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  1. I emailed him last year (May) and he responded with a new key to get me rolling again. reditor@ya.ru is the email I used.
  2. I contacted SecuRom, and this is what they responded. We've increased your number of allowed activation's by one on our activation server. Please try to activate the application once more. I can now play the game.
  3. Tried it in Windows 10 and it didn't work.
  4. I bought the game legitimately and I would like to know how to fix this. I also have MLB2K12 and I can't run that either!
  5. Same for me too. Uninstalled and reinstalled and the game won't even start!
  6. Where can I find MVPedit ?
  7. Question; what was the solution that you found?
  8. I got mine from Amazon download and I played one game so far and it seems to play better than before.
  9. Called around to a number of stores and the verdict is.........they are only doing pre-orders for the PC version of the game. the Corporates feel that if there is no interest to pre-order, then, there is no reason to send copies to the stores. Most stores (Gamestop for one) are not even sending a single copy to their outlets! I downloaded the game for $26.99 from Amazon. By the way, the classic controls don't seem towork properly at the outset.
  10. Pitch selector along with control and pitch speeds Ability to change d.o.b. basically some of the same things that were in your final 09 editor with the ability to change names without crashing after each change.
  11. I'd like to see the pitcher stop running in front of the bag on a groundball to 1b after the firstbaseman tags the bag 40 man rosters in Sept. if possible Live scoreboards
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