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  1. hey Guys since i dont have the means or smarts to mod could anyone please redo coors field with the high right field wall i will dontate to whoever can do this for me just let me know how much within reason And i understand it is very time consuming thanks
  2. I agree that Rose does not belong in the hall of fame. Yes his numbers should have put him in there but he broke a cardinal rule by gambling then lying about it. Rules are put in for a reason. I also think that none of Roid era players should be inducted either. And as far as i am concerned Hank Aaron is still the home run king and not Bare Roid.
  3. Rdneck41

    mvp caribe

    Hey guys is there any chance of getting mvp caribe 2014 in english on this site for download. went to the caribe site but unfortunately its all in spanish. any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. Rdneck41

    Stadium crashes

    Hey Guys I know its probably been asked a million times before but here it goes. I cant load some of my classic stadiums in mvp15 it will start to load then the game just freezes. is there a fix for this.If i uninstall the game then reinstall and do the explode me with administrator would that help I am running windows 7. over than that everything is great. thanks for the help
  5. Rdneck41

    Mvpedit Help

    ok when i tryo to import teh files io go to mvp 2005 is it the data base or data folder when i try to open it it gives arun time error 53 file not found i have the 13 version of mvp downloaded on a clean copy of 2005
  6. Rdneck41

    Mvpedit Help

    thanks Jim will give it a try i appreciate the help
  7. Rdneck41

    Mvpedit Help

    Im sure its been asked a millon times before. but how in the heck do i get rosters to open in mvpedit what do i need to do im a little lost sheep here thanks for the help guys
  8. Rdneck41


    Thanks to everyone who contributed to this project. Anothery Awesome job guys.. love this site and love this game.
  9. man if you could with the astros in the al central that would be super. i would be enternialy greatful. i tried to change the values in the team dat file but it didtn seem to work. i just thought it would be interesting to have the astros in the central and the royals in teh west geographically it seems to firt better. but thanks Dillon yor teh best bro. i want to try my hand at moding but not sure how to get started
  10. Hey guys just curious to know. i moved the Roylas to the al west and the astros to the al central. i have dylans 2013 schedule. what values to i need to move around to get the schedule right for the switch or is there no way of doing it. jsut thought i woudl try something different. thanks for the help
  11. Hey Everyone. I really like to new layout looks great. keep up the great work everyone and thanks for everything y'all do for this site.
  12. Rdneck41

    Mvp Caribe 2013

    Hey guys. have they released the wbc 2013 for mvp 2005 yet. I thought i seen a post that said it was going going to be released sat or sun. and if so is it going to be aavaiable on mvp mods or is there a way to get the english translation from mvp caribe to get it thanks for all the hard work you guys do.
  13. i apoligze fort my previous comments.
  14. OK what about changing the las vegas 51s to the mets and teh buffalo bisons to the toronto blue jays
  15. wanted to delete this post
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