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  1. blindguy

    2019 schedule in spreadsheet form

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a source where I could get the 2019 schedule in excel form ?
  2. blindguy

    MLB 2k12 Default Roster Conversion

    That's great news it will give a base to work off of for future roster. I was starting to feel like the 2k community was fading out, thankyou for your hard work
  3. blindguy

    .dds supported programs

    i use Gimp and download the DDS plugin to it. its free and it work perfect for portraits
  4. blindguy

    Headtrip MLB and MiLB Roster Update Released...

    Hey great work trip47
  5. blindguy

    Looking for someone with Reditor

    send me what you want
  6. blindguy

    Dirt Infield

    wow that's great work I had given up hope ,just goes to prove if you give it time almost anything can be done
  7. blindguy

    working roster for 2018

    dawgin2k try this test roster.7z
  8. blindguy

    working roster for 2018

    I noticed that with Judge and with Travis on the Jays . if you go to box scores it probably has a different name where Judge should be ?, I'll see if i can fix that in the next couple day , work has gotten busier for me (thank god)but i will see what i can do
  9. blindguy

    working roster for 2018

    what roster are you using and when in the schedule is it crashing
  10. blindguy

    Move Houston to the AL

    It can only be done using the reditor ii with modder license
  11. That has a lot to do with the sh t and abuse heaped on them and scottbilly last year when they were trying to put together a total mod. Very sad cause all these people are very good at what they do and took the game to another level . PATIENCE is something all of us here should learn.
  12. blindguy


    I have tried to edit the triple A teams of the Mets and Jays from the last few rosters that have come out as the have been built from a roster with the ASTROs still in the National league, I have been able to move the Astos over but when i edit the triple a teams it does not move the players to the right organization , i am using Reditor II guru Licence
  13. blindguy

    Ages Continuing to be Wrong

    I have been changing the year on players birthdays to correct the age, you can use the roster editor
  14. blindguy

    How to switch the Astros to the American League ?

    unless you purchased a licence for reditor ii you cannot edit with the free version, here you go try this MLB2k18 Roster.7z
  15. blindguy

    Mlb2k18 roster

    wow if that comes through it would be as close to a total make over as we have seen since 2015 total mod, crossing my fingers