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    Looks Awesome BallFour! Great Work
  1. Can't wait to see your amazing creation BallFour :) I know it's going to be legendary!!!
  2. Hey buddy! The post from a few months ago was updated significantly but I made a change that wasn't great. I made a more 90's-esque fantasy game roster (eg: Oakland A's 1990-92 style roster, changing other Player's from their original 1994 team). In the version it's in now, it looks complete; I changed it back to an authentic 1994 roster + with reintegrated retired Star/Fan favorite players from the early 90's into rosters + Minor League Players who had their first MLB game from 1994-97 not on the original Mod AL, NL rosters or not in the game roster at all. Also changed some Jerse
    Quick & Easy program with simple instructions that produces Beautiful creations :) Just Made my First CTS Screens!
  3. Looking Amazing Ballfour!!! I know you put so much work into this and you should be very proud buddy Can't wait to play this on a Saturday afternoon sometime while having the Jay's game on in the background and a beer on the side!
    Amazing Collection! Thank You for all your hard work :)
  4. Olympic Stadium! I lived in MTL for a year "back in the day" - no studying was ever done lol Gonna be real Awesome when we get the chance to play your mod BallFour!
    Great Work! Thank You for Sharing :)
    Impressive! Amazing Cyberfaces :)
    Amazing work BallFour!!! A classic game made even better
  5. This is going to be EPIC!
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