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  1. andygev35

    MLB 2K12 Base Coaches

    Atlanta’s base coaches are Eric Young and Ron Washington.
  2. andygev35

    Super Mega Baseball 2 Gameplay Reveal

    Looks as though there may be some sharing possible. The way things seem to work (for online play) is that there are no images or textures shared between players. All of the edits done with the in-game editor are shared simply using identifiers (image number, position, rotation, and scale data). All of the customization you do is saved in a savedata.sav file. This file is a zlib compressed sqlite db file, so it's only a matter of time before sharing will commence.
  3. andygev35

    Super Mega Baseball 2 Gameplay Reveal

    For me the gameplay lies somewhere in between arcade and sim... Maybe even leaning a bit toward the sim side.
  4. andygev35

    Super Mega Baseball 2 Gameplay Reveal

    See now, that's funny... I've been doing sorta the same thing... Not much to work with for a tomahawk though.
  5. andygev35

    Super Mega Baseball 2 Gameplay Reveal

    Holy crap the in-game editor is very detailed. You can create all of the teams/players in MLB now, along with cartoonish avatars of each player. It would be fantastic if there were a way to import images to use as logos for uniforms, hats, etc within the editor.
  6. andygev35

    Super Mega Baseball 2 Gameplay Reveal

    I've just been having some fun smashing the ball, haven't really delved into any options for customization, editor, etc. Sounds like a lot of work if someone wanted to create actual MLB teams/schedules/players...
  7. andygev35

    Super Mega Baseball 2 Gameplay Reveal

    I'm really kinda diggin this game so far. Relatively intuitive controls, fun gameplay... I like it. Obviously it's not for the purists or sim players, but fun nonetheless. Not sure about modding anything at this point, all files appear to be in a proprietary .mt format.
  8. andygev35

    Super Mega Baseball 2 Gameplay Reveal

    Wouldn't be the first time I enjoyed a kiddie-looking game... Especially if it has good gameplay.
  9. andygev35

    Super Mega Baseball 2 Gameplay Reveal

    Still looks to be released tomorrow?
  10. I couldn't agree more. I bought a PS4 Pro last year for The Show 17. Loved the visuals, gameplay was not even as good as MLB 2K12. 3 months later, sold the PS4 and went back to my beloved 2K12.
  11. I did try ENBinjector, but couldn't get that to work with reshade 3.0 either.
  12. I can't even get reshade 3's overlay to work in the game. The only way I can get reshade to work at all is to use an older version < 3.0. I'm using 2.0.3 which uses a separate window for applying shaders, albeit it does apply them instantly without the need to restart the game. Multiple shaders can be used simultaneously, but after some experimenting, it looks like the reason AdaptiveFog and DepthHaze don't work is that they require a game that uses a depth buffer. Apparently 2k12 doesn't...
  13. The one thing I would love to be able to use to help make this game look more realistic (imho) would be to get adaptive fog working. It gives the illusion of distance, along with DOF of course.
  14. andygev35

    Super Mega Baseball 2 Gameplay Reveal

    As in rosters, a cyberface equivalent etc? Dear God, let the begging, demanding and leeching commence.
  15. andygev35

    Official M L B Transaction Thread

    Braves sign Jose Bautista to a one-year minor league contract.