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  1. appreciate the hard work .. every time i check things look better and better ! Can't wait for this roster been checking weakly ...
  2. Thanks for the hard work .. looking forward to this roster
    thanks for the roster . Looking forward to the updates
  3. i enjoy this roster . good solid roster ! thanks for your work ...
  4. MercyLord


    thanks for your time ... appreciate it ! good job
  5. take the space out of the file mlb2k18roster . the file has a space i think between the 8 and the r
  6. I been around along time myself and i think things are fine ... just need a new game out there is the problem kids these days just dont play/like sports like they did in the past .... My idea is to get this into the Teamspeak/vent a little bit .... more into a gaming group ! push it to all sports or maybe just keep it baseball i would be cool with that , but i believe if you do that you can grow the member count again from recruiting in the games ... VOICE coms is a must in my opinion . Keep this is mind you have to have some kinda freedom of speech or people will think your a jo
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