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  1. Was hoping someone could make these plus a grey jersey with Cleveland on it for alt road. And also a white jersey with Indians on it for home. And is it possible to put the block C on the hats instead of Chief Wahoo. Thanks
  2. Tribefan

    REDitor II

    Thanks that seems to be working. Maybe ill start on the season file.
  3. Tribefan

    REDitor II

    Ok so I started to mess with my paid version of Reditor II. It says no longer works you need to upgrade. So I found a link to download the reditor 5.0 which is all free now? Upon installing I get a message " Invalid File Handle 32" . Upon trying to open the program after installing it freezes up. Anyone else having an issue??
  4. Looks awesome. Can you make them for 2K12 or can someone else do these.
  5. Is there a way to change the jersey number on the base coaches. I have the full version of REDitor. and can't find anything in the staff tab. Trying to change Sandy Alomar from #20 to #15. Thanks
  6. Tribefan


    Nice overlays. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the update. Looks Great !! Is it possible to do Josh Tomlin From Cleve. with just a mustache no beard. That's his look now and I checked past updates and can't find one.
  8. Tribefan


    That would be awsome Thank you
  9. Tribefan


    Are there any good rosters in the download section that you could recomend ?
  10. Tribefan


    I messed around with an older ros. file on here using ty's roster editor. Crashes to desktop. Hope you have better luck. As far as your schedule. Does it crash? What date did you use to start your season. I'm going to try and see if I can get that to work. Thanks.....
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