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  1. LouisvilleLipp

    Need a correct roster and schedule for 2K18

    Trying to figure out who came out with a roster that let me control the pitching without use of arrows, just by just pushing the button on certain pitches, instead of aiming the pitch with the arrows and the strike out pitch shows a red ball with a trail, to the catcher. Hope that's not confusing. I had that roster or franchise but it got corrupted, and I couldn't use it anymore.
  2. LouisvilleLipp

    Need a correct roster and schedule for 2K18

    Can't wait.
  3. LouisvilleLipp

    Need a correct roster and schedule for 2K18

    I downloaded your roster to start a franchise, and it kicks me out to the desktop. It's done it 3 times in a row. I just want a good roster for my franchise, with the correct schedule, Astros in the AL and no crashes. Can someone recommend one for me?
  4. LouisvilleLipp

    Need a correct roster and schedule for 2K18

    Playing with a roster and franchise that has the Astros in the AL West, but eliminated the Mariners. The Mariners are in the game, but in no division. Weird.
  5. LouisvilleLipp

    2018 Nationals Park

    Great job !! Hope more are forthcoming.
  6. LouisvilleLipp

    DaSteelerz Stadium Updates 2.0

    DaSteelerz, are you going to update the stadiums this year? Sure hope so, your stadiums are dope !!
  7. LouisvilleLipp

    MLB and MILB Roster 2k18

    Great news !! I know it's painstaking work, but much appreciated to add missing current players. Much props.
  8. LouisvilleLipp

    Roster updated MLB2K18

    Poorly executed roster, players on the wrong teams, wrong cyberfaces etc...
  9. LouisvilleLipp

    Toronto Blue Jays Stadium (my Style)

    Please list the changelog in english.
  10. LouisvilleLipp

    Roster updated MLB2K18

    Stats aren't accurate for Judge, and some players still on the wrong teams. Looking for more accuracy.
  11. LouisvilleLipp

    Toronto Blue Jays Stadium (my Style)

    Looks good !!
  12. LouisvilleLipp

    Cyberfaces For Beginners- MLB 2K-MOD 2017

    Great job Jed, keep em coming !!
  13. LouisvilleLipp

    Ronald Acuña Jr. Portrait

    Where do you put the file please? Thanks.
  14. LouisvilleLipp


    Have all the stadium ads been replaced in the new version?
  15. LouisvilleLipp


    Just one more question. Are your stadium ads authentic for this season? I still have the default or generic ads. Thx for the efforts.