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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Cyberfaces for Bo Jackson and Jose Canseco. Be sure to rename them to the proper face id number for the mod you are using.
  2. Thank you. I appreciate it. I wished I could make them at the rate I used to. I get motivated once in awhile when I run across a good photo.
  3. Hi,

    Ballfour told me to come to you.  I'm still trying to create new team name audios.  I got the dat opened up to the 6 different asf files.  How can I make them the exact size as the previous ones and what apps do I need?




  4. Let me know how it goes.
  5. Gotcha. Yeah I've never gotten it working on 10 either. I still use xp and 7.
  6. I don't recall ever seeing that. did you try reinstalling .net framework? what OS are you on?
  7. you can do that too. I just wanted to let you know it was possible if you wanted to do it. the mod i have going has all uniform slots filled at the mlb level and then some. as long as you keep the models.big below 680mb it doesn't crash. TIT just knows how to install all of the files if you name them correctly. It's how kraw programmed it. you have to name the files to their slots. here's a screen shot of what i have for the Mariners.
  8. yeah with TIT, it's really easy because you only need to save the portraits in .bmp files. you just need to make sure that the extension is all lowercase.
  9. yeah it's the same issue. the mods i've worked on have include all uniform slots filled at the mlb level with no issues. the only tool i've found that installs it correctly is TIT.
  10. what tool do you use to install uniforms? there is a way to fit more than 10. You can actually fill all 15 slots for all teams at the mlb level.
  11. what kind of issues are you having with the size of the uniform selections?
    The original face was not in the game. It's the face I made for Brian McCann and you added glasses to it.
  12. If you figure it out, definitely let everyone know. Editing the audio files was never an issue. It was getting it to actually work in game that was the issue. Or maybe it was the stadium audio files I'm confusing.
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