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  1. Those look great !! Probably a good bet that UMachines made those jerseys, he made most of them for 2K12. Hope he gives you permission. I'd look him up.
  2. I'm using Win 10 Pro with no problems. I believe the Securom has something to do with your disk not being recognized in the game.
  3. Do you change the portrait ID to match the face ID in the editor?
  4. Trust me, most here appreciate the effort. I know it entails a lot of time and work. Take as long as you need, to get it right. I have one question though, was it possible to put the DH in the Senior Circuit or is the game not coded for it?
    Excellent !! Will these only work with KC's roster ?
  5. Go to Creative.com. They make good sound cards, maybe they have one to work with your system. 2GB is obsolete now, most cards have at least 4 GB's I believe.
  6. Hey KC, on my game, Pitching Control and Batters Control is not a option. That screen above looks totally different than mine. I have batter's eye, pitch aim, auto fielding and auto baserunning. I'm using a X-Box 1 controller for Win 10, not a 360. Don't know if that makes a difference. Wish I could shoot you a screenshot, but I don't know how on 2K12.
  7. I've could have sworn, I seen a similar celebratory animation like the 1st one in 2K12 after a walkoff. Maybe not, I've been wrong before.
  8. So can this tool correct the arms from being white on darker complected players? I'm just asking because I don't have a clue on how to use it. Hopefully your CF's in your 2020 roster will correct this. Great job creating this for the community BTW.
    So the Braves changed the name from Sun Trust Park? Great job BTW.
    Great job !! Looks just like him.
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