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  1. Raidersbbal, this is amazing!! excellent job as usual. @Behindshadows I think the same, I think you have to focus on the 2021 season because this current season is about to end and it is also very difficult to play, because we don't have a good roster to do it. It would be amazing to see this entire update for 2K21, if @raidersbball20 is willing to do it again of course, thanks friends. greetings
  2. hi bro, greetings I believe that in the schedule, and the stats this has no effect, it does not change anything. however the one who has the last word is @raidersbball20, he is the expert.
  3. hi bro, greetings definitely the best option is to assign the values individually for each position, so good results can be obtained. that well that you are back here I hope all is well over there
  4. hi bro, congratulations on your cyberfaces they are of high quality, your version of Clevinger is the best I've seen, I'm impressed !! I thought of working on a new Clevinger update but with your work I am very satisfied, thanks for everything. greetings friend
  5. Okay friend. Several users have used my 3d model, and the truth is that it has been difficult to make a good cyberface, because there are no high-quality images for the texture. I'm going to try, maybe I can get a good result with that cyberface. @Jed @picklebrad
  6. hi @Jed greetings friend. just out of curiosity you used my 3d model for your cyberface version of Clevinger, previously another user here also use my 3d model
  7. hi friend I think it is not possible to add more textures in .iff files, to edit arms texture separately for each player, MLB2k is not like nba2k where all hair, arm and cyberface textures are inside iff file. MLB2k the arms and hair files are inside global.iff, only the cyberface texture is the only one found inside the iff files, because of that all the players share the same arms texture and the only thing that changes is skin tone.
  8. @Jose Carlos cyberfaces for MLB2k, you cannot work with N2KM files, because they are not supported. you need the cyber Face Converter MLB2k10 vr 2.2 tool to convert the files. iff to .cff files to open these .cff files in blender, you have to put the scrips files, in blender finally this tool does not work on a 64bit platform only in 32bits and specifically in windows xp, for which you can install it in a virtual machine. all these tools can be downloaded in the toolkit that @raidersbball20uploaded
  9. @Guaro1379 Greetings friend, that's my opinion concentrate on next season, solve all the problems and nuances of the roster and wait to see what happens next year with mlb
  10. @Kccitystar @Behindshadows Hello my friends, I am not sad about everything that is currently happening in mlb and sports. I am simply saying that we must take advantage of all this time to finish the base roster, updated and without errors for the 2021 season, assuming that we have a normal and complete season next year. In fact I still haven't finished my 2019 franchise on MLB2k. lol
  11. @Kccitystar friend, I know you are struggling to deliver a clean and error free roster for this short season. MLB season is at risk of being canceled So bro, I recommend that you take enough time to fix the problems with the roster, and release the final roster for the 2021 season. focus on the 2021 roster, hopefully they will soon develop the vaccine so that all this is finished and next year we will have a complete mlb season
  12. Thank you very much for everything you are doing for MLB2k, keep it up! I wish you the best of luck. Greetings
  13. Thank you very much sir, for the time and effort to make this excellent mod. Greetings ️️
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