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    Great work on the roster but I have one quick question there seems to be a bug with this file cause I have seen this with other rosters the problem is that when I pitch with Shawn Newcomb of the Braves for some reason he has Albies cyber face on him and then when I sent Newcomb down to the minors his has his actual cyber face is there a way to fix this problem..thanks..
  1. Hey Kyleb how are you  doing..?? I 'm new to this modding game and I have one quick question.I just installed your MVP12 TCM and it works great thanks amazing work I see that you have 2 patches for the mod and want to know where exactly to I install these in the TIT? thanks for all the your hard  work its sick bruh..

    As always splendid work sir! THANKS!
  2. MI loco las caras no  instalan por casualidad puesdes investigal eso gracias manito..

  3. Buen trabajo MLB gracias...

    beautiful work as always Bostonico thank you.. please keep making these cyber faces they're a work of art..
    thanks Scotty for these faces but I'm having an issue with Sean Manea face for some reason I keep getting this one after doing the editing..
    Thank you Scotty beautiful work boss..
    Scotty, EPIC!!work on these faces thank you..
    GREAT WORK!! as always man thanks..
  4. SammyBell


    Great job thank you....
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