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    hello brother, I would like to know if you update the global.iff 1.4 of the accessories that you went in April and expect an update soon if the cleats / or bating gloves .... brother greetings and thanks in advance.


    hola hermano, me gustaría saber si vas a actualizar el global.iff 1.4 de los accesorios que subiste en abril y si pronto esperamos alguna actualización de los cleats/ o los bating gloves....saludos hermano y gracias de antemano.

  2. Hello brother, how we could do so that you will facilitate me the file (MLB 2K12 Cleats / Batting Gloves Update 1.4) by means other than this, by MEGA either download page because I tried to download your file and always gives me error, friend I thank you help want your file out in the Caribbean 2K 16 is very good, I thank you support.


    hola hermano, como podriamos hacer para que me facilitaras el archivo (MLB 2K12 Cleats/Batting Gloves Update 1.4) por otro medio que no sea este, por MEGA u otra pagina de descarga porque he intentado bajar tu archivo y siempre me da error, amigo te agradesco la ayuda quiero que tu archivo salga en el 2K Caribe 16 esta muy bueno, te agradesco la ayuda.

    1. debsterfan
    2. Guaro1379


      Thanks brother, I owe you one, great job

      Gracias hermano, te debo una, gran trabajo

  3. Lol! ThanksI, might try the same and see if I can have some luck. I'm using ty's roster to change team colors and want to find the most accurate color codes.
  4. Nice job!.. btw.. How do you get access to the style guide?.
    1. Guaro1379


      thanks, had not seen this, I'll try and be forewarned

      gracias, no habia visto esto, voy a intentar y te aviso


    2. Guaro1379


      and try the link that dejastes me in my profile and nothing brother, when it is charged by 50% and cut fails. porfa mount it by mega send me the link and I thank you help.


      ya intente con el link que me dejastes en mi perfil y nada hermano, cuando va cargando por 50 % da error y se corta. porfa montalo por mega y me mandas el link te agradesco la ayuda

    3. debsterfan
  5. Ok. Voy a instalar winrar y lo comprimire en .zip. Voy a ver si Te lo puedo adjuntar en tu perfil.
  6. Que version de 7.z estas utilizando? Lo descargué y pude extraer el archivo sin problemas. Intenta usar una version mas actualizada de 7.z porque lo he descargado varias veces y puedo extraerlo.
  7. Claro que si pana. Puedes usarlo sin problemas. Cualquier cosa que necesites me dejas saber. Intenta descargarlo de nuevo.
    Thanks for the feedback. I hope you guys like the new Nike Lunar Trout cleats.
  8. I found the sliders in the total conversion mod very good but a little too easy for me. In my previous franchise with the Blue Jays I was 42-11. Rank 1st in ERA, AVG, RISP, SLG, RUNS and 2nd in HR with 70-72 I started a new one with korean opening day roster and upped a little more pitching difficulty. Trying Pitch speed 100 and pitching meter 90. Upped cpu pitcher strike zone tendency from 25 to 35. I use pena1 onscreen display with no ball cursor so I dont have a clue where I am aiming and also disabled vibration on my controller to avoid feedback when I aim outside the strike zon
  9. debsterfan


    The backups are just in case you have a problem with the roster or make a mistake and doesn't know how to fix it. If there was no problem you can delete them safely. Are you using windows 10 by the way? I never got that error before. I started seeing it after installing windows 10. Don't know how to fix it but I guess has something to do with Windows UAC to avoid changes to files in the program folder or windows folder.
  10. When I say wait for your pitch, I mean waiting for a pitch that you Know it is in the strike zone not just swinging at anything you see, regardless if it is a fastball or a breaking ball. And "time it" is as you think, swinging at the right time. Read the pitches and with practice you'll get the timing right. It's not something that will happen from one game to another. You will be hammering HR to all type of pitches. Another thing is trying to lower pitch speed in order to get a better read of the pitches. With a better read you can make better contact when you swing at the right time.
  11. Those sliders at Operation Sports are for people with good amount of time playing this game. I don't use left stick for batting, I rarely use the power swing when I am ahead in the count 3-0 or 3-1 with a power hitter. In my previous franchise, I was in the top 3 in the league in homers with 72 in 54 games. In this game to hit homers you just need to wait for your pitch and time it. Timing is the key to get homers. To help you with that. BSUFan sliders has some good settings that will help you get more HRs without using the Power swing of the left stick. I recommend you to start wit
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