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  1. Total Frontend 2K18

    i added the 2018 schedule with dsampo roster and did some editing by putting Houston in the ALW and updated the Mets and BlueJays triple A teams, your roster seems to be farther advanced if you have the reditor you can get the spring 162 schedule and the actual schedule from this file into your roster 2018sched.ROS
  2. Total Frontend 2K18

    yes simmed perfect to the end of the world series and then had to use the roaster editor to find this clown and put him on a MLB team then it would go on . One thing i did notice is that you can't even edit the length of his contract so you could sim to 2018 , it stops simming at 2015 but the schedule works now on to the roaster with the Great Michael Morse in it. I only play one season at a time so no big deal for me
  3. Total Frontend 2K18

    Michael Morse must be the developers favorite player cause he has to be on a major league team after the world series, and you cannot edit him i tried to make him Vlad Guerrero Jr. and no go.
  4. Total Frontend 2K18

    ok i will try a sim right through the world series and see what happens
  5. 2018 40 MAN ROSTER MLB 2K12

    It is a pretty accurate roster everybody do some work download the portrait pack and face and put them in ,if you can download the roster then i am sure you can do the rest
  6. Total Frontend 2K18

    I just simmed dsampos roster with 2018 schedule , it went through to the end of the season no crashes so i checked on Michael Morse and he was in triple a Fressno. Maybe he just cant be in free agent. By the way good roster dsampos
  7. Go To Hell Windows 10

    That worked like a charm, it was like Christmas after 2 days of screwing around with this Thank-you
  8. Go To Hell Windows 10

    I did add the whole zip folder to my exclusion list and still gets rejected
  9. Go To Hell Windows 10

    I have done some house keeping on my PC and by mistake i deleted TIT 4 for 2k , i have tried to download it again but windows defender and smart screen is preventing from doing this . It is impossible to turn these dam thing off , does any one have an installed file or a work around they can send me plz and Thank-you
  10. Total Frontend 2K18

    i have tried a couple time to put together a roster based on training camp 40 man but it keeps crashing , however i did some reading here and i think i need to start with the original roster and then go from there. i hope i can get something to work by next week, being laid off sucks but this gives me something to keep me busy and out of the pub(
  11. excel schedule

    I finally got game working and was able to edit my errors and sim the file a couple times and it worked , the file above is ready for those who want to add to a roster . I did not make a new spring training schedule but i did edit the dates on the existing 162 spring sched. You can just past it in the month and day spring2018.xlsx
  12. excel schedule

    I have not been able to check this yet as I'm having problems with my game , if someone wants to give it a go schedule2018.xlsx
  13. Advice

    I have the regular season starting on march 29 just like the real schedule and the nice thing is with it being 7 years since the game came out the day and the date match. I will upload my excel file on here next week once I'm sure it works
  14. Advice

    I have just finished converting the 2018 schedule to excel so i can import to a roster. I would like to take a stab at making a roster so i have gone through the forums and have run not run across any tool except for the roster editor, i also have the reditor II with guru license ,is there any other programs i might need
  15. Editing Schedule

    I was wondering if anyone knows what editor was use when making up the new rosters as I have been trying to edit some of the schedule with reditor ii 4.8 and the schedule is the only part it would not let me get into