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  1. Yeah I know it was a feature of the game for that reason but only certain players had this bug that caused the icon to go red after one or two pitches. I think it was just a few pitchers that had this bug, Darvish was one and Drew Smyly was another.
  2. No but this this has been a problem for some time and I had remembered reading about giving pitchers an extra pitch or something to help with the issue but can't remember for sure. It could have been a bug in the game using 2k's rosters.
  3. I remember reading about this before, when pitches turn yellow then red after only a few pitches, was there ever a fix for this?
  4. sask3m


    To run as an admin you need to right click on the program then select the option.
  5. There is a slider that controls how often the text thing pops up telling you what pitch is coming, turn that up all the way then you'll know whats coming.
  6. I just checked my full version and i can still access everything. I did switch my PC to windows 10 a while back so had to re-do the keys and then it worked fine, have you tried re-entering them?
  7. Yeah the work around is necessary, even for windows 7.
  8. So what about bunting when someone has a no hitter going?
  9. I say save it for walkoffs etc. Unless of course it's my team doing the celebrating along with me.
  10. Yeah I know, it was a shot in the dark.
  11. Any idea if this works for windows 10?
  12. Nothing wrong with a good celebration just so long as it isn't thrown in someones face.
  13. Its $20 for the same game from last year and the year before. They haven't bothered to fix the clunky swing animation and $20 for a roster update is outrageous. If MLB media really wanted to do the right thing they would have just updated the first games rosters. This is like instead of getting MVP baseball we got 3 straight years of triple play 2001. Not saying triple play is a bad game, but what's the point in buying the same game every year with no improvements? They have announced improvements including online play. I think it's a bit early to say it's the same game. Besides n
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