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  1. I have been unsuccessful even after watching both tutorials on portraits, otherwise I would also contribute to helping with them. For some reason unknown to me, the portraits just don't show up.
  2. It is definitely a big under taking, but I am also working on a roster, so far all the swaps are done, also waiting for the player movements to be complete, will release when all teams are finalized. All the teams are done as of now, but no point releasing a roster when players are still gonna be signed or traded. I am updating my roster everyday, as I have all the time in the world to do it. 10 hrs a day at work, working on roster. Stay tuned.
  3. When I was attempting to make the portraits, I was using GIMP and followed the tutorial, but for some reason the faces said installed, but they were not showing up. I tested your portraits, and they seem to work, looks awesome. I have all the portraits that I was gonna use for all the teams including the minor teams, would be good for better understanding on how to make them.
  4. Before the last roster update I was working on, not the one that's out now, I used the players that had 65535 as face, and found there were a lot of crashes throughout the season I was testing, even when sim the games. The recent roster I put out I didn't use the players with 65535, and so far no crashes, just thought to let you know in case you are using those players. The players with face 65535 and some will also have as portrait.
  5. I was putting the injured players on the minor league teams, only because they usually go for rehab there after there injury.
  6. I'll help out if needed, I too would like to have a complete one, as for me I enjoy this game, wish 2k would of kept going with it.
  7. Will be placing a newer roster in bout a week, should be no problems after that. Will place degrom on proper team, if notice more let me know as I am working on a new roster.
  8. I am still working out loose ends. I will test it and see what happens, what team were you using in my player mode?
  9. I believe so, if anything is missing than will add, just not sure about portaits though.
  10. There is still lots to do, I am trying to learn how to make portraits for this roster, but don't know how, I have the programs and pics to do it. Also the new players will most likely have wrong audio, that I would love to change, so if anyone knows how, let's make this a great roster.
  11. I know what your talking about rosters, I did the best I could. I have done all the rosters, there maybe some players that have been sent down, but all the players are there, minors also. There is bout 7 in free agent that have first names freea to free as I need to complete. No retired players that I know of are there except for the national league al grears
  12. I find reditor ii is great, but not sure how to create a player, I removed all the non playing players, but now the id's are gone. Anyone know how to add a new player? All minor and major teams are done, but missing all the new player that I still have to create. Thx for any help on this matter.
  13. I am trying to create a new roster with all the non playing players removed. So far, I have every team done and players removed. I am using reditor ii. The problem I am having is that after deleting the non playing players, the ID places disappeared, and can not create the new players. Any info would be grateful, the only thing left remaining before the roster is completed, is need to create a whack of players.
  14. Will add, thanks for the info, if anything else will try to fix, will attempt the minor league soon, just not sure where to get all the info
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