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  1. Looks awesome. Can you make them for 2K12 or can someone else do these.
  2. Tribefan


    Nice overlays. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the update. Looks Great !! Is it possible to do Josh Tomlin From Cleve. with just a mustache no beard. That's his look now and I checked past updates and can't find one.
  4. Tribefan

    Ros. File

    Is there anyway to pull just the roster file from an existing franchise file. I did do some player moves during last years season. And I would like to keep those teams intact and work on others to start this years season with an updated schedule. Thanks in advance.
  5. Let's win this on the road like the rest of the series .
  6. Congratulations Tribe !! Four more wins to go. Keep rocking the red.
  7. Loving every minute of this. Go Tribe !!!
  8. Can someone make an updated face for Bryan Shaw with the facial hair. And Mike Clevinger with long hair Thank you.
  9. Hey about the schedule. I haven't posted it because I'm not sure how to do that since II never done that. And secondly when I made the schedule all the game are in there but when you bring up the calander in game the month of October shows nothing . Figured There would be a lot of grief over it.

  10. How do you make new yearly overlays. How difficult. And what programs do you use to make them. I see raidesbball20 did them for 2015.
  11. I sent you a pm got it to work. Thanks for all your help.
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