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  1. yes i dknow get that and know that but i know that most pc downloads rosters will not work with xbox360 if i am correct they will not work together
  2. Over the weekend i picked up a copy of xbox360 2k12 and i am curious if there is a most updated roster to download and use that is most updated being i know the update on operation sports is good mod but i was curious if there was another updated roster possible...
  3. i just have a general question but i play mvp baseball 16 now but is there a difference besides the rosters on mvp baseball 15 and mvp baseball 16 mods truthfully just curious what everyone is thoughts on this..
  4. i have question for all u modders that i think u will know i just do not know and i have been extremely sick lately but i have lost my mlb2k11 cd but i have the backup on another computer and i am curious if there is a way to play it without the cds if so great if not ok then.. just curious
  5. i am trying to edit rosters but for some reason the editor does not work for me and i would love for someone to give me help on how to use the editor for rosters and cyberfaces being i have used them for mlb2k stuff but i am trying for mvp mods and i have had issues before but i would like if someone could help me figure how to do it and make it work. anyhelp would be appreciated being i have done your tutorials before..
  6. yes i do know where that is gordo but i placed it in the mvp16 and it locked the computer up so i am curious if there was a lot of updates to that so that would have happened. thats all
  7. i have read to forrum and i changed games for a feew to try out mvp baseball and everytime i place a mod roster into the game it locks up so i am curious if i am doing roster mods differeent so if anyone has help it would be appreciated please..
  8. i am curious if someone has made a list of corresponding numbers on a spreadsheet that i can have that will give the corresponding numbers so i can work on a list myself for better use on my game. any spreadsheets someone has would be very very appreciated corresponding to portraits. Thanks and great work on all the mods everyone does that i have seen
  9. i have mlb2k11 and im trying to work on revorted it to that being i cannot find a copy of mlb2k12 anywhere so i am having to use my mlb2k11 game
  10. i am having issue with finding the right forum for change thing dates and i would like to somehow to change dates in the game so i can have more updated dates so if anyone can help me find the right forum on how to do it it would be appreciated...
  11. hey thanks for the mouth i am just asking and i know i did but no responses so i asked again but sorry for bothering people on this site aluthough i have almost a full 2017 roster set already with spring training invites that i was thinking of uploading.
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