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  1. @Dirtdog, @laroquece thanks for your support all year long guys! My best wishes for you this 2023!
  2. I tend to like the version of the Marlins Park that is made over the Miller Park, it may need "just" a change on the colors of the walls, remove the sculpture and change some logos. Maybe create a version for WBC use and another one for MLB use? Is it possible? It might be important to keep this in mind since, after all, this is the stadium where more games will be played during the tournament.
  3. It looks like you guys are cooking a nice mod over here, I can't wait for WBC! Question, are there any plans to update some of the stadiums that will be used? Especially Chase Field and some of the two versions that have been done on Marlins Park? I think that would add a cool touch to the mod,
  4. I think I did the Webb one (check my audio mods) and Will Smith is already done I believe. Could definitely work on Nick Martinez and Tate while not promising nothing about Betts. My only question is if the same ID's will be used (I would imagine so but I would be grateful if you can confirm it).
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Here's a pack of the new audios that I was able to make this year. Please, note that some of these players may not be on the team listed anymore, enjoy it. Unless noted, this are full acdp* announcements audios for: 0053 Yadiel Hernández (WSH) 0059 Cionel Perez (MIN) 0208 Andrew Stevenson (WSH) 0341 Julian Merryweather (TOR) 0452 Hunter Greene (CIN) 0516 Spenser Watkins (BAL) 0585 Alex Young (CLE) 0743 Lane Thomas (WSH) 0834 Andrés Giménez (CLE) 0946 Joel Kuhnel (CIN) cdp 0970 Art Warren (CIN) cdp 1058 Jeter Downs (
  6. I'm not sure how to help you here... other than tell you that there is absolutely no need to use TiT.
  7. Ok, so after the september call-ups, this is the current list of rookies without audio/photo IDs: Dominic Fletcher (ARI) Ryne Nelson (ARI) Stone Garrett (ARI) Vaughn Grissom (ATL) Triston Casas (BOS) Zack Kelly (BOS) Brennen Davis (CHC) Nicholas Padilla (CHC) Javier Assad (CHC) Brendon Little (CHC) Jeremiah Estrada (CHC) Carlos Pérez (CWS) Chuckie Robinson (CIN) Fernando Cruz (CIN) Spencer Steer (CIN) George Valera (CLE) Peyton Battenfield (CLE) Xzavion Curry (CLE) Cody Morris (CLE) Micha
    Looks nice, thanks! I'll be getting all these to play my TC mods.
    Nice job bro!! Would love to see some Yankees players updated too (Cole, Donaldson, Falefa, etc without the beards)
  8. Thank you guys! Really nice to see this support for the roster! You're right, their work is absolutely cool!! Muchas gracias hermano.
  9. + Stone Garrett (ARI) Freddy Tarnok (ATL) Zack Kelly (BOS) Nicholas Padilla (CHC) Javier Assad (CHC) Brendon Little (CHC) Jeremiah Estrada (CHC) Carlos Pérez (CWS) Michael Toglia (COL) David Hensley (HOU) Yainer Diaz (HOU) Bryan Hoeing (MIA) Ryan Aguilar (LAA) Garrett Mitchell (MIL) José Butto (NYM) Nate Fisher (NYM) Connor Grey (NYM) Greg Weissert (NYY) Norge Ruiz (OAK)
  10. Thank you man! I keep working to improve it even more
  11. Please new audio/photo ID's for: Dominic Fletcher (ARI) Ryne Nelson (ARI) Vaughn Grissom (ATL) Triston Casas (BOS) Brennen Davis (CHC) Chuckie Robinson (CIN) George Valera (CLE) Peyton Battenfield (CLE) Xzavion Curry (CLE) Kerry Carpenter (DET) Hunter Brown (HOU) J.P. France (HOU) Parker Bugg (MIA) Andrew Nardi (MIA) Joey Wiemer (MIL) Dylan File (MIL) Matt Wallner (MIN) Brett Baty (NYM) Mark Vientos (NYM) Michael Busch (LAD) Cal Stevenson (OAK) Shea Langeliers (OAK) Ken W
    Nice work, thank you very much 💯
  12. Hey there the MVP22 Full Levels Roster has officially been released!! Thanks to all for the enthusiasm and patience, Remember, additionaly to new faces, portraits and player audios, I recommend to have all of BallFour great work (the minor league teams uniforms and the current team names and logos files).
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