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  1. Face textures are horrible and cartoon like, please take your time. You are releasing faces left to right, but they look like plastic rush jobs. Take your time and make more realistic textures. This is a disrespect to the other modders, who are creating realistic texture faces.
  2. Harry Ralston "Bud" Black Looking younger than usual...lol But definitely a solid addition, thanks for doing these Jed
  3. Great to hear the progress and congrats on the job....take care and looking forward to the finished roster.
  4. Skin textures, Facial features are always so photo-realistic! This is why your faces come out so great, the symmetry around the faces are amazing!
  5. Most definitely and I appreciate your work and efforts, since so many face creators have left MVPMods over the years. I hope to see your 2.0 works, and thanks again.
  6. Please spend more time with this broham, it still looks generic! Jed has been trying to help everyone get the faces to look more realistic and HD, so there won't be such a difference in graphics per model. Hit him up for help with getting the faces to look more realistic. Other than that, appreciate you trying!
  7. They all look phenomenal
  8. That is great news! Can't wait to see what you come up with.
  9. These look great brother, don't forget Odor's brother, with the exact same name...lol
  10. Sorry to hear that...I hope you backed it up before that happen...all your work was so tedious..
  11. No I was agreeing with what Jed pointed out, he's not rushing faces and is trying to get the best results and quality. I also agree, there are some that are rushing faces just to have releases, versus the ones that are crafting high quality masterpiece which takes a bit more time. I create logos, banners, etc. I'm not a cyberface guy, if I did become one, I'd probably be like Jed...highest quality and more time spent on it.
  12. Yeah I find it difficult to play game sometimes, when some faces are amazing, and others ones look like a generic cap with blurred and jagged faces!
  13. Trust me it shows in everything you create, you don't rush things and the level of perfect details shows. Thanks for all your continuous hard work my friend.
  14. That is a beautiful screenshot...textbook excellence!
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