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    Had trouble installing at first, got it to work. Guaro 1379 is to be commended on this mod. Very nice, even the graphics look improved. Only thing needed are call-ups that aren't on the roster.
  1. Ok, I found out what was causing it not to work, Windows Defender. Thanks for your reply. So my next question is, it says to backup the old files in case you don't like the new mod. Can I copy the old MLB2K12 files to a new folder to back up?
  2. Look, I'm not trying to be difficult, but it does seem like I'm the only one having trouble. I downloaded all 14 files into a folder, started out with part 1, extracted it, it worked. Went to extract part 2, got the message that the file was invalid, and then a Microsoft error msg that said the file won't run on this PC. Unless I find out why this is happening, I guess I won't be using this mod.
  3. Part 1 says the file has invalid data. What gives? Never had a problem before installing mods.
  4. Is the roster that comes with this mod, updated with the latest transactions, and are the player ratings good? The last roster I saw the ratings on the good to great players, was extremely low, and why am I getting a data error when trying to install part 1?
  5. Thank you for the faces, they were much needed. Got a question though, why are your ratings so low on your roster that you included? There are some pretty good players on there with extremely low ratings.
  6. Headtrip, you're doing a great job on the faces, I just want to know are you going to update the rosters after the trade deadline?
  7. Great stuff !! can't wait until they are available.
  8. Just download and add to the main MLB2K12 folder?
  9. Those look great !! When are you releasing them?
  10. Sportslogos.net is where these came from. I suppose you could go to the Twins website also.
  11. I mentioned this a while back, and got no response. The support isn't there anymore for 2K12.
  12. Excellent roster, but as others said, my only qualm is, some of these ratings are way too low, especially for star players.
  13. Appreciate the work, but can you guys translate what you're saying in English please?
  14. Why? You were doing a great job, helping to keep this game alive. So sorry, your contributions will be missed.
  15. Thanks for these. Hope you can create more, great job !!
  16. I know for sure the Marlins and Twins have new uniforms.
  17. Thx Scottybilly, but I wasn't concerned about tattoos, I haven't seen any in 2K12 anyway. So I don't get what you're saying in that regard. So you can't edit the arms in the roster editor either?
    Can always count on you Jed, for great CF's, and to help keep the game relevant. Much props !!
  18. Dixon Machado isn't on the Tigers anymore, he was released last year.
  19. Wanted to move around players that were released, but you can't do it if your team is over budget in 2K19 franchise. Is there a work around for this?
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