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  1. debsterfan


    Ahora mismo no tengo mucha disponibilidad de tiempo para hacerlos. Pero tan pronto pueda lo intentaré.
  2. debsterfan


    Si me ha pasado. Me paso con el de los Marlins que no me dejaba cambiar los colores del equipo y como con ese roster cree una franquicia . la carrera también me dio ese error. Aparentemente el roster con el que creaste esa carrera tiene un error en los colores del equipo de boston. Hice una prueba con los archivos de mi roster, mi franquicia y MyPlayer y pude cambiar el color de los zapatos de Boston sin problemas. El roster que uso está bien atrasado. Es de principio de temporada.
  3. debsterfan


    Si.. Se puede Editar la franquicia también. El MLB2K roster editor funciona para esas también.
    hello brother, I would like to know if you update the global.iff 1.4 of the accessories that you went in April and expect an update soon if the cleats / or bating gloves .... brother greetings and thanks in advance.


    hola hermano, me gustaría saber si vas a actualizar el global.iff 1.4 de los accesorios que subiste en abril y si pronto esperamos alguna actualización de los cleats/ o los bating gloves....saludos hermano y gracias de antemano.

  5. debsterfan


    @Kccitystar Aye aye Captain!! I sent you a PM with a link to my global with the latest changes I did, also included are .dds for the Jordan 4S. umm.. I think Im getting close. Take a look at this. Ok dude...I'll post you the link for the shoes in your profile.
  6. debsterfan


    Thanks.. I got what I needed. I'll get it going during the weekend. Once I have something, I'll let you know here.
  7. debsterfan


    Yoooooo!!.. Wasssup man. Give me a link where I can get HD pictures of different sides of the shoes and/or tell me the specific model so I can search for them. I will try to get something going during the weekend. Haven't done much in a while but I can give it a try.
  8. Great! Thanks for clarifying... I do think that he could've shared that information in the thread and not just leave it like that. I'm sure I was not the only one thinking that he got the issue solved.
  9. A couple months ago, a member opened a thread asking for help to make the 2K16 schedule because he had a problem with the last week. IIRC, he got the help he needed and got the issue fixed but after that.... He just disappeared. I know nobody is entitled to share or release anything here but IMO it is disappointing to see a person come here asking for help and after he gets what he needs, vanish and don't have the courtesy to even share it. Specially when we are taking about the most requested mod, the 2016 schedule. But, this is just my opinion. I have done a couple minor updates to the global. Nothing serious. That's why I haven't uploaded a new file. For next Total Conversion Mod 2K16 I can make a package of all the cleats and batting gloves I made (inluding non released). So everyone can use the texture editor and import the ones they want to use. Just keep me posted when you guys get ready to release it so I can give you the files. Keep up the awesome work guys.
  10. Hello brother, how we could do so that you will facilitate me the file (MLB 2K12 Cleats / Batting Gloves Update 1.4) by means other than this, by MEGA either download page because I tried to download your file and always gives me error, friend I thank you help want your file out in the Caribbean 2K 16 is very good, I thank you support.


    hola hermano, como podriamos hacer para que me facilitaras el archivo (MLB 2K12 Cleats/Batting Gloves Update 1.4) por otro medio que no sea este, por MEGA u otra pagina de descarga porque he intentado bajar tu archivo y siempre me da error, amigo te agradesco la ayuda quiero que tu archivo salga en el 2K Caribe 16 esta muy bueno, te agradesco la ayuda.

    1. debsterfan
    2. guaro1379


      Thanks brother, I owe you one, great job

      Gracias hermano, te debo una, gran trabajo

  11. Lol! ThanksI, might try the same and see if I can have some luck. I'm using ty's roster to change team colors and want to find the most accurate color codes.
  12. Nice job!.. btw.. How do you get access to the style guide?.
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