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  1. LouisvilleLipp

    Franchise 2K18

    Thanks for the headsup. Got the TDL roster to work in franchise. Now hoping it doesn't crash......
  2. LouisvilleLipp

    Franchise 2K18

    How do you import your roster into the game? I've never been able to figure that out, it always imports a older roster that's not accurate.
  3. LouisvilleLipp

    Juan Soto MLB 2K18

    Good job, looks like him !!
  4. LouisvilleLipp

    Ronald Acuña Jr. MLB 2K18

    Excellent !! Keep them coming.
  5. LouisvilleLipp

    Nathan Eovaldi MLB 2K18

    Good stuff !!
  6. LouisvilleLipp

    LVL's TDL rosters

    As I stated, I just made the transactions and edited a few jersey numbers. I didn't edit players stats or check every player and change birth dates. You can do those if you wish, or wait for Headtrip47's roster, after he does the edits.
  7. LouisvilleLipp

    Actualización a los estadios / Stadiums updates

    Hey Guardo, Is there anyway I can get a copy of those ads for your stadiums ? They look fantastic and the ones I currently have, are repeated throughout each stadium. And all of them have the MLB2K18 on each one. I'd like to have that eliminated for realism.
  8. LouisvilleLipp

    LVL's TDL rosters

    Version 1.1.0


    I have edited my personal roster file for 2K18, that has the latest trade transactions as of 8/5/18. Hope you faithful 2Kers can use them, and tell me if you have any problems with them. I haven't tested them in franchise mode, because I don't know how to get the game to recognize them. In any event, you can try them out in regular game mode. Headtrip47 provided the base, he gets the credit. I just did the transactions.
  9. LouisvilleLipp

    Wolf of 2K - Ratings Calculated 2018 Roster

    Looks like a pretty good start. I could quibble about a few of them, like Harper and Stanton being rated too high, but it's a start. Hope you can complete it, we need a good accurate roster especially after the TDL.
  10. LouisvilleLipp

    tutorial on roster editor

    You don't trade or edit them through the roster, you do that through the game it self, then save the edits.
  11. LouisvilleLipp

    MLB 2K12 Freezes during spring training simulation.

    I've found out for some reason, after the you edit the rosters to update them to current ones, after you play a month or two into the season, they get corrupted some how. Wish I knew why they do that.
  12. LouisvilleLipp

    Trade Deadline Rosters?

    Does anyone have plans to make a roster after the TDL? I have had 2 rosters get corrupted somehow, after making the edits of players changing teams, and what are those backup files for, after I edit and correct names in the 2K12 editor? What do you do with them?
  13. LouisvilleLipp

    MLB 2k12 Default Roster

    No problem, we all can use a smile every now and then.
  14. LouisvilleLipp

    MLB 2k12 Default Roster

    Also, there is a problem with any player that has Francisco in their name. Francisco Lindor, Francisco Liriano, Francisco Meija, Francisco Cervelli, Frank Francisco, they all have a No for their first or last name. Is there too many players with Francisco in their name? Hope you can fix this.
  15. LouisvilleLipp

    Roster Updates

    Don't think any are available, only for 2K12.