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  1. cujomatty


    duuuuudddeeee!!!!!!! These are awesome man. Thanks so much.
  2. cujomatty


    You know I've been playing a ton of this lately and loving it. I have a bunch of things modded to be like rogers sportsnet, raidersball even hooked me up with erixxx authentic sportsnet score bug and its made the experience just way cool. I was just in toronto for the 3 game set against the astros and to have all the real signage and little authentic things makes this game my go to for baseball. but.......The one thing that's really killing me is I wish I could get vlad to get me red mc. I've emailed like 10 times and he hasn't replied. There are a few things I need to do that I can only do with red mc and it sucks real bad that hes disapeared. I WANT TO GIVE YOU MY MONEY VLAD LOL. I do get it though it's not like he was going to support it forever.
  3. cujomatty


    They are called air jordan 4's. Here's an awesome link that has all the different views in hires.http://solecollector.com/news/2015/11/air-jordan-4-baseball-cleat-black-grey. Thanks dude. I love these shoes
  4. cujomatty


    I'm dying to get these shoes made a few guys wear them like Fowler and Price. Although iv'e made quite a few mods I attempted to make them and it wasn't enjoyable lol. If anyone (cough***Debsterfan lol) wanted to make them I would be ever so gratefull.
  5. My first jerseys just ironing out some things with the coaches jackets.
  6. Thanks man. They have been a lot of work but I hope everyone enjoys them. Really adds a lot of realism.
  7. Everything seems tighter control wise.the brought the stride option back for hitting which I'm loving. The precision hitting is also pretty great. The games beautiful but there is still a little bit of framerate issues in cut scenes. Last year in broadcast pitching after you selected a pitch the graphics downgraded a bit. It doesn't this year. The pbr lighting is cool but I don't notice it much to be honest. I actually dove and caught a ball in the outfield which i haven't been able to do for years. A little disappointed that you cant have the throw meter over your head ala 2k, without the gd awful massive new throw meter under your feet. Hit variety is definetly better. The accessories are sick this year. Sunglasses as well. Shoes look crisper than in the past. Sounds of the show really ads so much. All in all it's a great game.
  8. I got it Thursday and it's pretty incredible. I made a sound pack on operation sports with almost 500 different player walk ups, reliever entrances and stadium sounds used by players last year if anyone's interested.
  9. Debster those are sick. Cant wait for your global. What batting gloves are going to be in? The under armour camo ones. The franklin ones I saw. Which others?
  10. You releasing these in 2k16 debster?
  11. Dude those turned out sick.
  12. Not sure how that happened lol but thanks fixed it.
  13. Unfortunately I don't think you can get the full version anymore. The buy links in the program didn't work and I emailed Vlad about a month ago and no response.
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