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  1. Hey, I was checking and this portraits are good but the ID numbers have nothing to do with the official List, I wish this guy could work along with the rest of us because his work is good, but I think at least we can assign appropriate ID numbers for this players right? (except Dominguez who is still far away from A-ball).
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Hi everyone, today I'm proud to finally release this major roster update for the MVP Baseball. Let's begin with three basic things to know: 1. This Rosters contains the up to date depth charts for every organization, from MLB to High A. 2. There are 2 versions: Version A is an aproximation of the present day roster where the pitchers that are missing this season due to Tommy John Injuries are not available. Version B is the same aproximation, but it contains those pitchers (see the list in the other text file)<<<For future updates, I'll be releasing just
    Great! Thank you.
    Wonderful job. This is exactly what i was waiting for. Thanks again!
    Nice job BallFour thank you! I would love to see one for the Aviators.
    Thanks BallFour! It was a pleasure contribute to this great job.
  3. Don't open the Schedule file, just drag it and put it in the mvpbaseball/data/database folder.
  4. Omarito are those the official cyberface IDs for Arozarena, Smith, etc?
  5. Nice job man, thank you very much! The only thing that keeps making me noise is the missmatching between the audio/photo ID numbers that several players have in your roster versus the ones they actually have on the community ID list. Especially because I already did make audios for some of those guys, so that's causing problems for the installed audios. I would like to see a consensuated solution for that regard, salutes and happy season!
  6. Hey guys, Akil Baddoo (Det) needs an Audio/Photo ID please.
  7. Hi bro, no, I will not doing a short calendar version this year, maybe in case this season got shorted like the past year, but that possibility it's unlikely at this point.
  8. I got it, thank you very much for share it
  9. Great work mate! Here is a cosmetic error: the Cardinals' catcher Andrew Knizer------->Knizer to Knizner Speaking about catchers and asking for a friend, would it be possible that can you share the ideas behind the new formulas to get the catchers' throwing attributes?
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