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    Hands still the best on the site brother, appreciate the hard work and continuation of support for this game, when the roster is done. I'm definitely going to use these.
  1. Might have to update to 2K21 now, And I'll create a new 2K21 Logo using official 2KSports font for project, since won't be ready til next season. Keep up the great work everyone.
  2. Textures coming out real nice.....keep it up brother.
  3. Loving this bro, this might be a game changer.
  4. Please don't say that I've been waiting for a 2020, just so I can get my MLB fix, I mean dang sports are sucking in real life, don't want to wait another season with MLB. That's the saddest thing I've heard someone say all week! Wait til next season?
  5. Thanks my friend, when the roster is released this is going to be great.
  6. love the facial hair details and nose accuracy
  7. Nice to know might do some streams after spending a week adding faces and other mods.
  8. Thanks but if played on YT will it get copyright flagged?
  9. Sorry I saw 2k11 and 2k12..yeah I was referring to 2k12...sorry I read wrong. Haven't installed 2k10 in years.
  10. Not sure but I do remember the NBA game had where the accessories were hex numbers, unless they've changed it for MLB.
    Smooth getting so much better.
  11. I think your head shapes etc are done too perfection on majority of your faces. The textures on the faces are the only problem and looked burned etc with too many ridges and spots. Other than that they look spot on...got to smooth out and fix the skin textures.
  12. Didn't notice that...great stuff appreciate it. Also I have the official 2K Font if you want it
  13. That's pretty impressive! Original Frames
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