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  1. Sportslogos.net is where these came from. I suppose you could go to the Twins website also.
  2. I mentioned this a while back, and got no response. The support isn't there anymore for 2K12.
  3. Excellent roster, but as others said, my only qualm is, some of these ratings are way too low, especially for star players.
  4. Appreciate the work, but can you guys translate what you're saying in English please?
  5. Why? You were doing a great job, helping to keep this game alive. So sorry, your contributions will be missed.
  6. Thanks for these. Hope you can create more, great job !!
  7. I know for sure the Marlins and Twins have new uniforms.
  8. Thx Scottybilly, but I wasn't concerned about tattoos, I haven't seen any in 2K12 anyway. So I don't get what you're saying in that regard. So you can't edit the arms in the roster editor either?
    Can always count on you Jed, for great CF's, and to help keep the game relevant. Much props !!
  9. Dixon Machado isn't on the Tigers anymore, he was released last year.
  10. Wanted to move around players that were released, but you can't do it if your team is over budget in 2K19 franchise. Is there a work around for this?
  11. All the black players arms are the wrong complexion.
  12. I would like to add the recently released Carlos Gonzalez to the Cubs in franchise, but it says they are over budget. Is there a work around for this?
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