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  1. Good night and excuse my English, I write to you from Venezuela. I have 2 months unemployed and with a lot of free time. I was wondering if any of you could donate a graphic card because my mother card lacks port vga, it's an old PC. Well the point is that I am encouraged to make my own calculation tools and I would like to make a roster with the best players since 1985 in team war. Here I show you some photos. I have done all this in a cyber. another thing, where I can get statistics on pitching pitches, like control, and movement. I would also like to do calculations
  2. Yes, as your most excellent days. hahahah
  3. an observation my friend, you could make the heads smaller, and the eyes not so open, .. because it gives a look of cartoons to the players.
  4. First of all, excuse my English ... I am trying to make a list of results that can automatically link to a baseball or baseball reference and give me atummatic results. He achieved something with the punches .. but it is more complicated with the pitcher. Does anyone know how to interpret the movement of the pitches? thank you if they collaborate. http://www.brooksbaseball.net/tabs.php?player=592314&time=&startDate=03/30/2007&endDate=10/08/2018&s_type=2
  5. the faces have the same outline, they look a little big, in my opinion it makes the players look like ventriloquist dolls
  6. tus caras pareces muñecos de ventrilogo; si me das un tutorial podria colaborar contigo en hacer las faces
  7. juego mlb 2k12, me gusta que todos los detalles sean los mas realistas posibles. he pensado en hace un roster .. pero necesito el editor.. una pregunta amigo? que herramientas utlizarias para hacer los stats de los jugadores
  8. me too my friend... i would like make a roster using sabermetrics, but some things are difficulty
  9. vehrin

    aap crahs

    instale el juego , le dsabilite la dep, y aun asi me aparce el mensaje de app crahs depsues de cargar el logo,. ayuda por favor
  10. vehrin

    why this?

    in the menu manager i can see the faces ok, but whe i started the game , the faces are generic.. how i can do for solutions this MLB2K12 2017-02-23 18-42-16-69.bmp MLB2K12 2017-02-23 18-42-33-41.bmp MLB2K12 2017-02-23 18-43-23-18.bmp MLB2K12 2017-02-23 18-46-17-99.bmp
  11. syndergard tiene el cabello mas largo y que reposa sobre sus hombros hacia el frente; me gustaria ver la cara de rajai davis, freddy galvis, colby rasmus, josh tomlin, aj griffin, justin turner, jon gray, blackmon.. son los que me viene a la mente y gracias mano por todo tu trabajo y esfuerzo.
  12. noah syndergard, jacob de grom, rajai davis, yasiel puig, rouner odor, nomar mazzara,
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