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  1. @andygev35 ah ok let me know when it is finished for dL.
  2. @andygev35 And when is the It ready for downloading? Did you also change the Dress-Logos? Cu Mose2011
  3. Oh wau Great work. But you didn’t add the new Merlin logo. question: Did you try to change the Fox Overlay https://www.mvpmods.com/files/file/10324-overlay-fox-mlb-2k18/ cu Mose2011
  4. @andygev35 Maybe make only front MLB2k18 to MLB 2k19!
  5. @andygev35 Hello Andy! please can you put also this FOX TV Overlay and more TV Overlays in to your MLB2019 Mod. Cu Mose
  6. @andygev35 ah ok perfekt thanks.
  7. @andygev35 Hello please can make it the we can it overrides on the MLB2015 Mod. thanks
  8. @andygev35 Ah ok. Can I use it also over the MLB2K15 Mod the Patch?
  9. @andygev35 Wow Great Work! But how did you make the you have Januar 2019? I must allways change the Windows Date to 2012! Cu Mose2011
  10. Hallo Guys. Can anyone tell me how I can edit the MLB2K15 Logo on the Start Screen in the Game? Cu Mose2011
  11. Ah ok. Thanks that’s is exetle what i would to know. Thanks.
  12. Hello Modding Guys. a Question when did you start with the MLB 2K19 Roster Update? cu Mose2011
  13. Hello Guys! I Have a Question: Did you plan to make a MLB2K19 Mod for MLB2k12? Cu Mose2011
  14. Hi Guys. My MLB2K12 - Mod 15 plus 2k18 graphic update from your download area always freezes me after a franchise match.
  15. How can help me? The bat file work 50% on me Pc! But if I Exit MLB2k12 it don't change to the Corrent date! I am from German. cu mose
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