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WF2K - 2019 Opening Day Roster 1.2.0

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Hey guys, welcome to the 2019 season!,

First and foremost, I appreciate everyone for taking a look at this project. Hopefully, I can deliver a high-quality product that will satisfy our 2K19 craving.
This roster is still under work and will be going through four major steps as the season continues. It's worth mentioning this is a 2019 Schedule - MLB only roster, meaning while many AAA/AA/A prospects are included from the base roster (I honestly forget who's it was, but my best guess is @DaSteelerz,) I am personally not updating any of those.

The steps I'll be taking this roster through:
1 - Off-Season Transaction Accurate (complete)
2 - Full Opening Day 25-Man Roster, Line Up and Rotation Update, using MLB.com (complete)
3 - Full Portrait Overhaul, replacing all 25-man rosters using ESPN png images and template (in-progress)

4 - Full Rating Update, using the TrueSim Roster Project spreadsheet, credit to Cycloniac at OS (incomplete)

I have run this roster through Franchise mode, seen no crashes at Home Run Derby, Spring Training, or Staff Signing. I have also run through a MyCareer and am in the 2nd year with no crashes as well. If you find any issues, please surf the forums to see what the issues may be. It's really hard to reach and diagnose everyone's issues myself; although my inbox is always open. Additionally, I do have hopes of completing accurate contracts, positions, stances, etc. eventually but its a lot of detailed work and my main focus is being able to replicate the 2019 season for any careers, play nows, or one-year franchises. 

That all being said,  I hope y'all enjoy. My sincere apologies for any mistakes I make, it really is a tough grind for a college kid. 


UPDATE: I'm uploading a portrait file, IT IS NOT THE FINAL ONE. I will be updating the teams one by one and reuploading after a couple teams. If you want to download as they come or wait for the final version, that choice is yours. 

What's New in Version 1.2.0   See changelog


Portrait Update:
-added: CHC/MIL/
-completed: LAA/HOU/OAK/TOR/ATL/STL/

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Great roster I had to manually changed about 50 players faces because you still had them at 0

The Cyberfaces are available in forum, but you're not changing the numbers.

Hopefully on final roster you'll have them added properly.

Response from the author:

All IDs are from the base roster, as mentioned in the description I'm mainly working on roster and transacation accuracy. If you send the updated roster I'd love to give it a look and update my page. 

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   2 of 3 members found this review helpful 2 / 3 members

thanks for the roster . Looking forward to the updates

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   1 of 2 members found this review helpful 1 / 2 members

5 stars for you!! excellent work :good:

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Been waiting on an updated ROS file cheers bud

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Thanks for your share,but It's can't work.

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Perfect work, with many time🤩

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where to put the portrait rar file?

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How do I download and install this?

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for some reason when I am using this roster in my player i cannot edit facial features and cannot have my name longer than like 4 characters or it bugs out. Anyway to fix this?

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