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  1. building crickets
  2. SeaTrane


    I don't think he is asking for anything more than the official patch that fixes the date problem, which is in the MLB2k12 download section.
  3. The price of all this is....FREE! If it doesn't get done we do what we always do if we want to play baseball on the PC, play with what we the modders have given so far. New rosters, new faces, new portraits and whatever else filters down. There's no disappointment, no crying in baseball!!! Unless you are a Mariners fan.
  4. SeaTrane

    Time changing

    Look for Dave's Date changer in the 2K12 Tools downloads, by far the easiest and best yet. Down load it, Right click on it, then left click "Run with powershell". I t will start the game, change the date so the game will run and change it back when you exit the game. I use it exclusively now after trying all the others.
  5. Perhaps when you see it in the 2K12 downloads here @ MPV Mods..... It just might be ready.
  6. The roster may be bad, mine crashed to desktop with one. Try another one.
  7. Yes , Do a clean install of the game using the DL & key from Amazon ,make sure you update to 1.2 to do away with the date change crap.. If it works then add one mod at a time, run the game after each to see if the mod runs ok. Yes it is a PIA but imho its the easiest way to know which mod does or does not work.
  8. I was lucky and got a new one on Amazon for sixty bucks but now if you can even find one it will be well over $100. What exactly is happening ? What notices are you getting? Will it not install or not load, partially load? If you can give me a good run down perhaps I can help , I have had my share of problems because direct DL has not been good to me.
  9. If your direct download was uninstalled/installed too many times, Secrom will not allow you to run it. I had this problem and had to contact them, they allowed me one last install which I went over because of computer problems. Do not bother messing with 2K Games, they will not help at all. I had to buy a MLB2K12 dvd on Amazon in order to play baseball on pc again.
    Thank you and your brother for this, it is the best app for applying the date change AND starting the game all in one. Good work!
  10. Will the use of certain rosters cause crash to desktop when in Season but not in Play B.all? I made it up to April 17 then the crashes started. P.S. I found it, was the roster.
  11. After they DL the 2K17 mod they will disappear back into the woodwork, give nothing in return only to return next season to bitch because it's not ready when they want it.
  12. Thanks to all those that have worked so hard to keep our PC game going.
    Thanks again for your great work.
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