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  1. csim11

    1976 Mod Problem

    I had this same issue. Noticed that the MVP2005.exe file was a different size (5.19MB) than usual (6.65MB). Tried replacing it with the original exe file and the stuttering was gone. Don't know why it works but hope this helps you.
  2. Has anyone noticed that the stats in TC 1971 mod are from 1970 instead which accounts for a lot of player ratings being inaccurate. However the team rosters appear to be correct. I have all of the other Total Classics mods and this is a first. I am still enjoying this one though
  3. Great Mod guys! 1971 was a favorite season of mine also and this is very well done. Were the player running speeds also an artifact of version 1.0 ? There seem to be many rated at 100 and quite a few at only 5. Still a very solid job.
  4. Makes one long to have been there in person watching them play. Great photos!
  5. Scooter Gennett 2B (MILW) needs throwing arm corrected. Feeling sorry for him turning DP
  6. looking for a good roster for mvp 2005?

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