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  1. Next guy to debut is Jake Meyers of the Houston Astros. Recap of the ongoing list: Jake Meyers (Hou) Michael Rucker (Chc) Reid Detmers (LAA) Brian Miller (Mia) Bryan De La Cruz (Mia) Corey Bird (Mia) Darren McCaughan (Sea) Angel Rondón (StL) Curtis Terry (Tex) Josiah Gray (Wsh) Sean Guenther (Mia) (Edit #1)
    Great job Marcos, thank you! (Btw, I'm still waiting an official ID for the Adolis García face you made).
  2. Hey, I would like to suggest, for future considerations, some (regular to very good) players without cyberface: Zac Gallen (Ari) John Means (Bal) Christian Arroyo (Bos) Hunter Renfroe (Bos) Garrett Whitlock (Bos) Aaron Civale (Cle) Jon Gray (Col) Ryan McMahon (Col) C.J. Cron (Col) Michael Kopech (CWS) Luis García (Hou) Kyle Tucker (Hou) Framber Valdez (Hou) David Fletcher (LAA) Will Smith (LAD) Blake Treinen (LAD) Trevor Rogers (Mia) Pablo López (Mia) Sandy Alcántara (Mia) Mitch Garver (M
  3. I can't believe how good those Vlad Gutierrez neck tattoos are looking. Amazing faces, genios!
  4. Corey Bird (Mia) Austin Warren (LAA) Angel Rondón (StL)+ Brian Miller (Mia)++ Bryan De La Cruz (Mia)++ Reid Detmers (LAA)++ Michael Rucker (Chc)++
  5. Currently without audio/photo IDs: Josiah Gray (LAD) Darren McCaughan (Sea) Curtis Terry (Tex)
  6. Nice list, I'll send you a dm for a few names you may have in consideration. Buena lista, te escribiré al privado para darte algunos nombres que tal vez puedas considerar.
  7. Thanks! Here is one more prospect debuting today: Josiah Gray (LAD)
    Clean and good as usual sensei
  8. Chalie Barnes (Min) Hoy Jun Park (NYY) Ben Rortvedt (Min)+
  9. Hey, in the Community list Luis Rengifo (LAA) have assigned the cyberface #659, and the Adolis Garcia's cyberface that was released some weeks ago have the same number, a new number should be assigned to Garcia for those who would like to have both.
  10. Hello guys, please photo/audio ID's for: Jakson Reetz (Wsh) Cal Raleigh (Sea) Reiss Knehr (SD) Darien Núñez (LAD) Gavin Sheets (CWS) Jake Burger (CWS) Jarren Duran (Bos) Andrew Wantz (LAA)+
  11. By default he game shows the ages that players had back in 2005, mate. They are set that way by roster creators because when a season/owner mode is updated to the 2021 year the real ages can be shown properly. The other way one can see their ages updated is editing in the roster the year they born (sustracting 16 years back), but in that case one can't update the season mode's year to the current year because those years will be adding again and players on their 30s will have 40+. Take a look in the link below for more info
  12. Ok, I figured out how to edit players using MVPEdit.  One had a bad "Audio/Photo" number and the other a bad "Face" number.


    Sorry to keep bothering you but how can I preview the "Audio/Photo" and "Face" anims/pics?   The MVPEdit program doesn't show any.  I guess it's another file I need but haven't found which one yet.


    1. dpeters95


      Sorry, placed this here by mistake and couldn't figure out how to delete...  Resent to you as a DM.

  13. Version 2.0.0


    All levels Roster Version 06-27-2021 (Pre All-Star Game) Hello everyone! Thanks again for the good feeback of my previous Rosters, It's been a pleasure to make this contributions to the game. I'm releasing the Second Update. I can say this is my favorite so far beacause there is a improvement in terms of accuracy since lots of players that were missing are now in the roster. Installation: Go to your MVP/data/database folder, first, delete ALL the 19 DAT files and then paste the new DAT files of this download. Don't forget to backup. What's New: Tr
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