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  1. I've been sending emails to a number of different members about my MVP Baseball 2005 not starting up for about 1 minute or so with any season that I tried. Well thanks to losing our electric here at home several days ago, I noticed that the battery backup that this pc is hooked to just beeped about once and then the pc items hooked up to it just went down which isn't normal when using an average backup...it stays up for 10 min. or so to give you a chance to shut down. Well, I ordered a battery for it and when I installed it...I had a notion to try one of my seasons and it started right up.
  2. Thanks a billion for telling me about that...it looks GREAT. TONS better than the other one. I was trying to change the crowd for a more "modern" one for the late-60s to early-70s but I couldn't get the fsh repacked, but BallFour's gonna help me with that task. As I told him, I messed around with the Baltimore and Oakland ones and never had any trouble repacking anything so he said that he'd check it out for me. Thanks for mentioning that version...it's SUPER!!! Eskie01
  3. I know it should be in the stadium section there but again all I could see is the night version. I think that it's in a couple of the total classics from the later 60's. I'll try those. Thanks! Eskie01
  4. Do you know where I can find both day & night of his? All I see is night. Thanks, Eskie01
  5. I'm sorry if I upset you since you're a Yankees fan but I was specifically thinking about those particular years from the total period that you mentioned. I'm sure signs, etc., changed from 1923 to 1971,I'm thinking more specifically not generally. See the difference in the dirt from the sample I gave and the photo that BallFour put up. That's what I'm referring to. Thanks a million BallFour...I think you are a genius...LOL! Thanks Buddy! That particular mod's dirt is way too dark compared to the original stadium. I'm looking for one that looks like that photo. Thanks Guys!
  6. I was just curious because I really don't know anything about historic Yankee Stadium (late 60s-very early 70's), how close is this stadium mod to the original dirt/ground that was at Yankee Stadium during those years??? Is there a stadium mod that's closer in looks if it isn't that close? This is from 2496 Yankee Stadium 1964. I'd appreciate some help on this one. Thanks, Eskie01
  7. How 'bout the stupid tv screens on these? Also replace the A's tv screen with the flags & scrubary on the b & w photo beyond CF. Also with the Orioles, allow the in-game scoreboard to look like my file without blocking out a portion of the line score. Also if you'd be willin', teach me those tricks so I wouldn't need to pester ya so much...LOL. What ya think? Eskie01
  8. Thanks BallFour...LOL! Eskie01 PS: Now...LOL...how are you with removing stadium parts off and adding something else in its place??!!
  9. Version 2.0.0


    Here's my updated Baltimore Orioles uniform sets. They are basically the same as the previous ones up here plus I wanted Jim to take off the individual ones so I can put the 2 polyester 1971 uniforms together plus the all-orange uniform. I did recolor the uniform template to a more authentic look for the postseason road set plus I re-aligned the buttons to look as the originals did on the players. I also redid the catchers' gear to match the photo of Brooks Robinson, Elrod Hendricks & Mark Belanger congratulating the relief pitcher Dick Hall for his save in Game 2 of the 1971 World Seri
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Here is my 1989 Orioles Uniform set. Back some time ago, MVP91 sent me a compliment on my 1970s Orioles uniform sets and asked me to do him up a 1989 version...well here it is with some of the different research that I used. Of course as I did the other uniform sets, I used original buttons and uniform emblems (jersey, cap, & helmet). I also included my new catchers' equipment detail that I was trying to do and shared about in the MVP Forums. I also gave the batting gloves a little more vibrancy. I LOVE Spungo's gloves and his batting gloves, wristbands, etc., Pack. That's why I went
  11. ...and that's NOT ALL...back even in 1992 when my wife & I went up to see the opening night of hockey at the Boston Garden, they wanted $2.50, I believe, for a peanut & jelly sandwich in a food court in a mall just off of the Massachusetts Turnpike just north of Boston. When we were up there we couldn't believe the prices. We just hoped & prayed that the people up there earned more money than we do down here in PA. I believe if I remember correctly we went up on I81 near Albany, NY, and I remember we just went through the outer edge of Hartford, CT. We were also hoping to see s
  12. I'm also having problems with lag in the game itself starting and takes at least 40 seconds to start as far as showing the 00000000.256 file or introductory picture or whatever. I never had any trouble so I was wondering if it could be my video card going bad. I of course have Windows 7 64 bit with Intel Core I7, 32mb of RAM, 2mb of RAM on my ASUS (or AMD) HD7770 graphics card. Yankee4Life...Do you have any idea what some of the abundance of extra background things running could be? I'd like that to stay "fit-n-trim" as possible. I just have my gamepad starting up at the beginn
  13. BallFour was almost (LOL) a genius. Neither of us were right...I was on the correct side but didn't take it far enough...the WHOLE right side is colored as attached will show. I attached each try's guard file and corresponding in-game photo. You can see what actually gets colored and what is ACTUALLY shown in the game. Besides of course the Orioles' shin guards, there were other teams through the years that had 2-tone shin guards as well. Maybe you missed the nail ole boy (BallFour), but at least you hit the wood nearby...in other words you got me thinking a bit!!! Thanks a million for y
  14. Version 1.1.0


    Here are my 1972 Baltimore Orioles Uniform Sets. They are quite similar to the 1971 polyester Home and the road uniform that the team wore during the 1971 ALCS & 1971 World Series as well as the all-orange uniform manufactured by the Powers Manufacturing Company. However, the 1972 road uniform is a little different shade of gray as well as the orange & black stripes on the sleeves are reversed compared to the 1971 Postseason's. As far as the game version goes, compared to the 1971s that I uploaded, I... 1. Resized the bird emblem on the cap to compare more to the or
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