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  1. I changed a stadium for the dbacks and had to also change the stadium intervals to have it look right in the game i change the names of the stadium and stadium intervals to the dback names and it worked
  2. if you changed the numbers in you ros file you also have to change them in your franchise file also and they must match. it worke for me
  3. Got it fixed, took a while to figure for me. I love this game and am 76 years old so that might have been the biggest problem plus always looking up a lot of stuff on the net.
  4. How do you set up your controller to work like when I first installed the game as my pitching is so bad with how it is i can't play the game at all!
  5. When i click on a type of pitch i want to throw the pitcher throws imeaditly and i don't get to pick where to throw it is like he pitches automatically as soon as i click the icon of the pitch type?
  6. Is there any way to get the tools that you use to edit files in global and such to work with windows 10 ?
  7. Is there any way to remove the 2k12 sports signs from your stadiums as that would look so much more like the real thing that is the only reason I don't us your stadiums even tho they are the best every, just can't stand to see the 2k12 sport signs in them.

    thanks for reading and listen to an old dude.

  8. if you have a franchise going then you have to change all of this in the franchise and the roster file to have you faces to show correctly.
  9. Smuggly


    The colorlist for the marlins will not install it just gives an error every time I try to install it.
  10. Smuggly


    thanks for the help, you guys are ok in my book. I guess i will leave them as they are, but once again thanks from the old guy (76 yrs.)
  11. Smuggly


    tryed this with gimp2 and paintnet but it just made them look really bad so if there is a program to do what you said I would like to know what it is?
  12. Smuggly


    Thanks for the quick reply will try this later
  13. Smuggly


    Anyway to make the helmets' with a matt look instead of being shiny?
  14. Smuggly

    3dm tool

    I got this working after doing windows updates and running a program called privazer, which cleaned up so many things and corrected a lot of stuff, it took an hour or so but it was worth it as my computer runs much faster now!
  15. Smuggly

    3dm tool

    i am using the chinese version and it would be nice to have a print out of the commands. I use hit and miss and it is upsetting for a 76 year old dude who loves this game.
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