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  1. Tribefan

    2019 Cleveland Indians uniforms

    Looks awesome. Can you make them for 2K12 or can someone else do these.
  2. How do you install these ?
  3. Tribefan

    MLB 2K12 Base Coaches

    Is there a way to change the jersey number on the base coaches. I have the full version of REDitor. and can't find anything in the staff tab. Trying to change Sandy Alomar from #20 to #15. Thanks
  4. Tribefan

    Minnesota Twins 40-Man Portraits (05/26/2018)

    Thank You.
  5. Tribefan

    Minnesota Twins 40-Man Portraits (05/26/2018)

    How do you get these into the game ?
  6. Tribefan


    Nice overlays. Thanks
  7. Tribefan

    Face update Andrew Miller Cleveland

    Thanks for the update. Looks Great !! Is it possible to do Josh Tomlin From Cleve. with just a mustache no beard. That's his look now and I checked past updates and can't find one.
  8. Tribefan

    Francisco Lindor 2018 Titlepage

    Sweet !! Thanks KC.
  9. Tribefan


    That would be awsome Thank you
  10. Tribefan


    Are there any good rosters in the download section that you could recomend ?
  11. Tribefan


    I messed around with an older ros. file on here using ty's roster editor. Crashes to desktop. Hope you have better luck. As far as your schedule. Does it crash? What date did you use to start your season. I'm going to try and see if I can get that to work. Thanks.....
  12. Tribefan

    Question on rosters

    I am trying to update a previous roster using ty's roster editor. I have updated it with the transaction. I have 25 players on each team. And the lineups are all filled in. Roster loads and says successful and crashes to desktop. Any help would e appreciated. Thanks
  13. Tribefan

    2017 Post Season: Who do you want to win?

    1. Yankees 2. Cubs 3. Indians ( Lets Go Tribe )
  14. Tribefan

    Throwback unis

    I just installed all the throwback unis with ty's editor. Sweet!! Now I have like 12 or so uniforms to pick from. Thanks again Raider.