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  1. I'm sorry, but you will not find any support here for anything other than a retail version of the game. If you do not have a serial number, then you don't have an "Official Retail" copy of the game.
  2. Removed No, the latest version is complete. If you don’t have a 7zip option in your right-click context menu, then you don’t have 7zip installed properly.
  3. Great looking logos!! You’re welcome to use my 2019 Marlins uniforms if it’ll save you some time and effort.
  4. Each stadium iff file contains its own ad images. Feel free to change them yourself, as creating stadium-specific advertising is more of an undertaking than I have the time to do.
  5. Yes just the one big archive.
  6. I just downloaded all 7 parts of the archive, tested the archive with 7-zip with no errors. Here's a link for the complete archive for you to try. Just click the download button in the upper right corner.
  7. I've tried and can't reproduce the errors you described. What version of Windows are you using? Is it possible that you have a janky internet connetion with some packet loss? I'll try posting a full archive (not split up) on Google drive and see if that helps.
  8. Delete all of the file parts you downloaded, and re-download them. Then right-click ONLY THE FIRST one and select 7-Zip context menu, then select Extract to "MLB2K19-v2.2.1\". 7-Zip will automatically extract ALL FILE PARTS into that directory. Then you can copy all of the files in that directory over to your game directory.
  9. I’m not sure what you’re asking...?
  10. Please post a screenshot so I can see where and at what point you are in the game in order to try to replicate the problem. Thanks.
  11. If you’re going to use someone else’s hard work, my logo for example, you should ask for permission, or at the very least credit their work in your description.
  12. The black jersey with Miami on the front is the batting practice jersey. They haven’t released the official BP jerseys yet so I had to take a little creative license. You’re right about the piping on the away jersey, thanks.
  13. I hadn't planned on making any more uniforms, considering this was a ground-up redesign. The All Star Game Logos all show Cleveland, why are you saying it's not Kansas City? Kansas city just changed their primary logo for 2019 which is the reason for the update.
  14. Version 2.1


    Fully re-worked Marlins uniforms for 2019. I tried to be as accurate as possible, but considering the scarcity of detailed information, I had to make a few educated guesses here and there. All images and logos have been fully textured for authenticity. A text file for importing the proper colors using roster editor has been included.
  15. It’s really simple. You’ll need 7zip to extract all of the file parts. Download all six parts. Right click part 001, select 7zip in the context menu. In the 7zip context menu, select extract to /MLB2K19v2.0.1. 7zip will automatically extract all file parts to the new folder. Just copy/paste all files in this folder into your 2K12 installation folder, overwriting the existing files. As always, back up the original files first.
  16. Download all six files, RIGHT-CLICK file part 001. In the context menu select 7zip, in the 7zip context menu select extract to /MLB2K19v2.0.1. 7zip will extract all file parts automatically to the newly created folder named MLB2K19v2.0.1.
  17. I don’t speak Spanish but if you’re asking about installation help, https://www.mvp2kcaribe.com/ may be of some assistance.
  18. You shouldn’t OPEN any of them. Install 7zip, download all six zip file parts, then RIGHT-CLICK and extract the FIRST zip file part. 7zip will automatically extract all subsequent zip file parts.
  19. You don't extract each file, only the first one, but you'll need all parts before extracting. Once you extract the first one, it'll automatically unzip all subsequent parts.
  20. Updated version coming soon. I looked back at the original unmodified files and realized I was using someone else's abbreviated versions of the originals as my template. I've rebuilt the originals from scratch and used the proper images in the proper placements this time. Watch this space...
  21. The order of download is irrelevant, but you'll need all six files before attempting to unzip them. There are plenty of other modders that work on rosters, so i won't be touching that.
  22. Version 3.0


    Just like last year, this mod replaces EVERY 2k12 logo/texture that I could find within the game, including all advertising within every stadium. Most of the stadium ads are unchanged from last year's mod, except for the ones referencing the 2018 All-Star Game. Those have been replaced with the 2019 ASG Logo. The only stadium I couldn't get it to work on was Suntrust Park (Atlanta) since I can't edit textures in @DaSteelerz custom stadium using open source tools. It's a moot point however, since he's used real-world advertising in his stadiums anyway. If you see any I may have missed, please feel free to comment and I'll see about finding and replacing it. As with any mod, remember to back up your files prior to installation. Unlike last year, I wasn't able to upload it as a single file, so there must be some newer file size limits in place. The zip file is broken into 6 files, and I recommend using 7zip to extract them. Just download all of the file parts and use 7zip to extract the first file only. 7zip will automatically extract all of the file parts.
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