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    Thanks Bro RIP Jose Fernandez
  1. DaSteelerz /// Thank you for your comment and your many patches. RESPECT!!!
  2. Version 1.0.1


    Trade Deadline Transactions Updated Attribute and Tendency Updated by the real players 2016 season performance Some players position and uniform number updated More Top Prospect Players lineup and team orginazation, uniform number update is not yet. Next Upload List More correctly attribute and tendency update Top prospect players update Pitching tendency bug players fix (hey guys, give me the bug player list, you found) Each team and players salaries update
  3. Peki0808///// you must load 2015Roster.ROS in the option. Thanks MAPMODS But this roster is perfectly corret not yet. I can't found many new players. for example : Many Korean Players and ETC. I wanna your new roster. You can do it man. THANKS
  4. se6846

    Chris Archer

    Thank you so much bro. I really want it. AWESOME!!!!!
    Thank you so much bro. I'm pirate now.
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