  9. Thank you very much friend, for the different contributions you are making for MLB2K20. Greetings
  10. @Kccitystar @headtrip47 Friends, I have a question all portrait IDs will be numbered again, along with the new cyberface ID. There is someone in charge of making the portrait for the 2020 season? I can help with the portrait, I just need you to help me with a website where I can find good pic. Your have a list of all the changes to date by team, that will help me a lot. thanks and greetings
  11. Thank you bro, excellent job as usual. ️️
  12. Excellent work as always bro, it is a good start glad you can return to cyberface MOD
  13. Thank you very much bro, for the time and effort you are making, to improve the 2k20 roster. Greetings ️️
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