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  1. Awesome work!! Thank you man
  2. it looks amazing thank you very much @Behindshadows, although the original logo 2k has a metallic and more shady look, I guess you @guaro1379 can make those arrangements. thanks friends
  3. This is bad news for the mvpmod community, their jobs are spectacular and we will miss them very much. I do not know what led him to make that decision, but I hope that at some point you can return. thank you very much for everything you did for mlb2k
  4. Muchas gracias por todo el tiempo y esfuerzo, que estas dedicando a hacer todo esto posible, no tengo ninguna duda de que este mod será un éxito, por mi parte, te digo que puede disponer en su mod de todas mis cyberface que están disponibles en este sitio web. y los logos, me gusta la Opción 1, se ven muy bien. saludos bro thank you very much for all the time and effort, that you are dedicating to make all this possible, I have no doubt that this mod will be a success, for my part I tell you that you can have in your mod, all my cyberface that are available in this website. and the logos, I like Option 1, they look great. greetings bro.
  5. Hello my friend So long without knowing about you, tomorrow we will surely have news of a great mod 2k19, waiting for now your excellent work. The date that you put, I guess, is the release date.
  6. @LouisvilleLipp that happens sometimes when you edit something in a player, but the solution is fast, just enter the game, look for the option of roster and then the player you want to change the skin tone of the arms and ready. @Behindshadows the elements that make up the cyberface in mlb2k is very different from the nba2k, the cyberface of nba you can edit the texture of the arms (tattoos) because that texture comes apart of the texture of the face, and likewise the texture of the Hair and 3d models of the hair can be added without any problem, in mlb2k none of this is possible.
    Thanks for sharing I appreciate your time and your effort to make this possible.
  7. Hi bro. all you have to do is enter the game to go to the game modes option, then you choose the franchise option and then the new franchise option, when doing this you will see a message, saying if you want to use the current or default roster . Of course you choose the current option. previously to all this you must place the headtrip roster, in the save folder, since that roster will create the franchise. Greetings
    excellent news, thank you very much for sharing the progress of your good work with the roster, I question, this roster already has the 2019 schedule? Greetings
  8. @Behindshadows @picklebrad friends all this sounds great, I thank you from now on for the effort and time you are dedicating to make this possible. If there is something I can help you, do not hesitate to tell me. Greetings
  9. Hi bro the franchise file is a bit delicate to edit, however for the things that you mention is not to be crashed, unless it is because you modified the movements of the different pitching types. I used Reditor with some franchise and worked well. greetings
  10. @Behindshadows thank you very much for all the time and effort that you are dedicating, to make this possible, any questions or help that you need I am at your disposal. greetings bro.
  11. I've seen that kind of problems for a long time, sometimes it also happens that some players in the game have the same cyberface as another, even though their ID are different and correct. the only solution to this is, creating again the player who presents that problem or editing a retired player. in this way I have solved some players that do not show their cyberface even though they have it. greetings bro.
  12. Okay, I'll take a look, thanks for the help man
  13. @picklebrad @Behindshadows @medicenchris41 thank you very much friends for your words, I am thinking about changing the 3d model and looking for another one with more similarity to deGrom. Greetings
  14. What do you think about this version of Jacob deGrom? Of course, some improvements are missing
  15. as @andygev35 said, that currently can not be done, because we do not have a tool to decode the file "pa_plyrs.bin" that contains the names of the players, so far you can only update the menu song lists and some audio mod of television networks such as MLB NetWork and FOX. Unfortunately for MLB2k there are few tools for modding, and on the contrary mvp baseball is 100% modding @motro
  16. Hello can you simply upload the files in "FILE zip" format, I would greatly appreciate it, and the entire mvpmod community too. Greetings friend
    Thank you very much for sharing, excellent contribution!! 5 star for you
  17. thanks brother. The problem that I have is my free time, I do not have much time to dedicate myself to doing many cyberface but I make the effort to share something with the community. Greetings
    thank you very much man!! great work
  18. what do you think about this cyberface Forsythe, this is when I start my career by cyberface modding. Smyly was also created at the his time by the great @scottybilly, greetings bro.
  19. thank you very much for your words friend, I will soon release I am just waiting to finish cyberface deGrom. you think cyberface Devers must improve more, I see it very well greetings
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