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  1. Thanks BallFour...LOL! Eskie01 PS: Now...LOL...how are you with removing stadium parts off and adding something else in its place??!!
  2. Version 2.0.0


    Here's my updated Baltimore Orioles uniform sets. They are basically the same as the previous ones up here plus I wanted Jim to take off the individual ones so I can put the 2 polyester 1971 uniforms together plus the all-orange uniform. I did recolor the uniform template to a more authentic look for the postseason road set plus I re-aligned the buttons to look as the originals did on the players. I also redid the catchers' gear to match the photo of Brooks Robinson, Elrod Hendricks & Mark Belanger congratulating the relief pitcher Dick Hall for his save in Game 2 of the 1971 World Series as you see pictured in the screen shots. I watched my highlight dvd of the 71 Series and Etchebarren in Game 4 of the series wore the exact thing as Hendricks did in that game 2 photo. To install copy the uniform(s) zips into the home MVP2005 folder and use Total Installer Thingy to install them into the game. Remember to back up your original ones just in case. If you have any questions let me know and enjoy the new sets! Eskie01
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Here is my 1989 Orioles Uniform set. Back some time ago, MVP91 sent me a compliment on my 1970s Orioles uniform sets and asked me to do him up a 1989 version...well here it is with some of the different research that I used. Of course as I did the other uniform sets, I used original buttons and uniform emblems (jersey, cap, & helmet). I also included my new catchers' equipment detail that I was trying to do and shared about in the MVP Forums. I also gave the batting gloves a little more vibrancy. I LOVE Spungo's gloves and his batting gloves, wristbands, etc., Pack. That's why I went to using my 1983 season to do the print-screens instead of the 1971 that I started using because in 71 there were quite a few players that didn't use batting gloves. I wanted to have them on too. To install just place the individual uniform zip (home, road, and/or alternate) into your home MVP folder and use Total Installer Thingy to install it into your game. It is well advised that you first backup your original game before so if you don't like them or something happens you can still have your original to replace the updated one. I hope MVP91 sees this post and I hope that others will like it too! Enjoy! Eskie01
  4. ...and that's NOT ALL...back even in 1992 when my wife & I went up to see the opening night of hockey at the Boston Garden, they wanted $2.50, I believe, for a peanut & jelly sandwich in a food court in a mall just off of the Massachusetts Turnpike just north of Boston. When we were up there we couldn't believe the prices. We just hoped & prayed that the people up there earned more money than we do down here in PA. I believe if I remember correctly we went up on I81 near Albany, NY, and I remember we just went through the outer edge of Hartford, CT. We were also hoping to see some trees change color by then but they were still pretty green yet in the first half of October. Eskie01
  5. I'm also having problems with lag in the game itself starting and takes at least 40 seconds to start as far as showing the 00000000.256 file or introductory picture or whatever. I never had any trouble so I was wondering if it could be my video card going bad. I of course have Windows 7 64 bit with Intel Core I7, 32mb of RAM, 2mb of RAM on my ASUS (or AMD) HD7770 graphics card. Yankee4Life...Do you have any idea what some of the abundance of extra background things running could be? I'd like that to stay "fit-n-trim" as possible. I just have my gamepad starting up at the beginning boot, but a number things going in the services area of both the configuration (when you type msconfig), and the task manager (ctrl, alt, del). I would love to try to get rid of some stuff but I'm not sure what and if deleting it could cause the pc to go down. I thank you guys as well! Eskie01
  6. BallFour was almost (LOL) a genius. Neither of us were right...I was on the correct side but didn't take it far enough...the WHOLE right side is colored as attached will show. I attached each try's guard file and corresponding in-game photo. You can see what actually gets colored and what is ACTUALLY shown in the game. Besides of course the Orioles' shin guards, there were other teams through the years that had 2-tone shin guards as well. Maybe you missed the nail ole boy (BallFour), but at least you hit the wood nearby...in other words you got me thinking a bit!!! Thanks a million for your help!!! Eskie01
  7. Thanks a million guys!!! I personally kinda lean toward ASUS/AMD...that's what the 7770 was. The sound card that I got to go with my system back in 2012 was an ASUS "something something" DSX. I have the box around here somewhere. It broke a couple years ago and then I go the "SE" without the "X" but it doesn't do as well as the old one "DSX". What's you guys' opinions of the ASUS sound cards?? Thanks a million again!!! Eskie01
