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  1. friend @jed suggestions you should make packages of faces of the team with two or three players eg bosoton red sox andrew benintendi xander bogaerts rafael devers dustin pedroia sandy leon eduardo nuñez marcos hernandez david price and rick porcello here some suggestions from players
  3. suggestion mookie betts and sandy leon friend excellent your work I hope it continues like this
  4. @Jed suggestion rick porcello with beard and andrew benintendi new look
  5. brother greetings when you will upload your pack of faces and xander bogarts can improve it a little more to make it look more realistic
  6. excellent friend jed suggestion carlos santana
  7. suggestions my friend @Jed to improve faces sam travis and odubel herrera
  8. good job as always you can upgrade to xander bogaerts @Jed
  9. carlos correa and didi gregorius suggestions for my friend @Jed
  10. I hope someone is interested in making new shoes and accessories for a better look or do not know if they already work on that
  11. @picklebrad you have worked on new accessories and shoes friend
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