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    Only a question : Did you also update the Faces?
  1. Isn't there a collectible package with all 2020 cyberfaces? Or did I miss it?
  2. Ah ok. sorry for me englisch.
  3. @Guaro1379 In the game I still miss the MLB2K2020 home menu (see attachment). Have you already done that for the English version?
  4. @Guaro1379 Al looks great. But the 2020 Home Menü I Muss in the Game? i Hope you make it also for the Englisch Version? cu
  5. @Guaro1379 ok I understand. Now in the Installer are only the Team Logos. Right? the athers come later later like : Home menue Page and Titel ? cu
  6. Ah i understand you already done allo for the English version of installar(Home Menü Page, and more) you only made the Logos. ah ok sorry so then wait .
  7. The logos are install ok. Yes miss the Home Page and the Titel Page.
  8. @Guaro1379 Ok i try it to explain. first my MLB2K12( MLB2K19 Mod) is in this folder C:/ Games/2KSport/ Major League Baseball 2K12 i Miss the In the Game your Forntend Page.
  9. Thanks yes I show it and I install the logos, but I don't get the Titesite and the frontend sites.
  10. IHallo @Guaro1379 A Qustion! I have used your Logo installer(English) but I don't get the frontend (looking up) what did I wrong? Or where can get this Frontend? Please can you tell what I did wrong? Thanks cuMose2011
  11. Yes I will collect everything for 2K20 and then do it in the 2K19 updates and make a 2K20 update.
  12. A small request to you. I think the MLB2K19 Mod graphically best. Can't you do the 2K20 update for this mod?ally best. Can't you do the 2K20 update for this mod? Or did you plan it to use the MLB2K19.
  13. Yes I be patient. Sorry for the asking. I just wanted to ask if anyone was working on the new team logos. Sorry if my question got stupid.
  14. It is all ok. thanks for the Answer.
  15. It was only a question.!
  16. Hi Guys! A question who makes the new MLB logos for MLB2K20 graphic update? When is it available for download?
  17. Mose2011


    Hallo can make 2020 Portraits File with ID not with out ID? thanks.
  18. Oh wau. Great work. I can’t wait to download it and to play.
  19. Hi Guys! How far is the progress in the MLB 2K 2019 Mod?
  20. Nice nice. When is it ready for download.
  21. Where can we that download. looks great.
  22. How can help me? The bat file work 50% on me Pc! But if I Exit MLB2k12 it don't change to the Corrent date! I am from German. cu mose
  23. Ok And then i can install the MVP 2015 nod over!
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