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  1. You're well versed in this stuff KC. I suggest you do the honors.
  2. Ok. I created a folder named Portraits and installed all the .dds files for each team. What's the next step since the 2K21 roster isn't out yet, just leave them in the folder? Can you explain this a little better? I created a portraits folder, downloaded all teams .dds files to it. Then you say create another one and name it 2X? What next? What is PO?
  3. Great job, but what's the best way to install them?
  4. How do you install these .dds files?
  5. Can you use both the 20 and 21 jerseys in game, or is it one or the other? Thanks, great work.
  6. What is the purpose of this file? To recreate the 2015 season? I mean the rosters are outdated correct? Not trying to be a cynic, just asking a valid question.
  7. Quite a few omissions in these rosters. Where's Randy Arozarena of Tampa Bay? Also, you have players that are out of baseball filling spots in the minors. I know it's a major undertaking of time and effort trying to comprise a realistic roster. If it was easy, more people would do it. Thanks for trying.
  8. Thanks for the Christmas gift !!
  9. LouisvilleLipp

    Portrait 2K20

    Nice !! But where do they go? What folder?
  10. Can anyone confirm if this works? What is the default roster for?
  11. How about Christmas in October? J/K , guess I'll have to wait.
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