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  1. the only way that I see you fixing this is by going into the game with this roster and editing through there. When editing rosters using the reditor you have to go into the team tab and edit the id number to make sure they are in the line up after you have edit their team id in the player tab(clear as mud right)
  2. I have had that happen to me with a couple of players it drove me nuts , I finally just checked to see what cf id was not being used in my game and edited it to that and found peace. It make a little more work later when you do new faces to make sure you do not duplicate the numbers but with ty'sroster editor it is possible
  3. blindguy

    Editing rosters

    I Have been trying to edit some pitchers pitch types, speed, and movement in a franchise file using the reditor , but it seem to cause it to crash, is it not possible to edit franchise files
    wow !!!that's all I can say
  4. blindguy

    3dm mod tool

    thanks , I will put some notes together for you for updating the schedule
  5. blindguy

    3dm mod tool

    For some reason I have not figured out I installed the mod tool to desktop, once I moved it to program files it worked , thankyou for your input now I am going to take a stab at cyberfaces
  6. blindguy

    3dm mod tool

    Thankyou for the info , I tried that and I am still not able to open it ,not even getting a message , gonna try to install it in a different location. I even messed with java to see if this was a problem, I know this works on windows 10 as I had it working last year on this system
  7. blindguy

    3dm mod tool

    I downloaded the 3dm mod tool but I have not been able to get it to run,is this an issue with windows 10
  8. no sorry cannot change the year but there is a franchise file that start in 2019 in the download section. I did not make the roster I just updated the schedule Headtrip47 made it
  9. Here is the new schedule in headtrip47 last roster for 2018 I ran it and it works . All I did was edit the actual schedule and the spring schedule . you have to watch the times and the sequence order or it will crash your roster test.rar
  10. you have to use the reditor to edit the actual schedule
  11. here is the complete and tested 2019 mlb regular season schedule in .xls form that you can use for your rosters xls2019schedule.zip
    this is an amazing amount of work ,nice job. The A`s and Mariners play 2 regular season games overseas on the 20 th and the 21 st where did you manage to put those in Ahh very good idea!
  12. blindguy

    REDitor II

    Try running it as admin.
  13. I was wondering if anyone knew of a source where I could get the 2019 schedule in excel form ?
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