  8. Of the current graphics and sound cards on the market for Windows 7 64 bit, which would work the best with MVP 2005? I currently have an Asus HD7770 2gb, but of course it's no longer for sale at stores. Thanks, Eskie01
  9. Version 1.1.0


    Here are my 1972 Baltimore Orioles Uniform Sets. They are quite similar to the 1971 polyester Home and the road uniform that the team wore during the 1971 ALCS & 1971 World Series as well as the all-orange uniform manufactured by the Powers Manufacturing Company. However, the 1972 road uniform is a little different shade of gray as well as the orange & black stripes on the sleeves are reversed compared to the 1971 Postseason's. As far as the game version goes, compared to the 1971s that I uploaded, I... 1. Resized the bird emblem on the cap to compare more to the original proportion. I attached the original cap with the other photos. 2. As with the new 1971 A's uniforms that I just uploaded, I created more realistic catchers' gear that was close to what Elrod Hendricks & Andy Etchebarren wore during the 1971 World Series that I saw on our 71 WS Highlight Video. I attached a photo from each Game 1 & Game 6 of the 71 Series of Hendricks. I will be updating my 1971 Orioles sets in the near future. You can install these the same as any other uniform set. Just copy the zip files into whatever main MVP 2005 folder that you want and use the Total Installer Thingy tool to install each zip into the game. As always, if you have any questions just send me a message and I'll try to help you. Enjoy the sets! Eskie01
  10. I have another question as well, but it's about the game operation itself. When I tried to go and get a print screen by pressing replay, etc., when I turned the "camera" around to the front of the Orioles catcher, it completely kicked me out of the game. It never did that before. Could it be a peace of hardware going bad? I have all the RAM that I can put onto the mother board (32mb). I'm running W7 64 bit. I've done testing like when you boot up you can press function keys and go into menus...I pressed F12 and did the test in there and it all came back with green checkmarks. The pc itself seems to be running extra slow than it's supposed to. Could it be a Windows update like Framework 4.5, etc. I have a list of updates to NOT install to allow MVP to run and I don't have any on that listing on the pc. It also takes about a minute for the game to show the intro pic as attached below...the 00000056 one. I've defragged my butt off and tried to reinstall the operating system to NO avail. I gotta get this fixed...it's driving me buggy!!! Also, just out of nowhere the game automatically minimizes to the taskbar. Thanks, Eskie01
  11. I was wondering how can I change the color of part of the shin guard (knee area) and have it show in the game. Here is what I did and what I'd like it to look like. When I then checked in the game, the knee part was still all black. Thanks, Eskie01
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Here is my 1983 Orioles Uniform Set. The screen shot of the home uniform is actually my 1978 home set which everything is the same except for the bird emblem on the cap...it'll be like the 1983 road one. Both uniforms were original done by Rawlings with both jersey fonts being standard block. I also used the original buttons from the Singleton jersey on my repros...with the button holes all vertical except for the top one. I tried my best to get the "jersey material" the same gray color as the originals shown so they would look the same as the original in-game photos in MVP05 itself. To install, just copy the 2 zip files to your main MVP folder and use the Total Installer Thingy tool to install them into the game...remember to back up your current ones before stalling in case you don't like these. Next on my agenda, are...redoing my 1972 road uniform set and tackling a request for the 1989 Orioles uniform set. HOPEFULLY after that, I can get away from the Orioles and do another 1970-71 team uniform. After I do a few different teams, I want to add a 1984 left sleeve to my 1983 Orioles uniform set. If you have any questions please ask and thanks! Eskie01
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Here is my 1976 Orioles Uniform Set. As I mentioned under the 1975 version, I reversed the cap emblems from the 75 set. To install just unzip the zip file on your desktop and copy which ever individual or all of the home, road and/or alternate into your MVP home folder and use Total Installer Thingy to install them individually into the game. Please let me know if you have any problems so I can help ya with it. Enjoy! Eskie01
  14. I just like to do things myself and share with folks. I did get a positive comment and he wants me to something else for him. Eskie01
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