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  1. Bostonnico

    WF2K - 2019 Opening Day Roster

    thank you very much bro for this new update, now with the 2019 schedule. thanks also to @blindguy
  2. Bostonnico

    WF2K - 2019 Opening Day Roster

    5 stars for you!! excellent work
  3. Bostonnico

    WF2K - 2019 Opening Day Roster

    Thank you very much for your enormous support to mod 2k19, thank you for your time that you dedicate to make this possible. We know about the quality of your work, I only have one question, this roster has the actual schedule of the 2019 season
  4. I apologize to everyone, not that way with the file, but I have gone up again now Winrar format thanks for your comments, I think that further improvement in the cyberface, Now they can download face Mookie Betts again. Greetings friends
  5. Bostonnico

    Cyberfaces MLB-2KMOD by Bostonnico

    Thank you for your comment, I will keep in mind. Greetings friend
  6. Bostonnico

    Cyberfaces MLB-2KMOD by Bostonnico

    work in progress, coming soon Lance McCullers Jr
  7. Bostonnico

    Cyberfaces MLB-2KMOD by Bostonnico

    thank you very much for your comments friends, Due to my little free time, I will be doing some cyberface little by little. greetings to all
  8. Bostonnico

    Cyberfaces MLB-2KMOD by Bostonnico

    new cyberface, which will be released for mod 2k19, 1B Steve Pearce
  9. Bostonnico

    2019 schedule xls

    Thank you very much, for you support!! @headtrip47 my friend, now it's your turn to put the schedule inside the roster, thanks in advance. to both greetings
  10. Bostonnico

    Cyberfaces MLB-2KMOD by Bostonnico

    Thank you very much bro!!! 👍👍😄😄😄
  11. Bostonnico

    Cyberfaces MLB-2KMOD by Bostonnico

    hello friend, I can give you some steps on how to start in the creation of cyberface, but you can learn by watching some videos on YouTube, search for good videos that are sure to help you a lot, thanks for your words. I will send a message to your inbox
  12. Bostonnico

    Cyberfaces MLB-2KMOD by Bostonnico

    Of course, friend that is the idea to try to make new cyberface for new players, who do not yet have, my problem is that I do not have much free time, to make many cyberface. thanks for your comment regards
  13. Bostonnico

    Cyberfaces MLB-2KMOD by Bostonnico

    I will include it in my list, to do
  14. Bostonnico

    Cyberfaces MLB-2KMOD by Bostonnico

    Hello, here I am again with a small contribution, this time cyberface Rafael Dervers. This cyberface will be part of a cyberface pack, which I will upload at the beginning of the season mlb2019. what do you think about this @Jed
  15. Bostonnico

    Franchise 2019 Spring Trainning + Portrait

    it is an excellent job I can see that everything is well updated, I congratulate you, you made a great effort to contribute to MLB2K. thank you
  16. Bostonnico

    2019 Miami Marlins Complete Set

    Thank you very much man!! Congratulations excellent works 👍👍😄😄
  17. Bostonnico

    Uniforms D-Backs.2019_FINAL

    @jeferomer hello thank you very much for your excellent work, very good quality. you can also update that uniform for MLB2K12, thank you very much
  18. Bostonnico

    i need help

    this can be done with the Reditor II tool, look for it in the download area
  19. Bostonnico

    MLB2K12 Editing Question

    hello because you want, delete the post should better publish the solution to your question, so that other users can also see the solution. for example, I do not know and I would like to know what file to modify to update the statistics. greetings and thanks
  20. Bostonnico

    MLB2K19 Total Frontend

    your work is impeccable with the design. excellent contribution to mod 2k19.
  21. Bostonnico

    MLB 2K19 Frontend

    Amazing this is wonderful, your work with the logos is exceptional congratulations. I always liked that logo design adjusted to the original design, thank you very much for sharing your work with all of us. regards
  22. Bostonnico

    Cyberfaces For Beginners- MLB 2K-MOD 2017

    @picklebrad friend, you have all the reason, for a long time ago I asked the same to these users, we should take things slowly. they make cyberface requests that have already been made and are available in the downloads section. @Jed @picklebrad I am very happy that you are willing to support a mod 2k19, there is already a topic in the forum about this, initiated by @headtrip47, who asked for support to make mod 2k19, and I of course will help you with everything you can. greetings friends
  23. Bostonnico

    Reditor Ii [Mlb 2K12]

    @Jed. thank you very much brother for the clarification I was running RED MC, to open the roster, I was a little confused for the similarity of the tools. thanks and regards 😅😅😁
  24. Bostonnico

    Reditor Ii [Mlb 2K12]

    Someone has had the same error as me, there is a solution for this problem, the tool does not open the files, mainly the roster, nor the franchise file
  25. Bostonnico

    2K Classic World Baseball 2021 Coming Soon......

    Thank you very much!! Bro 😁😁