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  1. Thanks for the faces Scottbilly, appreciate them.
  2. A few years back, the game had a lot more support because there were quite a few modders who were dedicated to keep the game up to date. They made rosters, cf's, jerseys, portraits, stadiums etc.. Now I've only seen a few mods for 2K12 and most of them are either faces and jerseys. MVP gets the lions share of support on here. I always thought it was a decent game, but it's limited to a degree. I still have my copy, but rarely play because of a lack of interest from others.
  3. Any update if anyone is still working on the 2K22 roster? Hadn't heard anything for a while.
    You're the best at what you do. Salute !!
  4. sorry, typo, meant for MLB2k12

  5. Thanks, got a question. I've got the Braves, Dbacks, Orioles, RedSox, and Cubs portrait folders on my desktop. I should be able to install them from that location right?
  6. TIT is not in the MLB2K10 downloads section. I looked under tools and editors.
  7. How do you take a screenshot with this game? I have it on my desktop, If I can, I'll show you my version. Mine looks like a baseball and is called MLB2K12 portrait installer.
  8. Thanks for the explanation but I did all those things except for the 3 dots. What are you referring to by the 3 dots? I don't see them anywhere. When I open TIT, it asks do I want to install a folder or file. I chose folder because that's where my portrait files ( ex. Arizona DBacks folder, open then portraits file, open then 2X) are on my desktop. When I run TIT, I click folder, wait then it says it worked then goodbye. Load the game with Headtrip's roster, the portraits aren't showing up.
  9. Sorry, I don't know how to screenshot using 2K12. It's easy using NBA2K
  10. Headtrip, I'm not trying to be a PITA, but I can't get those portraits to load in TIT. It says select folder or file then I locate MLB2K12.exe before I open the 2X folder with the portraits in them and hit install. After it's done it says goodbye like it worked. I then open MLB2K 12 to check the portraits using your roster and all I see is default portraits, not yours.
  11. Great looking portraits that match the right players with the right team. Can't wait for the release.
  12. How do you install your portraits?
  13. What does PRB stand for?
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