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  1. I thought heaven would make it pretty clear I don't think I woulda chose rolfe over nettles if I was making an all time Yankees team or rizzuto over jeter
  2. C Dickey 1B Gehrig 2B Lazzeri 3B Rolfe SS Rizzuto LF Mante CF DiMaggio RF Ruth Bench is Looking like this CF Combs C Munson 2B Mcdoulgald RF Maris SS Crosetti P Ruffing P Gomez P Shawkey P Pennock P Hoyt P Raschi P Lopat RP Pipgras RP Chandler RP Page RP Reynolds CP Murphy Any Suggestions or changes before I start my season? Id love to hear from some die hard yankee fans
  3. cyberface makers that's your cue lol thanks bro
  4. thanks daflyboys it worked
  5. looking for better generic cyberfaces (901-915) then the ones ea gives you looked in the download area with no luck am I not searching hard enough?
  6. sorry I meant the portraits and cyberfaces in mvpedit it says no picture found
  7. anyone else's pics and cyberfaces missing:? they were working before
  8. ahh ok thanks yankee4life worth a shot.. ps that mod is unbelievable( legends from the booth)
  9. lol thanks guys I know you're being sarcastic
  10. yes I know that.. I want vin scully instead of saying new York Yankees I want him to say 1961 new York Yankees can he do that? so ie "welcome to the game between the 1961 new York Yankees vs whomever my question is can I make wav file saying that ?
  11. im looking to bring the 1961 Yankees into the mvp 14 mod is it possible I can get vin scully to say 1961 new York Yankees? if so where can I get the number 19 and number 61 in the pbp files do I have to search for it?
  12. found out how to do it with homers audio tutorial thanks don't reply
  13. hey guys im trying to make an all time Yankees team and im having problems creating new pbp names ie Justin upton 7454 and Whitey Ford has the same name with the legends from the booth I followed emeyekayiee's pbp tutorial to a tee expect this part cuz I don't quite understand it 10. open one of your hdr files with any hex editor. use a hex-dec converter like this one to convert your 4 digit decimal audioID number to hexidecimal. 11. invert the first two with the last two characters. [example: 8000 equals 1F40. invert to 401F] then stick those 4 characters in to the second grouping in your hdr file and save. do the same for all 3 hdr files. I made the portraits with krams portrait maker but everytime I change the pbp name to some audio number not being used I hear no pbp by either krukow or Kuiper or even Vin Scully would be a lot of help if someone told me what I was doing wrong I even tried overwriting someone on the free agent list still nothing
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