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  1. Hey guys, I need help with the settings on franchise mode, like controlling teams, injuries, CPU trades, and 40 man roster management. Injuries happen to often, so I assume they need to be off. Give me some settings you guys use. Thx.
  2. You guys are amazing !! Keep up the great work.
  3. I use Win 10 Pro, is it compatible with it?
  4. You think he would? Good idea. However, I can't get that Total Installer Thingy to work properly to install the portraits.
  5. Ditto Bostonnico. It's probably just better to wait for KC's roster so everything can be installed in unison, and correct.
  6. Damn KC, you must be some kind of historian. You're well versed and informed.
  7. Glad to see you're back, great job !!
  8. Again KC, thanks for the hard work and time put in. Can't wait to see what's in store.
  9. I feel ya. Same thing happened to me, but I got past the AS game. Mine crashed at the beginning of Sept. I wonder if expanding to 40 man rosters had anything to do with it? I had the best record in baseball at the time, cruising towards the playoffs. Totally POed !!
  10. Ok, I started another franchise to keep me busy until KC finishes his MLB2020 project. The question I have is what setting do I use to control all the teams, as well as the one I play ? (Tigers) I tried to move some players to their current teams, but I couldn't do it, due to salary restraints. For ex... Freddy Galvis is on the Reds, but his last team is the Jays. When I tried to move him there, I couldn't do it because his salary was too high and nobody on the Reds had a equal one. If I release him to Free Agency, It would be a major hit to the Reds cap to sign him. Sorry for the long post. I just need to know how I can move players without restrictions in franchise mode.
  11. Good point. I realize how time consuming, these projects are. People have real lives to live, outside a video game. But, If some of these rosters makers took the time to make everything as correct as possible, the file corruption and crashing should be minimized. Much props to the guys that devote the time to to do this. I know I probably wouldn't have the patience. Just my thoughts....
  12. I can't confirm, but I believe it was either Opening Day 2019 Franchise and Portrait by Pablo.Mglez or Headtrip's TDL roster update 2019. It has Mookie Betts on the title screen.
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