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  1. Hey that was me. There was a mixup in my accounts... sry about that!
  2. Must i consider that i'm the only freak to do that?? Lol...Like the funny replies, but indeed, if i want to go back to normal life, i got to do this. Be sure i'll share the result with all of you! But until then if someone can spoil me, i'll be glad!
  3. Really? Still i'm re-asking just to see if a someone as accomplished this feat? I'm in 2069, still have 56 years to play-sim!
  4. Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone here has done a full dynastie of 140 years with a team in EA MVP 2005? If so, what is happenning at the end of the 140th seasons? A special animation? or just a big «congratulation» splash screen? Or maybe a recapitualtion of all years...? I don't mind to be spoiled, i'm just not sure if i'll go all the way there but i have already done a long way (40+ seasons...)! Thanks!!
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