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  1. Oh wau. Great work. I can’t wait to download it and to play.
  2. Hi Guys! How far is the progress in the MLB 2K 2019 Mod?
  3. Nice nice. When is it ready for download.
  4. Where can we that download. looks great.
  5. @andygev35 ah ok let me know when it is finished for dL.
  6. @andygev35 And when is the It ready for downloading? Did you also change the Dress-Logos? Cu Mose2011
  7. Oh wau Great work. But you didn’t add the new Merlin logo. question: Did you try to change the Fox Overlay https://www.mvpmods.com/files/file/10324-overlay-fox-mlb-2k18/ cu Mose2011
  8. @andygev35 Maybe make only front MLB2k18 to MLB 2k19!
  9. @andygev35 Hello Andy! please can you put also this FOX TV Overlay and more TV Overlays in to your MLB2019 Mod. Cu Mose
  10. @andygev35 ah ok perfekt thanks.
  11. @andygev35 Hello please can make it the we can it overrides on the MLB2015 Mod. thanks
  12. @andygev35 Ah ok. Can I use it also over the MLB2K15 Mod the Patch?
  13. @andygev35 Wow Great Work! But how did you make the you have Januar 2019? I must allways change the Windows Date to 2012! Cu Mose2011
  14. Hallo Guys. Can anyone tell me how I can edit the MLB2K15 Logo on the Start Screen in the Game? Cu Mose2011
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