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  1. At the moment there is no need, there isn't a roster that can utilize his efforts and the others efforts! Right now it would be a waste, he deserves an extended vacation, as do the others on this site, until the roster issues can be resolved.
  2. Jed it's been a while since I came in here and typed anything. Thank you for all your hard work, hopefully sometime in the future years, we'll figure out how to make a roster to showcase all your hard work. I know by your silence, you've also given up on modding 2K12, because we can't seem to update the rosters. But without a doubt I appreciate all your hard work, along with the others who have continued to try to keep this game alive. Thank You and God Bless
    These look great keep it up!
  3. Looks good brother, glad to see you're back making faces.
  4. Not sure I just thought it was a interesting procedure, and your craftmanship is great! I was thinking it would help with making the threading look embedded. Your Jerseys are amazing in details.
  5. I found this in the uniform video in the 2K21 forums on another site, helps show how to make Super HD Jerseys.
  6. This looks great, with the proper roster and a team to get faces, this would be a nice continuation mod per year
  7. Your textures and the patience for accuracy is amazing.
  8. Keep up the amazing work, I appreciate all that you are doing!
  9. Two files are they the same and which is the update? You never renamed them!
  10. Still waiting on his stadium updates, his stuff is legendary!
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