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  1. I couldn't agree more. I bought a PS4 Pro last year for The Show 17. Loved the visuals, gameplay was not even as good as MLB 2K12. 3 months later, sold the PS4 and went back to my beloved 2K12.
  2. I did try ENBinjector, but couldn't get that to work with reshade 3.0 either.
  3. I can't even get reshade 3's overlay to work in the game. The only way I can get reshade to work at all is to use an older version < 3.0. I'm using 2.0.3 which uses a separate window for applying shaders, albeit it does apply them instantly without the need to restart the game. Multiple shaders can be used simultaneously, but after some experimenting, it looks like the reason AdaptiveFog and DepthHaze don't work is that they require a game that uses a depth buffer. Apparently 2k12 doesn't...
  4. The one thing I would love to be able to use to help make this game look more realistic (imho) would be to get adaptive fog working. It gives the illusion of distance, along with DOF of course.
  5. Super Mega Baseball 2 Gameplay Reveal

    As in rosters, a cyberface equivalent etc? Dear God, let the begging, demanding and leeching commence.
  6. Official M L B Transaction Thread

    Braves sign Jose Bautista to a one-year minor league contract.
  7. Super Mega Baseball 2 Gameplay Reveal

    It's too bad they can't use MLB teams and likenesses... THAT would be a fun way to kill some time. Gameplay looks great, not sold on the bobble-heads yet.
  8. MLB2K18

  9. MLB2K18

    The ads are currently the default ones. The next update will have relevant authentic ads.
  10. MLB2K18

    I can certainly have a look I haven't seen his, but I made the 2K18 logo from scratch and replaced Verlander with an image of Kershaw.
  11. MLB2K18

    I'm currently working on rebuilding the logos for a smoother appearance, also someone mentioned the issue of Verlander on the title screen. I've made a new title screen with Clayton Kershaw that I'll be including in the updated release later today.
  12. MLB2K18

    Version 1.2.1


    This mod replaces EVERY 2k12 logo/texture that I could find within the game, including all advertising within every stadium. The only stadium I couldn't get it to work on was Suntrust Park (Atlanta) since I can't edit textures in @DaSteelerz custom stadium using open source tools. It's a moot point however, since he's used real-world advertising in his stadiums anyway. If you see any I may have missed, please feel free to comment and I'll see about finding and replacing it. As with any mod, remember to back up your files prior to installation
  13. MLB The Show 17 Soundtrack

    Version 1.0.0


    This updates the music in MLB 2K12 with the audio tracks from MLB The Show 17.
  14. Flapless Helmets?

    I don't think it's quite that easy. I may be wrong, but textures are generally applied to 3d models. I would guess that the 3d model would need editing. Again, purely supposition on my part.