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  1. So you made all the TDL moves in this latest roster?
  2. Yes. I'm using the default portrait.iff and .cdf that came with the game. In fact, both are dated 2012. None of my new portraits are showing up. I damn near installed all of them. That's 2 hr's of my life I can't get back.
  3. Hey KC, I'm getting a error msg that says Run-time error"9" ; Subscript out of range. every time I try to click UNZLIB to decompress the file. What does this mean? I always have trouble with these sorts of things. Nothing is cut and dried. Update: I got it to work, saw the done, goodbye msg after installation. But the new portraits still aren't showing up in game. For ex.. Nelson Cruz has a Texas Ranger cap, instead of a TB cap. I don't know if this means anything but I'm using HeadTrip's roster. His is the most up to date. I also used the original Portrait.iff and Portrait.cdf files that
  4. Thanks for the reply. Not really concerned about the roster as there will be updated ones available. My concern is the fact that after re-installing, all the mods that I lost won't show up in game after re-downloading them. Jerseys, stadiums, faces.. Also, my game is installed on my D drive, not C, because my D drive has much more space. I know the C drive (x86 \program files) is where most files are directed to. This shouldn't matter should it?
  5. I have the game installed in my D directory, because it has more disc space. Does this make a difference? D:\games\MajorLeagueBaseball\2K12 I noticed my mod downloads don't show up, after I run the game. Jerseys, stadiums, etc...
  6. The files got corrupted somehow, I thought they were backed up, but they weren't. I know I'm probably screwed. Had to re-install the game and everything is default.
  7. So has this roster been updated to July 16th 2021? Are most the players in place? The last roster I downloaded (not yours) was total garbage. Had retired players that haven't played in 20 years to fill out the rest of the roster. They just moved the FA's and nothing else.
  8. Had some corrupted files in 2K12, so I had to un-install and start fresh. However I noticed that all the latest jersey mods by Umachines aren't showing up. and just the total look of the game is bland and grey looking. Before, the colors and everything else popped off the screen. Obviously it's the default look of the game. Before I had it set up with all the stadium files and ads, now it's reverted back to default. I would like to improve the look to how it was, but I don't have a clue where to begin. I even tried to download the 2K15 total mod raidersbball20 to achieve the polished look I'm
  9. Nothing is free my man. There is a price to be paid for everything.
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