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  1. Smuggly

    coach faces

    how do you install bmp faces in to the game? i download some faces but they are bmp files and i don't know how to use them.
  2. Smuggly

    walkup music

    Can someone make an old man (78yrs) a audio file that has no walk up music?
  3. Smuggly

    players name while on field

    How do you remove the players name form showing on the field during playing of this game?
  4. Smuggly


    Any way to move the scoreboard more to the left of the screen so it doesn't take up the middle of the screen?
  5. Will this work at other settings becaus i can only set my screen to 1360x768 since i have to use a 32 inch tv for monitor, can't afford a new one.
  6. Smuggly

    Dirt Infield

    I changed a stadium for the dbacks and had to also change the stadium intervals to have it look right in the game i change the names of the stadium and stadium intervals to the dback names and it worked
  7. Smuggly

    Faces in portraits

    How can I change faces in the portrairt file and have them show up in the game???
  8. Smuggly

    editor will not run

    Got it working but after clicking the 2012 box for game select it only puts a box in the taskbar and i have to click that and then it opens
  9. Smuggly

    editor will not run

    when I click to open the editor it just show the 2012 box and then nothing happens there is no way to use it. please help this old man (78) as i enjoy this game a lot but need to update some things
  10. Smuggly


  11. Smuggly


    None Of my editors work any more after doing a reinstall of windows 10 and all its updates?
  12. Smuggly

    new total conversion

    is there going to be an updated total conversion or is the 2015 going to be the only one?
  13. Smuggly

    I can not change the face

    if you only change his number in the roster this can happen, you also have to change the number in your franchize file also.
  14. Smuggly

    Time changing

    Go out and look for a program called "run as date" it worked for me on windows 10 54 bit ( had to use the 32 bit one as the 64 bit wouldn't work for me)
  15. Smuggly

    cyberface dont show up

    if you changed the numbers in you ros file you also have to change them in your franchise file also and they must match. it worke for me