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  1. One of the biggest things, I've seen with CF Creators is getting accurate nose and eyes on models, and not making them look jagged in game. But all of these are coming out amazing! Great job!
  2. Mad respect and they look great, love the details, take your time...so far so good!
  3. Absolutely I have a high respect for scottybilly and for his time he spends working on this game for so long! When I respect someone, I won't shame them or disrespect them in anyway, especially when they are doing a job, I obviously can not do! But I am a graphics artist and details stand out to me in any form of graphics representation. I like that he does, do the players others are not even attempting, I've used his packs for 10 years and will continue to support his efforts and this forum too.
  4. seriously? they were released a long time ago, look in the roster downloads, it was a full mod release.
  5. Good and Bad brother, some of them look amazingly spot on, and others look extremely rushed and jagged. Quality over quantity! I've followed your work for many years and see the improvements! But again quality over quantity! Take your time and allow your skills to marinate 1 player at a time...I use to download all your packs, because you always made the effort to complete teams and players others were not doing! That will always be something I've always respected, but for the ones with weird jagged noses and pasted eyes and hair are not as good and don't re
  6. Crisp preview and amazing details on those portraits
  7. These are looking so much better, great job.
  8. Very nice, take your time, you are doing God's work
  9. Take your time, because this is looking more amazing by the second... Also to snap in game images, just using the pre-installed windows game bar, or press the windows Key + Print Screen, it'll take HD game images.
    Hands down been the best in the game for years, keep it up brother!
  10. Hey KC is there an updated spreadsheet with current players, I really want to edit a roster and share so people don't have to change the CF numbers for all the uploads that are already here.
    I think you messed up my Yankees on purpose lol Faces are all wrong, the roster is decent and got the portraits working perfectly... Faces were wrong and I know Red Sox also had a bunch of generics, and I know for a face those faces are available, I'll download them manually when you get the final roster done.
  11. Yeah that would make it difficult for us to use other people's rosters as well, it's why the spreadsheet for this site was created, so the Cyberface numbers stayed the same no matter the roster. Thanks for the heads up, now I have to do a clean install again...
  12. I seriously love this! Amazing Job! I will do a fresh install after you release this roster, thanks for all your hard work!
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