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  1. Ok I opened the MLB2K12 Roster Editor, look for the roster of myplayer mode and michael morse is with washington but the error continues Please if someone has passed this error and has the solution, please tell me
  2. I mean, I have to have Michael Morse on a MLB team
  3. ok bro thank you very much anyway I will try with the Reditor II to get through that day Anyway who knows about this please help me
  4. The Roster That Brought The Game please help
  5. but I have the roster of the year 2012 which the game brought and this is my fourth season and the day of the draft when I go to play that day it stays stuck I minimize the game I maximize it and it is black please help me
  6. I Need Help In MyPlayer I'm Going To Play The Game Of The Draft Day And It Gets Stuck Happened to them? Please This Is My Fourth Season And I've Had A Great Career I Wouldn't Like To Miss It I'm From Venezuela Help Please
  7. Good afternoon I'm new to this I would like to know and if you can tell me what program you use to make the faces I would like to create some faces
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