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  1. Wanted to move around players that were released, but you can't do it if your team is over budget in 2K19 franchise. Is there a work around for this?
  2. All the black players arms are the wrong complexion.
  3. I think I screwed up in my 2K19 franchise. I got to the part of the schedule where it asks do you want to participate in the draft. I foolishly did, and now my rosters are screwed up, with all these fictional players, that I can't get rid of, unless I take a hit on my team budget for each team. I had my lineups and pitching rotations set to the actual MLB rosters, now they are all out of whack with no name players, and players that were on IR. Is there a way to get the game back, like I had it? Thanks for any help..
  4. NVM, I re-downloaded the file, all is good !!
  5. Tried to play a game, at Atlanta, and the stadium is pixelated and distorted. Anyone else having this problem?
  6. Yeah Y4L, I still own it, but I can't find it. Looked everywhere for it. Probably buried in my basement somewhere. If I find it, I'll knock the dust off, and give it a whirl.
  7. Probably not, unfortunately. There aren't too many modders still working on 2K12 as in the past. The Miami Marlins and Minnesota Twins have new jersey updates, that I'd like to have, but nobody seems to do jerseys anymore. MVP gets much more support for some reason, but I don't have it, so I have to roll with 2K12.
  8. Ohtani isn't pitching this year, after shoulder surgery. He's just pitch hitting and playing DH.
  9. Seems very unlikely to me, but what do I know?
  10. Those are awesome !! Hope you release soon.
  11. Where do you put this file, the main directory?
  12. So it won't work? That's too bad, I have the D/Dload version.
  13. I wish I knew how, I understand that is a time consuming process, that most aren't willing to undertake. Thought I could copy and paste each file to the 2019 mod, but I guess it isn't that simple. I just want the stadium ads from the 2015 mod, as they were varied. Thanks for your efforts nevertheless.
  14. Which of the 7 folders hold the stadium ads? Because i want to change the ad that shows the MLB Shop Astros jersey on every stadium. The 2015 mod had local stadium ads specific to each stadium. These same ads show up in all of them.
  15. Thanks, got it to work. Got a question about why all the same ads appear in every stadium. The last mod had ads that were stadium specific. No big deal I guess, but having different ads in each stadium added to the realism in game.
  16. So just d/ld all 135 files into the MLB2K12 main directory correct? There wasn't 7 different parts, just one d/ld
  17. I'm having trouble with errors as well. Did exactly as you instructed, but getting 2 data errors stadium_go1.iff and _atb.iff, and data error MLB2K19v 2.2.1\ stadium_sfg.iff as well as a few cannot open file as archive errors. Also, the 2K19 batting interface removed the pitchers pitch count and batters stats vs the pitcher. Now you have to pause the game to check the opposing pitchers pitch count. Anyway you can put that back in? Good job btw, just want these errors corrected.
  18. Looks great, when can we expect this to be released for download?
  19. If you would make a regular roster like WF2K opening day roster, that would be great for those who don't want to play franchise. A regular roster would allow us to make trades and move players around, without cutting them worrying about salary ramifications, and signing FA's that I noticed aren't on the teams they're supposed to be on. Really would appreciate it if you could make this happen so we can keep up with Laroquece daily roster updates. Your work on this is fantastic !!
  20. I private messaged Pablo, and he hasn't responded. I have other questions as well.
  21. Also, I checked your rosters in franchise, and they are pretty accurate. Can you also make a regular roster that can be used for casual play instead of franchise? The only thing I had to do was correct wrong jersey numbers, other than that, lineups, rotations, everything is on point.
  22. Have you tested this for crashes? I tried another roster and after changes, I saved it and it crashed to desktop.
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