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    One of these faces is Seattle's Jake Fraley (5052) who's already been listed, I assume Francisco Lindor is 5050. You need to make corrections to the names my friend. Who is the Padres player? Your names are screwed up.
  1. There is no file for Frazier.
  2. Can't wait, you are doing a outstanding job with the uniforms.
    Jed, that is a fantastic Heyward. !!
  3. Thanks, where can I find it? It's not in the tools and editors section of 2K12.
  4. Is REDitor or REDitor II still available?
  5. Thanks for the explanation. You're the best !
  6. Don't mean to sound like a newb, I know they're separate, so they have different ID numbers, instead of the same for both? Ex.. Mike Trout's portrait ID is 439 and his face is 606. And his new ID is 1848. Do I put 1848 under both portrait and face ID's? Not trying to be difficult, trying to understand how this works.
  7. Quick question. In the editor, do you change both the face ID and the portrait ID to the same number for it to take effect?
  8. Good stuff. Are you going to incorporate this into KC's 2020 roster?
    Looks good, btw his name is Casey Mize, not Miles.
  9. I don't speak spanish, can you translate what you just said?
  10. You da man KC, can hardly wait for this comprehensive roster.
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