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  1. Will do and thank you again for all your help Gordo..
  2. I tried the mod and I have to say way better then what was there...More realistic... Thank you for the suggestion...
  3. I will check out the sliders thread...Is your sim pack available in the download section..????
  4. I will check it out as well...One last question more of an opinion..Which would be the best number to set for my sliders to get a more realistic baseball game..I want to set it to MVP but I am not sure which number to set all the slider options..?? What do you use Gordo...??
  5. I will give it a try..Thanks Fiebre..
  6. Hi.. I was wondering cause the only thing I saw on the site is a Music changer tool...Is there a tool here that changes the sounds of the game to make it more realistic..Like for example the snapping of the glove when you throw a 95 mile per hour fastball..Or the crack of the bat type thing..?? For there isn`t no big deal..Just wondering.? Thanks
  7. Thank you Gordo for the suggestion with the Res changer..Worked great and the game is a lot cleaner now...
  8. Sorry meant to say Windows Defender Firewall...I will check out the the Res changer...Wanted to add to my original email....To give you a better idea of what i did..Once i figured it out that it was my anti virus cause the issue...I uninstall it and then did a fresh install of MVP2005 with all the mods I wanted..MVP2015, new faces, rosters etc...When I was done I tested the game and once I saw it was working properly, I reinstalled my antivirus and set it to learning mode cause mine has the option and now I have no issues in running the game.. So my suggestion if added it to your anti virus does not work..Is to uninstall your anti virus temporary and then reinstall it once you know that the game is working properly and run your game..The anti virus should allow the game to run properly...
  9. So far it seems to be playing well have played one game since it worked and Haven`t had any issues with stuttering or being choppy...The only thing that is something I have to get used to is I got a 34 inch curved monitor so the players look like there stretched...Not a big deal as my focus was to get the game working...
  10. Hi.. Wanted to give an update on what I have done and if someone out there hasn`t tried maybe it will work for them as well..To make a long story short after trying a lot of ways to make MVP15 work in Windows 10..One thing i did was I turned off my anti virus and tried to run the game again..It started playing no problem and I am using Windows 10 pro 64 bit...So I turned my viper anti virus on and put it in learning mode..Which means that every time a program shows up it asks me if I want to block or allow it...So once MVP2005.exe showed up..I allowed it and the game played...So if you haven`t tried this yet..One possibility is allow the game through your anti virus firewall and Windows 10 firewall and restart and then start game again and see if that works..Or if you anti virus has the option turn it into learning mode and allow the game and try it that way.. Maybe it will work for you.
  11. Vader

    MVP 15 issue.?

    I will look through the thread again...Thanks Gordo..
  12. Vader

    MVP 15 issue.?

    Hi I tired doing a search but there is no thread for this issue...When I tried to run MVP17 for some reason it would minimize to the task bar a few times till it started running..When It finally ran it would crash to the desktop when it was loading up the game after i would pick the teams and stadium..I thought that the program was faulty so I decided to do a clean install of MVP2005 the original game and put MVP15...After I did that I am still getting the same issue, it would minimize to the task bar a few times and now it is not even running properly...I have allowed it through my firewall on both windows 10 and my anti virus i even tried compatibility and still not luck...It is a strange issue...Would a windows update cause this issue..?? or would it not be accepting the video drivers..? Like I said it is a strange issue as it was working fine last week... Any ideas..?? Thanks
  13. Vader

    MVPedit question.?

    HI Ballfour and Schordese Your suggestion worked....Put .dat in the entry bar and it accepted it... Thank you for the help...
  14. Vader

    MVPedit question.?

    Hi Gordo My problem is that even though the .dat files are there MVPEdit doesn`t see them..when I go into the data/database folder it is empty and in the drop down menu at the bottom it only shows.mbe file.. Hi Gordo It is telling me that there are no files to match and it is only giving me the option of .mbe files...when asking what to open...Even though the all the .dat files are in the database folder..
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