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  1. Hallo Guys. Can anyone tell me how I can edit the MLB2K15 Logo on the Start Screen in the Game? Cu Mose2011
  2. Mose2011

    MLB 2K19 Roster Update?

    Ah ok. Thanks that’s is exetle what i would to know. Thanks.
  3. Mose2011

    MLB 2K19 Roster Update?

    Hello Modding Guys. a Question when did you start with the MLB 2K19 Roster Update? cu Mose2011
  4. Mose2011

    MLB2k19 Mod?

    Hello Guys! I Have a Question: Did you plan to make a MLB2K19 Mod for MLB2k12? Cu Mose2011
  5. Hi Guys. My MLB2K12 - Mod 15 plus 2k18 graphic update from your download area always freezes me after a franchise match.
  6. Mose2011

    Mlb 2K12 Date Fix On The Way!

    How can help me? The bat file work 50% on me Pc! But if I Exit MLB2k12 it don't change to the Corrent date! I am from German. cu mose
  7. Mose2011

    Mlb2k18 roster

    @guaro1379 WOW That’s looks very cool! when can we download the complete MLB2K18 Mod from you? cu Mose2011
  8. Mose2011

    MLB 2K15 Roster Update to 2018?

    Hallo Guys. I have a Question about the Roster Updating of MLB2K15 to 2018! Can I updated the Roster only with the Last MLB2K12 Roster Update file or have also to update the Player Portraits 2018 File? Cu and tkanks. mose2011
  9. Mose2011

    ESPORT Overlay

    Hallo Guys. Please Can anyone help me to make a Overlay for ESPORT based on the NESN Overlay. If yes let me know. cu Mose2011
  10. Mose2011

    MLB Roster Update portrait Question?

    Oh ok i understand. ok thanks for the helping Info. Thanks Mose2011
  11. Mose2011

    MLB Roster Update portrait Question?

    Hallo. i also use the MVB 2015 Patch 1. which Roster updates should I use to have all Portrait pics?
  12. Hello everybody! I have a question regarding the Roster Update 2018. Is there a legal reason why some do not have a portrait picture? If not, is there a good tool to add portrait image?
  13. Mose2011

    Coming soon MVP Baseball 18 v.10

    Oh WOW Looks that Mod Great. CAnt Wait to get this Mod in English! When does it comes in Englisch?
  14. Mose2011

    The MVP 2005 and Windows 10 Thread

    Ok And then i can install the MVP 2015 nod over!
  15. Mose2011

    The MVP 2005 and Windows 10 Thread

    Yes i know. That this is Windows 10 Support Thread. I have Windows 10! @Gordo Do you mean! A.) i should install first MVP 12 or 13 and then updated the Roster to 2018 or B.) install first MVP 12 or 13 -> Update with MVP 2015 Mod and the Update the Roster with 2018?