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  1. giantsfan4evr

    MLB 2K19 Frontend

    andygev35 I just got 2K19 installed and saw the ingame graphics for the first time. EXCELLENT work - WELL DONE! Thank you for all your time and effort that went into this!
  2. giantsfan4evr

    MLB2K19 Total Frontend

    I have 7-Zip installed. Please, exactly HOW am I supposed to 'extract' those front end files? When I click on Extract it tells me to choose a file. I drag the first file into 7 Zip and it OPENS the file rather than extracting the files. A little bit of help here, if you please?
  3. giantsfan4evr

    MLB2K19 Total Frontend

    I downloaded all six files and opened the first file only to find more Zip.file documents inside there. NOW what do I do with them?
  4. Just the right guy for my question.  a MODDER!  🙂  How do I add the 2017 Roster to MLB2K11 please?  

  5. Being as how you are a moderator, I am guessing you know a lot about 2K12 the PC version.  Am I right about that?

  6. giantsfan4evr

    MVP Baseball 2005

    No Yankee4life I did not download the game. I have the discs. Jim825 I read the MVP 2005 and Windows 10 Thread and did everything is said and got the same results. The game loads fine, but then I double click on the logo to open the game and it says I need to get administrator privileges. I did that and got the same results. NOW what do I do? Any other suggestions please? From either one of you two please?
  7. giantsfan4evr

    MVP Baseball 2005

    The game loaded into my desktop just fine. But when I double click the game icon to play, nothing happens. Is that because I am using a 64 bit system? Is it a Windows 10 issue? A little help here please