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  1. New Audio/Photo ID's for: Rylan Bannon (BAL) Nelson Velazquez (CHC) Anderson Severino (CWS) Lenyn Sosa (CWS) Jonathan Aranda (TB)
  2. +++++ Buddy Kennedy (ARI) Sean Bouchard (COL) David MacKinnon (LAA) Jerar Encarnación (MIA) Jonah Bride (OAK) Bligh Madris (PIT) Cam Vieaux (PIT) Liover Peguero (PIT) Max Castillo (TOR)
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This file has been in my folders for months, my first intention was to release it with the roster, but, because it has been delayed for this long I felt the need to release it now... in the 18th of june... (seriously, sorry). As the name suggest, this download contains: The MLB Post-Lockout 2022 Schedule (Doubleheaders everywhere) The Triple-A, Double-A and High-A 2022 Schedules!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M
  4. Hey guys, please, new ID's for: Nick Vespi (BAL) Kyle Stowers (BAL) Caleb Kilian (CHC) Chris Okey (CIN) Jake Bird (COL) Davis Daniel (LAA) Aneurys Zabala (MIA) Yennier Cano (MIN) Michael Kelly (PHI) Calvin Mitchell (PIT) Canaan Smith-Njigba (PIT) Jared Koenig (OAK) Zack Thompson (STL) Ezequiel Duran (TEX) Steele Walker (TEX) Matt Gage (TOR) Jake Walsh (WSH) Jackson Tetreault (WSH)
  5. Thanks for your support words dude! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please, new ID's for this debuters: Matt Swarmer (CHC) Brandon Hughes (CHC) Kody Clemens (DET) Joey Wentz (DET) Jose Cuas (KC) Peter Strzelecki (MIL) Ethan Small (MIL) Luke Barker (MIL) Josh H. Smith (TEX) Michael Harris II (ATL) Cody Sedlock (BAL) Josh Winckowski (BOS) Chad Smith (COL) Helcris Olivarez (COL) Michael Papierski (SF) Iván Herrera (STL) source: https
  6. Sure man, don't worry. I know Cyberfaces IDs have priority over audio/photos IDs and I know you're not ignoring anybody. I just want to keep track of all the guys that debuts in the Majors that do not have IDs yet (That would help portrait and audio makers, in theory). In general, I do like to see that when rosters are released most of the MLB players have an official ID. And as I always tell you, if you need help maintaining the list updated, don't doubt in reaching me, I know is not an easy task. Happy sunday.
  7. Cooper Hummel (ARI) Nick Vespi (BAL) Logan Gillaspie (BAL) Brandon Hughes (CHC) Davis Martin (CWS) Graham Ashcraft (CIN) Chase Silseth (LAA) Michael Grove (LAD) Colin Holderman (NYM) Francisco Morales (PHI) Phoenix Sanders (TB) Don't ignore me, the new roster is going to be cool i promise lol
  8. Hey there, please new audio/photo IDs for: Tyler Holton (ARI) William Woods (ATL) Kyle Bradish (BAL) Jared Solomon (CIN) Kirk McCarty (CLE) Richie Palacios (CLE) Elehuris Montero (COL) Cole Sands (MIN) Adam Oller (OAK) Jack Suwinski (PIT) Beau Sulser (PIT) Sean Hjelle (SF) Danny Young (SEA) George Kirby (SEA) Phoenix Sanders (TB) Bowden Francis (TOR) Vinny Capra (TOR) Edit: Alek Thomas (ARI) Ryan Pepiot (LAD) Mark Contreras (MIN) Adrian Martinez (OAK) Kramer Robertso
  9. Hello there, please, new audio/photo ID's for: Beau Brieske (DET) Angel De Jesus (DET) Ray Kerr (SD) René Pinto (TB) Gabriel Arías (CLE) Tanner Tully (CLE) Kirk McCarty (CLE) J.J. Matijevic (HOU) Mickey McDonald (OAK) Penn Murfee (OAK) Kenny Rosenberg (LAA)
  10. Hello there, please, audio/photo ID's for: Parker Mushinski (HOU) Tommy Romero (TB) Kevin Smith (BAL) Nick Plummer (NYM) Zach Logue (OAK) Donovan Casey (WSH) Bryce Elder (ATL)
  11. Please audio/photo ID's for: Diego Castillo (PIT) Nick Lodolo (CIN) Bryson Stott (PHI) Steven Kwan (CLE), thanks to bagwell4ever(!) Joe Perez (HOU) Tanner Banks (CWS) Jacob Lemoine (OAK) Zach Jackson (OAK) José Azocar (SD) CJ Abrams (SD) Andre Palllante (STL) Simón Muzziotti (PHI) Elvin Rodríguez (DET) Edit: Félix Butista (BAL) Edit 2: Daniel Duarte (Cin) Alexis Diaz (Cin) Tommy Romero (TB)
  12. Please Ids audio/photo for: Diego Castillo (Pit) Nick Lodolo (Cin) Bryson Stott (Phi)
  13. Oh don't worry then, it happens to anybody, thank you very much for your words, they mean a lot to me! I'm always trying to do the best I can with my work and it has been nice to see that many here have liked it.
  14. -Hey, I already answered you in the dm, I believe it's pure coincidence, I've used both rosters and never seen any significative difference since the ratings in our MLB rosters are pretty much similar! -I'm not sure if this is the right answer to this question, obviously, I can agree that his roster are great and probably better! But I find hard to agree that he puts more time into it since I have to cover way more players, and I think he himself would agree with this (to me, the comparison is a bit unfair because our rosters do not have the same approach).
  15. Hey guys, audio/photo ID for Seiya Suzuki (CHC) please
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