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  1. My first jerseys just ironing out some things with the coaches jackets.
  2. Not sure how that happened lol but thanks fixed it.
  3. Unfortunately I don't think you can get the full version anymore. The buy links in the program didn't work and I emailed Vlad about a month ago and no response.
  4. The other downside is that the skin .dds file is only 1 arm it just mirrors the same arm. So you couldn't be exact. I'm gonna mess around with the idea though.
  5. I could definetly help with neck tattoos but the arms you can really only do 1 set of tattoos because there is only 7 different colors of arms to choose from. 1 and 2 colors are close so you could probably stretch it to 2 designs.
  6. The way to do the tattoo's. 1. I'm sure everyone knows step one adding tattoo's to the cyber face. 2. I picked the least used skin color which in Reditor is number 5 and in Tys editor 9. 3.went into the global and added tattoo's to the 5th skin. 4. The much easier way if you can do it is with vlads reditor but you can't seem to buy it anymore so I had to use Ty's.In reditor go to skin column change any of the players who's skin says 5 to 4. They are really similar and you can't tell. Than anyone you want to have the tattoos you made give skin 5. In Ty's editor you have to go thru every team and every player and change any 9 skin to 7 skin. Than any player you want to have tatoos to 9. 5. One downside is every once and a while you will run into an umpire with tattoo's but I don't mind cause my player looks bad ass lol. 00010C20.dds 0118A4D0.dds
  7. Typo Thanks DaSteelerz lol. Shoulda proof read.
  8. Version 1.1


    Kind of a niche mod but being a huge Blue Jays Fan I decided to make a Rogers Sportsnet Blue Jays Mod. It includes. All Sportsnet Overlays. Background portraits in the menus of Blue Jays players past and present. Blue Jays title page and boot screens. Blue Jays themed logos Redone music in game and menus. Jays on Sportsnet music pre game and commercial breaks. Jukebox music and in game music events. Courtesy of aceshigh's incredible all in one sound mod. I also included a version of 50 different music cues that I did. With appropriate reverb so it sounds like stadium speakers. Debsterfan's amazing Global with the newest accesories. My redone major league carbon fiber bling logo's. This mod should be run after MLB 2K15 mod is installed as thats the base I worked from. Thank you so much to Debsterfan and aceshigh for allowing me to use their incredible work. I also want to thank raidersball20, DaZteeler, Scottybilly and anyone else for their unbelievable work and dedication on the MLB2k15 mod. Install instructions. 1.Backup files 2.Unzip and copy to MLB2k main directory. 3.There are 2 folders in the music zip. One is aceshigh the other is aceshigh's with my in game changes. Choose which you'd like. Oh and tatooed man in the screenshots is not included lol.
  9. Alrighty I have gotten the permissions I needed and finally got everything done. I'm tired lol, Gonna upload everything tomorow. Gonna post my 3 favorite pictures and im out!
  10. last post. I changed the scoreboard and it came out perfect.
  11. Here's some screenshots of the sportsnet presentation I did. edit.....redid everything I wasn't happy with that I half assed some stuff. photos are the finished product.
  12. Here's the logos in action.
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