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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Cyberfaces for Bo Jackson and Jose Canseco. Be sure to rename them to the proper face id number for the mod you are using.
  2. So if I'm understanding this correctly, we can now edit cyberfaces for mvp without relying on using Windows XP? If so, please someone direct me on where to start on how to use Blender.
  3. What did he just say? lol Any movie less than 4 hours is just a waste of time.
  4. Thank you. I appreciate it. I wished I could make them at the rate I used to. I get motivated once in awhile when I run across a good photo.
  5. Me too. If i'm going to be paying a subscription for software, it's going to be something I have no choice in the matter. I otherwise won't support them by subscription.
  6. Yeah looks like the costs are pretty comparable. I wouldn't have a problem paying for it, but there's just something about having to pay a subscription to use a program that turns me off.
  7. Yeah that's the downfall. Though the cheapest plan is $89 a year. If the quality was good enough for cyberfaces, I would consider it. But for what it does, it's too costly.
  8. Yeah it shouldn't be an issue with watermarks. The issue is that you must pay for it. You can only do 10 photos for free. At which point, the watermarks are removed anyhow. But the utility is really neat. I'm really amazed that it chose the colors it did for Gibson's uniform. It was done automatically.
  9. If you pay for the subscription, it does remove the watermark. Otherwise you have to photoshop them with the first 10 free ones. I haven't played around enough with it to see how it does for resolution, and what sized files we end up with. I'd be curious to see how high of a resolution it can create.
  10. Have you guys seen this new My Heritage app? Their website has a couple of really neat tools. There's a photo enhancer that can restore poor resolution photos, colorize them, and another tool that will animate them to make them come to life. There is a cost, but you can try it out for free for up to 10 photos. I decided to test it a little bit. First, I started with this cartoon that looked a little pixelated. Before: And after doesn't look too bad, but definitely better: So there might be some hope for this. I decided to give it a try with a photo of
  11. Hi,

    Ballfour told me to come to you.  I'm still trying to create new team name audios.  I got the dat opened up to the 6 different asf files.  How can I make them the exact size as the previous ones and what apps do I need?




  12. Let me know how it goes.
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