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  1. This is so legit! great details and accurate skintone etc
  2. I like these better....also when you edit the music this year. Can you select Non-Copyright music for people who do YouTube.
    Perfect so I can make my own custom rosters and number them my way
  3. Who ever does new edited stadiums, let me know in Private, so I can send an authentic looking 2K20 or 2K21 logo for them in game.
  4. This is absolutely great, face textures and shape are spot on...great job...
  5. 100% Solid Excellence brother...love the details...
  6. He's not going too, just did it again...lol
  7. I got another authentic looking 2K20 logo in HD...I'll try to send to you later, so it can be added to update stadium files.
  8. Continue the great work, I have a lot of admiration for you. This is time consuming and difficult and it's great you keep meeting the challenges.
  9. looks great, but skintone way too dark...
  10. I was so happy to see this when I logged in today, unfortunately by the time you release him, I won't be able to use him. Few days ago my gaming PC was fried thanks to a malfunction with the water cooling and power supply. Fried all my drives, motherboard and processor...I lost 4 years of mods, emulators, graphics design work, logos, intros and outros for my YouTube etc. And all 5 drives of games wiped...went from a $2200 PC to a $0 brick. But thanks for doing this and it looks great.
  11. Has nothing to do with faces already made, times change over the years and also the technology and modders finds in improving the details of faces. I've seen people over the past 8 years make faces better than previous ones, as tools improved etc. Some of the guys Xander for instance does have a couple of versions, but none with the levels of details that Jed is putting out, etc. Maybe star players like him, deserve the star treatment. I got numerous of packs of yours since the game launch, especially for players on teams that others wouldn't do. And from 2011 to 2020, faces have gotten better, textures have improved and so forth, players age and look completely different etc.
  12. I second, 3rd and 4th this...I've been wanting Jed to do a Xander Bogarts for 2 years now and still waiting. To have a Xander with these photo-realistic details would be amazing.
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