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  1. @2kinfinitymod This looks very interesting thanks for all the effort and dedication you are making to develop this tool, I hope other users here with programming knowledge, can help you. greetings
  2. Woohoo year 2042, I wonder how many world series Boston has won too lol .... We hope everything turns out very well tomorrow, good luck bro
  3. Magnificent!! Come on Bro, I know that you can with this, maybe the solution is not as complicated as it seems, and everything is solved just by exporting your franchise roster to the .ROS file. Friend, of course I'm always following all your threads, about the new roster. Thanks for not giving up and get on with this great project, greetings
  4. I really like Acuna dreadlocks, friend good work
  5. In the entire infield, you can try 50 in anticipation, because the infielders move very well in their positions and have good throw speed and in outfield you can try 90 or more because this can help in the reaction of the outfielders and of course at throw speed In the original roster that came with the game, the 2012 roster, this attribute is very important but from the rosters that have been edited here in the community, that attribute was set aside and only has the default values
  6. I have played a bit with the anticipation attribute, which can be applied to the majority of players in almost all positions, but where I have seen the greatest impact of this attribute is catchers, IF and OF Anticipation is the player's ability to get ahead of a move depending on his position. for example in catchers, that attribute helps them a lot to get ahead of a stole base and put the player out in 2B In the IF and OF helps in plays where a runner wants to take an extra base so the if / of gets release of the ball faster and also helps when the OF makes the big catches in the outfield. in the runner it helps when they are going to steal bases or take an additional base @WacoKid
  7. @Kccitystar greetings bro Take your time, think cold-headed. I know that you can solve this problem. I believe in you friend ️️
  8. That's right bro, I think the same when I make a cyberface I spend hours and hours working on it until I get the best results, however the results also depend on the pic we find of the player we are going to do, because sometimes it is very difficult to find good pic to use.
  9. you're right bro, when we are newbies doing cyberface the results are not the best But here we are talking about the amount of cyberface that some users upload, without caring much about the quality. We assume that may not spending enough time to get better results. @Behindshadows
  10. excellent details good work, I think just like you bro, quality is very important so it is better to spend several hours doing a cyberface, to obtain excellent results.
  11. I recommend that you update the IDs of all your cyberfaces that you have uploaded here, so that they are compatible with the new roster in the future.
    excellent job as usual bro Congratulations
    well done 5 stars for you a question, these cyberface IDs are official according to the list published by @Kccitystar, for the new roster
  12. Congratulations!! it's a great start, you've done a good job
    thank you very much!! bro as usual excellent work 5 stars for you
  13. Thank you man!! I was waiting for this update for my favorite team, as always an excellent job, thousand thanks
  14. It's a good idea to do the managers cyberfaces for this new roster that is very close to being released and will be the best of all time, even rivaling the original 2K Sport roster. Most managers do not have a cyberface, maybe @Kccitystar can help us with good pic I can do some cyberface in the little time I have free. @Jed
  15. Friend, impressive as always the details are very noticeable, congratulations and thank you for your work that will make the game much more realistic
  16. thousand thanks man !! this is just what we were waiting for, now we can assign the new portrait ID and cyberface. as always excellent work and greetings bro
  17. excellent news, take the time it takes to finish this great project, thank you very much for everything. greetings bro
  18. @WacoKid Thank you very much bro, this is something that will definitely make a great improvement in the game, congratulations you have done well.
  19. amazing! Every day I learn new things about the editing tools. how deep is @Kccitystar knowledge about MLB2k modding amazes me a lot. greetings friends ️️
  20. @WacoKid Thank you very much friend, for everything you are doing for MLB2k any change to improve the game is welcome. And I think you're doing a good job, the pitch and his movements are a very important part of the game. Greetings ️️
  21. As far as I know, this is not possible at the moment because the MLB2K Audio Editor tool cannot run or does not work with the file pa_plyrs.bin which contains the audios of the players. hey bro, @Kccitystar how far are we from being able to create or modify audios for new players that are not mentioned by the announcers?
  22. So far it is the furthest I have seen that modders have managed to update the music in the game and the music of main menu. There are 2 good modders who can help you a lot with that, contact @Guaro1379 and @aceshigh they have a lot of knowledge about this
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