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  1. LouisvilleLipp

    Christmas update-17 faces-MOD 2018

    Thanks for the Christmas present Jed !!
  2. LouisvilleLipp

    Miami Marlins 2019 Uniform

    Nice, but why did you leave the sticker on the hat?
  3. LouisvilleLipp

    Poll: Which team would win the World Series?

    I mean, they have been the best team in baseball all year Y4L, what did you possibly expect? I thought Houston would give them a better series being defending champs, but I was wrong on that too !!
  4. LouisvilleLipp


    What does this file do Karelaf?
  5. LouisvilleLipp


    Where's his CF ?
  6. LouisvilleLipp

    Headtrip47 Shane Bieber

    Nice job, but Bieber has a beard.
  7. LouisvilleLipp

    Headtrip47 Cyberfaces for MLB2k12

    ^^ Very good !! The similarities are there.
  8. LouisvilleLipp

    Headtrip47 Cyberfaces for MLB2k12

    Buehler's file, not in the download folder.
  9. LouisvilleLipp

    Walker Buehler

    Where's the file? It's not in the folder.
  10. LouisvilleLipp

    Tampa Bay Rays Uniform

    They wear them home or away.
  11. LouisvilleLipp

    Headtrip47 Cyberfaces for MLB2k12

    They're good enough to release. Great job !!
  12. LouisvilleLipp

    Tampa Bay Rays Uniform

    Can you make the Nats Alt jersey?
  13. What do you need me to help you with?

  14. LouisvilleLipp

    Act Portrait 2018

    Don't understand how to do this. Each file is a portrait file, how do you combine them?
  15. LouisvilleLipp

    Headtrip47 MLB2k18 Roster Crashing Fixed....

    You didn't mention, should 40 man roster management, be set to on or off? Thanks, bruh.