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  1. Karelaf


    Sorry you're absolutely right.
  2. Karelaf


    For those who want to make the socks of mlb2k19 Socks.rar
  3. I do not know why that happens, you have to right click on the thumbnail image that appears and give copy address of the link, then paste it in another tab and only the address that appears you copy the number and paste it in the other link. @ 3.png
  4. scottybilly, bro whom I referred to with the photo I went up was a bostonico
  5. Bro that was not a request, I was showing you where you can download hd photos to create faces.
  6. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/ buscar por apellido ra descargar en png
  7. Do an update for this grandpa please.
    Congratulations, you can already play the opening day with quality faces.
  8. Thank you Jed, always impressing with a quality work, 5 stars broo.
  9. Jed Update any of these, thanks, regards.
  10. Awesome bro, thank you very much.
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