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    Thank you and your brother for this, it is the best app for applying the date change AND starting the game all in one. Good work!
    Thanks again for your great work.
  1. SeaTrane


    I wasn't hateful, he asked how to update to the 2016 schedule, my answer was the truth. His question did not appear to be asking how to actually do the modding himself.
  2. SeaTrane


    You do it yourself or like the rest of us..... You just wait. It may not happen if those that do it ,don't do it.
  3. are you using the Korean rosters? Mine turns red pretty quickly using their rosters.
  4. And if they do relent, it will be a one time only deal. I was foolish and bought my digital download of MLB2K12 on Amazon and merrily loaded and unloaded to various computer rebuilds of mine until that fateful day I too received that message. I was also foolish enough to test their "ok, one time but that's it" policy. No amount of of whining , crying and foul language would move them. My only recourse was to buy a used game disc on amazon or a PS4 to play the other baseball game, I chose the used game disc. I was fortunate enough to find one for $50 but you will be had pressed to get one for
  5. Wot??? You mean I gave away a perfectly good game!!!
  6. I bought a used disc last month on Amazon for $49, excellent condition . I don't know if there are any left at that price, ya pays yer money and takes yer chances.
  7. I can't play it on my Windows 10 PC. The price is right, you put five bucks in my PayPal for shipping and its yours. It comes in the original retail box and cd case with manual, pristine condition. There are still some rosters and stuff out there for 2013 or 14, I was a big fan back in the day. p.s. It is gone.
  8. Got the game in the mail today, tried regular install and it stuck at "updating component registration". I copied it from the DVD to a usb drive and it installed from that just fine, i have all the mods installed and I am playing MLB2K12 as we speak. Just waiting for the opening day rosters and im off on another season. Thanks again to all the modders hard work to keep us in the game.
  9. Do you think someone just sits in here waiting for questions? When someone who may have an answer actually comes to the forums, you may get a response. This is not a real busy place until next month, btw I don't have an answer to your problem. Patience.
  10. Thanks for all the hard work in keeping 2K12 going, this made things so much easier for me to get up and running again.
  11. What a mess. I copied the files to my hard drive and tried installing but got the "installer error 1639". I don't know why but I copied the files to a usb stick and installed fine, put the disc in the drive and now I am playing MLB2k11 . What in hell did Microsoft do that you can't install a lot of games by using the cd/dvd drive? I have not been able to find a workaround for the "Error occurred installing the package. Windows installer returned '1639' " either. Why does the love of PC gaming have to bring such trials and tribulations?
  12. While waiting for my MLB2K12 game disc to arrive I think I will install 2k11, it installs up to "updating component registration" and then just sits there, will go no farther. I have discs for 2k9, 2k10 and 2k11 and they all do the same thing, on three different computers. Two computers have Windows 10 and one has Windows 7. Checking online shows this is becoming a common problem but I can not find a solution anywhere. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I just found the MLB2K15 Mod while looking for downloads to be ready while waiting for my game. Great job! Thanks for all the hard work and the replies to my thread.
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