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  1. do you want me to send you the custom authentic 2K21 Logos
  2. the legit copy of the game via steam doesn't have issues with PC dates! Legit copies were patched and are installed with game.
  3. You are like the biggest troll when it comes to this thread! You've had so many warnings and you still do it. JED is probably on break, leave the man alone and he'll post when he will, there is no actual roster available anyways, and even if he finished or added more faces, they can not be used at the moment. Outside of that, let the man rest, he's done more for this game in the past year, that almost every other CF Modder, I believe everyone is just waiting on a solid roster, before trying to create their best works. Stop trolling and go have a Coke and a s
  4. Your work continues to be unmatched, and primary reason why I'm still keeping interest in future mods for this game. Great work brother!
  5. Keep it up brother! I've moved on to the Show on PS4, but when this mod's roster is ready for 2K21 I'll definitely reinstall my PC version of 2K12
  6. Wait let me DM you the 2K21 logos to add to it.
  7. Could have just sent these to him in a private message and not flood his section with all these photos
  8. Try searching before requesting! Gerrit Cole is already done!
  9. Got his babyface spot on my brother! Wow!!!
  10. Yeah I'm going next month and get a PS4 and just get the Show 20! Missed my whole season of baseball. It's my 3rd favorite sport and I haven't been able to enjoy my team play.
  11. Your work on the managers is remarkable brother.
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