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  1. My original plan for a 2020 roster was to completely erase everything from 0 to 9000. Do the main teams completely over from zero and reasign image slots last. That way the old players are gone completely from the custom roster! And ones that are already there will be reassigned a new number, so stats can be updated from scratch etc. That way newer cyberfaces etc, won't have that no show glitch. Then I would go through MVPMods find all the cf's already created and renumber them to match roster. So then they'll be a new base for future updates with no glitches.
  2. Great job, it's sad that the Nationals are in World Series and 90% of their team is generic faces in 2019 mod...lol
  3. Wow the details are outstanding, perfect in every way!
  4. He's not going to make them...I've been requesting a Xander with his textures for 2 years. As far as Andrew Benintendi, I believe someone just released him with great details.
    I love your efforts brother keep it up! But you're also doing faces for models that already have HD photo-realistic upgrades faces already by other modders! Try to search in face search and so you don't waste time on faces that are already made! Again appreciate your efforts keep it up!
    Thank you! You are the man, I was just working on editing faces for a video I'm doing for YouTube and now have accurate Jerseys...thank you so much!
  5. I'm not even a TB Fan, but that Pham is absolutely amazing! Great work brother!
  6. As a Yankees fan, you know I'm loving this.
  7. Preview images are way to small to see anything
  8. These two CF's are pure perfection and love the details hands down!
  9. Looking Good but a few more tweaks, stronger wider jaw structure and way more beard in his 2019 look!
  10. Xander looking good, is there a way to fix the highlight on his skin and make it one tone, details are remarkable.
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